Christmas Gifts? On Decathlon there are many sports-themed proposals

Christmas Gifts? On Decathlon there are many sports-themed proposals

If you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas, we have proposals that are right for you. Being able to find purchases for loved ones or friends is never easy or fast, but thanks to the vast products on the Decathlon store, divided by category, you have the opportunity to range from women's sportswear to footwear and electronics: in short , there is something for all tastes and, last but not least, for all budgets!

Not only many of the items are still down but, to facilitate your purchases, the online shop has decided to create some real sections to buy, in order to find the perfect gifts for sports fans, in the shortest possible time. Among the most interesting proposals, we absolutely must mention the HRB 500 Bluetooth heart rate monitor belt, perfect for training and that you can buy for less than € 50!

As we have already told you, Decathlon has decided to simplify navigation by creating sections divided by types: men, women, children, electronics, € 20 and € 50. These are very valid options, designed to cover all targets and also all price ranges. The HRB 500 Bluetooth heart rate monitor belongs to the category of items under € 50 and is a great product, specially designed to monitor heart rate, by connecting it via Bluetooth to the activity tracker or, even more simply, to your smartphone.

In addition to the undeniable usefulness during physical activity, the extreme comfort of the elastic band should also be noted: the soft and adjustable fabric allows you not to have discomfort during training, thanks to the very comfortable positioning on the arm ; the heart rate monitor, in fact, does not limit the movements of the body unlike other similar items, designed to be worn around the chest. Last but not least, after a complete recharge cycle it has an autonomy of 24 hours and it only takes 2 hours to recharge it to the maximum. You can buy it for only € 49.99 directly on the Decathlon store!

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