[UPDATE] PlayStation 5 on sale from Mediaworld starting at 3pm!

[UPDATE] PlayStation 5 on sale from Mediaworld starting at 3pm!

Update 15:31: Apparently the huge requests have caused problems at the Mediaworld portal. They report "false positives" of access to the queue, which does not actually lead to the sale. We also report that sales are currently paused.

As we reported yesterday, Mediaworld is currently making a large stock of PlayStation 5 consoles available to its buyers, in what is a sale which was divided into three different days, starting from yesterday when, as we have reported, the PlayStation 5 in the Digital version was back. starting at 15:00, the standard edition PlayStation 5 will be back on the portal, or equipped with a disc player, in what could be an excellent opportunity to take the console home in this month of July, especially considering that due to of the prolonged shortage of components generated by COVID-19, this "in stock" sale could continue for a very long time, if not even until 2023!

Without this registration and relative access, it will be impossible to queue for the purchase, it is clear that the registration itself is in any case free and does not require the entry of particular data and can be completed in very few minutes. A little trouble, of course, but it will still be worth it, both because unlike other chains, Mediaworld will not force you to any type of bundle, and because the console is sold without any surcharge.

Read also: PS5: difficult to fall in love with a console that does not tell you anything Obviously, we reiterate that today is only the second of the 3 purchase opportunities made available by the store and, therefore, also during the day tomorrow, again at 15:00, you will have the opportunity to buy the coveted Sony console although, as you know by now, these sales never manage to guarantee a purchase for everyone, and that is why we suggest you constantly monitor the situation , also helping you thanks to our selection of daily news dedicated to the world of shopping and offers.

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