Azza Regis 902 is the perfect case for Borg lovers

Azza Regis 902 is the perfect case for Borg lovers

Since their first appearance in the 1970s, personal computers have taken on almost all possible forms, from towers to clamshells, without forgetting the all-in-one and 2-in-1. However, the cube shape has never managed to emerge particularly in the mainstream market, but Azza has decided to launch a new chassis based on this design, complete with RGB lighting, called Regis 902.

Photo Credit : Azza The main strength of the Azza Regis 902 is, of course, its infinite mirror panel with addressable RGB LEDs with an effect that makes the case seem infinitely empty. However, it is only an illusion. The Azza Regis 902 PC case accepts an ATX motherboard and a 336mm long graphics card (up to a GeForce RTX 3090 FE). It can also house a 210mm high CPU cooler, two 2.5 ”drives, one 3.5” HDD, one standard ATX power supply and six PWM fans (one of which is pre-installed); enough for a workstation with all the trimmings.

Photo Credit: Azza The aluminum cube frame features three tempered glass and two anodized aluminum panels. It also sits on a CNC-milled 8mm aluminum stand, which makes it look like a flying cube. There are also audio connectors, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and one USB Type-C on one of its sides. "The exterior is complemented by black tinted tempered glass panels and two brushed aluminum panels with a special touch given by the gold trim on the edges" - reads the manufacturer's description.

Photo Credit: Azza Obviously, a such an object can only have a very high cost. In fact, the Azza Regis 902 can be booked in the United States for $ 399.99 at Amazon and NewEgg.

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