Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Theories about the protagonist and the story

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Theories about the protagonist and the story

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

Mysteries, new powers and an even more terrifying threat to the land of Hyrule. The new The Legend of Zelda (for now commonly and momentarily called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2) is the most anticipated game by Nintendo fans, a sequel that seems to be able to have even darker tints than Breath of the Wild and introduce dynamics capable of surprising even the finest connoisseurs of Link's adventures.

Everyone's hope is that Aonuma's next project will be for Breath of the Wild what Majora's Mask was for Ocarina of Time. An improvement that proceeds with courage, an ambitious sequel but capable of not distorting the foundations laid by the previous chapter. How? Well, this is still to be discovered and the theories of the fans are certainly not lacking. Let's see together the most suggestive.

Return to Over the Cloud

The remake of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming out soon, together with the images of the latest trailer, seem to want to suggest only one what: in the next The Legend of Zelda we will return to Over the Cloud. On the other hand, that the home of the first Zelda and Link, at least according to the official timeline, could be one of the settings of the sequel to Breath of the Wild was already evident at a first glance at the trailer.

The islands appeared in the sky of Hyrule, and the floating castle itself, seem to be direct evidence to support this hypothesis. But they are not the only ones. The sequence in which Link appears to fall from the clouds, in fact, is a clear reference to the chapter for Wii and we would be really surprised if it turns out to be just a casual reference in the end.

The scene closely follows Link's dive in Skyward Sword There are other signals scattered throughout the 2017 game, which today seem to take on a different value: dragons, for example, disappear beyond the clouds in similar portals to those seen in Skyward Sword; a little boy claims that good children can see islands floating in the sky; and the instruments accompanying the appearance of the dragons themselves sound similar to those used for Zelda's lullaby at the end of the latest trailer.

As Ganondorf ...

New outfit ... or new protagonist? But back to the character in free fall: are we sure it's really Link? It will seem strange, but from the images seen so far it is not so obvious. In the course of the new trailer, in fact, what we assume to be Link at some point changes his hairstyle and clothing. With her hair tied up and the outfit of a blue adventurer in some scenes; with a green one-shoulder tunic and hair free to flow in the wind in others. In this second capacity we never see his face.

Could Ganondorf take possession of Link in the cave? The simplest hypothesis is that the trailer wants to suggest that it will be possible to change clothes again and that, after the meeting in the cave, Link changes his hair. But what if that's not the truth? According to some fans, in fact, that is not Link, but the reincarnation of the shriveled Ganondorf who awakens in the cave.

The hero grappling with calamity, a thousand years earlier Breath of the Wild A hypothesis supported by some important graphic details. The one-shoulder tunic, similar to that of the alleged Ganondorf, matches the features of the face of the hero of a thousand years before Breath of the Wild, which could suggest some strange time loop.

... or Zelda's?

Zelda's hair is more collected. And why do you alternate who carries the torch? Not enough for you? So why not imagine the possibility of using Zelda as a playable character? In fact, since the first trailer, the princess has appeared with a more collected haircut. A change of look born of vanity, or a clear desire to be more present in combat? And already in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity we saw it as anything but helpless. Someone has also hypothesized that we will see her face a sort of underground world after her fall into the abyss, but it is very difficult to find evidence to support this hypothesis.

More interesting is the assumption that at a certain point we will be able to choose who to wear the clothes. In fact, in the cave, both Link and Zelda wear adventurous outfits and carry a single torch, which seems to change hands depending on the shot. For this reason, someone has hypothesized that the torch indicates the character controlled by the player and that whoever is not carrying it will be the character destined to fall into the ravine. An excellent intuition, which would also explain the desire not to show the face of the protagonist wearing the new outfit.

Time Travel

Practically Confirmed Time Powers More than a theory, seeing time travel in the next The Legend of Zelda is practically a certainty. The latest trailer has hinted that the protagonist will have at least the ability to rewind short intervals of time; and in Age of Calamity we saw how the possibility of moving between the past and the future is still a central element in the Nintendo series.

We have already said that the similarity in clothing with the 1000-year-old hero in the past hints at the possibility of reliving those events, but space-time distortion may not be Link's only new power. Looking closely, the golden aura of time reversal used against a group of Boblins, in fact, closely resembles the one that accompanied the power of the Triforce on other occasions. It is therefore not to be excluded that the player may return to control it also in this new episode.

Looking for the future in the past

The artbook "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Creating A Champion "in collector's edition Beyond the theories born from the new trailers, there is one last tool we can use to speculate. And this tool has already been in our possession for some time. We are obviously talking about the artbooks published after the release of Breath of the Wild, volumes full of preparatory sketches that the Aonuma team apparently never discarded definitively.

You know, for example, the dragon-shaped shield seen in the latest trailer? It had already been made over 4 years ago. And the paraglider with stripes to indicate the position of the wind? She was there too, complete with specific indications on its use. Books can therefore be an important source for future speculations and who knows that they do not hide more secrets than we have discovered to date. Maybe we will indeed have pieces of equipment with some Sheika power. Or stylish musical instruments, to build an entire band with the powers of the Triforce.

The "tools" of the Triforce What do you think? What are the theories that have intrigued you the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

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