Wild Rift, how to expand the (economic) empire of League of Legends

Wild Rift, how to expand the (economic) empire of League of Legends

Wild Rift

The mobile version of Riot's best seller has ushered in an ecosystem that aims to inherit the paternal throne. Its executive producer confirmed it

(Unless otherwise specified, the images in this article are from Riot Games) “It will take five people to lift it; it weighs twice as much as the Stanley Cup in hockey ”. When at a meeting in Santa Monica in 2009, Dustin Beck, the vice president of Riot Games, utters these words, he demonstrates two things: to underestimate the physical prowess of his athletes, moreover adhering to a cliché that the very top game of his company , League of Legends, will help disprove; and to neglect the adrenaline effect of a celebrating stage. He's the stuff to lift two cups, two apiece, anything else.

In partial defense of him, it must be admitted that in 2009 Beck cannot know what will happen shortly thereafter. He cannot know, that is, that although heavy - 35 kilos in the case of that first prototype -, the League of Legends trophy, an oversized goblet called the Summoner 's Cup, will become the most coveted by hundreds of professional gamers around the world. world. Players in turn followed by millions of fans, ready to crowd the live events or connect to admire hours and hours of feats done with mouse and keyboard.

So much so, even in their wildest dreams nor Beck nor can Riot Games imagine that League of Legends will become one of the giants of esports, a title played by 100 million people a month of which eight million are ready to battle it out on the most famous digital arena in the world every day.

TSM has assembled a League of Legends: Wild Rift squad

TSM is the latest esports organisation that has announced it will be stepping into the competitive world of League of Legends: Wild Rift. This Wild Rift team is the organisation's first team in Brazil, and judging by their latest tweet, it won't be their last.

Posting on Twitter, TSM said: We're incredibly excited to introduce to you our first (of many) esports rosters in Brasil. Welcome to the family: TSM FTX Wild Rift @TSM_BR.'

The roster has been confirmed to be comprised of InZone (Baron lane), tetis (jungle), mike (mid), petroni (ADC), Danzon (ADC), Carlito (support) and Sonyy (Baron lane). Along with these core players, Kaiba will serve as the team's coach, Anak will be an analyst, and Shad will act as team manager.

What do you think about this squad?

Team SoloMid

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