The books to read: the issues of July 2021

The books to read: the issues of July 2021

The books to read

What are the books and Ebooks coming out in July 2021 to keep under control and bring to your bookstores and Ebook Readers? May has come to an end and the new year has already reached its middle, having already amply demonstrated that it is very much alive from the point of view of the release of new content in the bookstore. If stress from work or study wears you out, what could be better than relaxing with a good read? So here are the books and Ebooks that will be released in July 2021 or that have already been released that we recommend you to read or give to friends and relatives.

Books July 2021

'once upon a time in Hollywood The turn of the key Mussolini's uranium The years of the knife A Mermaid in September The last love letter The children of dust True love exists Ready Player Two Panic Dogs of nowhere Quartet

The repetition

Released: 1 July 2021

Filip Kobal, an Austrian of Slovenian origins, at the age of twenty sets out on a journey in search of his brother, who died in the last world war. His itinerary winds from Carinthia to the Karst, in the lands between Austria and Yugoslavia that were once part of the great empire. He travels long distances on foot, avoiding as much as possible the means of transport and coming into contact with a language, the Slovenian one, which brings him continuous memories and wonders.

The search for his ancestors and the return to the places of the childhood and adolescence is also and above all a journey in search of oneself and one's own identity, and finding the other, what can be considered one's double, means returning to the beginning of life and writing. The slow nature of the journey, wandering without haste and immersion in things and landscapes, bring a clarity of gaze that seems to be able to intuit the original forms of the world.

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