Amazing Humble Bundle - lots of Batman games at a super price in one package!

Amazing Humble Bundle - lots of Batman games at a super price in one package!

Lovers of Batman and intercourse video games: the famous and reliable Humble Bundle has just launched a very rich and convenient package containing the best games dedicated to the unforgettable superhero available for purchase only for the next 10 days. The complete Batman Arkham quadrilogy, the three LEGO Batmans and much more at an unmissable price to say the least.

With only 1 euro it will therefore be possible to obtain:

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition LEGO Batman The Videogame By increasing the offer to € 7.28, the average sales figure of the bundle, you will also get :

Batman Arkham VR Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes With at least € 8.83, in addition to what was previously listed, you will also have:

Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition Batman Arkham Origins LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham By purchasing the Humble the WB Batman Collection Bundle, this is the full name of the package, you can also do a good deed. Part of the proceeds will in fact be donated to charities such as Whale and Dolphin Conservation, thus also allowing us to do good as well as to bring home numerous video games at a super price.

If you are interested in making this rich bundle yours you can find it conveniently by following the link below. Our advice is to hurry though: the Humble the WB Batman Collection Bundle will only be available for purchase for a few more days! is an official partner of the Humble Bundle. Purchases made through the links on this page will support both the charity and our site.

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