Arcane: the cosplay of Vi made by grusha_cos is perfectly realized

Arcane: the cosplay of Vi made by grusha_cos is perfectly realized


One of the biggest hits of the last period is Arcane, the TV series based on League of Legends, created in a collaboration between Netflix and Riot Games. Even the world of cosplay was impressed by what has been achieved with the show. Now, for example, we have the opportunity to see the Vi cosplay made by grusha_cos.

As you can read in the comment to the photograph shared on Instagram, grusha_cos has personally created the wig he wears to recreate Vi. In this shot we can also see the details of the makeup, from number IV, to the cut on the lip and eyebrow. The photograph itself is very simple, a normal selfie that is only meant to present the cosplay. We'll probably have to wait to see a professional photo shoot, which grusha_cos has accustomed us to.

If you're a fan of Arcane, then you shouldn't miss the chance to check out bubbleteababydoll's Jinx cosplay. If, on the other hand, you prefer other types of characters, then we advise you to admire the cosplay of Asuka by shirogame_sama in a white suit: it is pure art.

Tell us, what do you think of the Vi cosplay made by grusha_cos? Has the Arcane character been recreated in the best way, or have you seen higher quality versions?

Have you noticed any errors?

The Arcane characters we want to see as League of Legends champions

It has now been over a month since the release of Arcane, the League of Legends (LoL) animated series on Netflix, and already fans of both the series and the game it's based on are asking for more.

Those who have watched the series have already seen LoL champions Jinx, Vi, Jayce, Viktor, Caitlyn, Ekko, Heimerdinger, and Singed in action. 

But of course, Arcane also introduced new characters to the universe of Runeterra whom fans are already clamoring to see come to life as champions in LoL's Summoner's Rift.

In a recent Reddit discussion, Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles, LoL's Lead Champion Producer, was asked if the upcoming AD carry and Support early next year would be characters from Arcane Season 1. Reav3 mentioned that this wasn't the case.

'That being said, with how much Arcane has resonated with so many players, Champs team is definitely excited to explore characters from Arcane, that would make sense in a MOBA, in the future,' Reav3 stated. 

While he did not reveal which characters and when we can expect these champions to come, we're still excited that these may be included in Season 2022. So with that, here are the Arcane characters that we want to see join the Champion roster in League of Legends (spoilers for Arcane Season 1 below!)


Silco, the menacing and villainous Strategist of Zaun, is the first-ever character from Arcane to become a champion in Teamfight Tactics. (Photo: Netflix/Riot Games)

Because Silco is such a complex character, seemingly utterly evil in the first act, and a loving father to Jinx in the next, many look forward to maybe seeing him in action on the Summoner's Rift. 

But it seems that there are no plans for Silco to join the champion roster since Riot announced that he will be the first-ever, strategic teamfight-only champion exclusively for Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

Reav3 confirmed this in the same Reddit thread. 'While he works in TFT, his model would not be even close to hitting our unique silhouette bar for gameplay clarity (which is super important for the LoL MOBA). He also doesn't have a clear source of power that would translate into a LoL kit.' 

Story continues

He also said that they would have to change him completely from the series to fit in the LoL MOBA, which would defeat the purpose. We think this makes sense since Silco seems to be more of a schemer and a mastermind rather than one who likes to get his hands dirty.


Sevika’s new weapon swinging at Vi looks like a potential ultimate ability. (Screenshot courtesy of Netflix/Riot Games)

Requests from fans on Sevika joining LoL have been popular on Twitter and Reddit, and we understand why.

Sevika has got to be one of the most badass villains in the series. Silco's right hand has an augmented, mechanical arm powered by Shimmer. She displayed some excellent moves in all her fight scenes against Vi, which can easily translate to skills that she can have in game.

In Act 3, Sevika reveals a new weapon out of her augmented arm: a sharp, glowing red blade that destroys everything in her path. We imagine that this can become her late-game form, where she can slice up her enemies or disarm them, much like how she damaged one of Vi's Atlas Gauntlets. 

With all these potential skills, we think that she's a good candidate for a new AD Carry champion.

Mel Medarda

Is there more to Mel than just fortune and power? (Screenshot courtesy of Netflix/Riot Games)

This is another character that we love and hate, especially with how she influenced Jayce into corruption and politicking. But, as the series continued, we also saw a different side: she believes that diplomacy is better than war and that people should be given chances.

While Mel may seem nothing but a wealthy noble from the Medarda clan, many fans believe there's more to her than her power and fortune. 

In Act 3, we find out that in her younger days, she dressed and looked like the Solari and may have special powers similar to them. 

Specifically, we saw the golden symbol embedded on her back glow right before the missile hit the Piltover Tower. If the symbol indeed had powers, perhaps there's more to her than just being a Council member of Piltover.

We imagine that Mel may have a support role that may provide shields and damage reductions to her teammates. But since these questions won't be answered until the arrival of Season 2, we probably won't see Mel any time soon.

Ambessa Medarda

Ambessa Medarda, ruthless and intimidating. (Screenshot courtesy of Netflix/Riot Games)

Mel's cunning, cold-hearted mother also seems to be a good choice for a new champion. 

Ambessa Medarda of Noxus appears to be willing to do anything to eliminate anyone who stands in her way. To her, war is the only way to rule, and enemies must be wiped out to have a peaceful reign.

If theories on Mel are wrong and she does not survive Jinx's attack, Ambessa Medarda may seize this opportunity and have a more significant role in Season 2.

In Season 1, she wielded something that looked like a broad sword that swiftly beheaded a young girl in Act 3. 

And with her strong, muscular physique, we think she may be an excellent choice for a Fighter or Tank Support.

One of the Firelights

All the Firelights look like they're in great fighting form. (Screenshot courtesy of Netflix/Riot Games)

Ekko, the leader of the Firelights, is already a champion in League of Legends, but it seems that his crew is equally skilled as he is. 

Plenty of the fans have asked Reav3 on Reddit to consider making one of the Firelights a new champion, especially with 'how cool it would be to fight and move around with the hoverboard'.

Swift and graceful, the Firelights can easily outwit Sevika and her crew, and even Vi and Jinx. With their speed and stealth skills, one of the Firelights can easily be an assassin or a damager on the Summoner's Rift. 

We also think that their clothing and masks would make an excellent champion that anyone would love to play.

If you can't get enough of Arcane, check out the fan theories and Easter Eggs for Acts 1, 2 and 3. We can also expect a Season 2 of Arcane that we can all look forward to.

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