Space Punks: Twin Stick Shooter Meets Borderlands - First Trailer

Space Punks: Twin Stick Shooter Meets Borderlands - First Trailer

Space Punks

Flying Wild Hogs is busy: the Polish studio is currently working on several promising titles at the same time with Shadow Warrior 3, Trek to Yomi and Evil West. Nevertheless, the team has announced another project for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S / X with Space Punks. The action role-playing game takes you into a leaded sci-fi setting that inevitably brings back memories of Borderlands with its over-the-top humor and colorful style. However, the "Looter Shooter" is played from an isometric top view like in Diablo, Path of Exile or twin stick shooters.

Here is the first trailer:

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"Space Punks is a top-down looter shooter that features crazy, over-the-top action in a unique, irreverent sci-fi setting. Players have the opportunity to to pave their way to fame, honor and fortune by accepting lucrative jobs on distant planets and taking on all chances of success.

Space Punks is designed as a living, breathing and constantly changing game world - a Truly vibrant game that is in line with Flying Wild Hog's creative mission to create action-packed, fast-paced, and wholeheartedly unique titles that take players to unexpected and exciting new worlds. "

There are four characters to choose from in Space Punks: The trailer first introduces Duke, a self-loving guy with a minigun. His three companions are not yet named in the video. There is "The Crazy One", a gruff hybrid of human and pig who uses blasters and swords to deal with it. "The Smart One", an insect-like creature who goes into battle with mines and teleportation. And "The Scary One", a woman with black tentacles growing out of her back that she can use to impale enemies.

Release: Early Access coming soon!

Space Punks will start the early access phase on July 14, 2021, initially only on the PC. There will be an open beta in winter 2021. Console versions are also in the works, but these will not appear until 2022. According to the official website, Space Punks will also be released for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X. So the old generation of consoles is no longer being used.

How does Flying Wild Hog manage to handle so many titles at once? The development team has grown significantly in recent years, only recently it was announced that the studio now has more than 300 employees. Space Punks is developed by Flying Wild Hog, Jagex (Runescape) is on board as publisher, who publish the game through their own third-party publishing division Jagex Partners

Space Punks is a twin-stick looter shooter game coming from the Shadow Warrior team

Flying Wild Hog, the makers of Shadow Warrior, is teaming up with Jagex Partners, publisher of RuneScape, for a wild space adventure. Space Punks isn’t quite like any game FWH is best known for. However, it looks to continue the developer’s colorful sense of humor. Space Punks is a twin-stick looter shooter, featuring an overhead camera and lots of baddies to blast. Oh, and you can play as a pig. Wait, does he fly?

The aforementioned partners in crime dropped a gameplay trailer along with the reveal. Space Punks is a co-op game for up to four players, each commanding a unique space punk of their own. The team is led by Duke, “the handsome one.” He’s joined by “the crazy one,” a stout, purple hog-man (who doesn’t fly, sadly), and “the smart one,” an alien with a penchant for explosives. The team is rounded off by “the scary one,” a woman with some very stabby tendrils coming out of her back.

Space Punks is a game that certainly invokes other space-faring properties. The trailer reveals influences ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy and Borderlands. Space Punks uses an art style similar to the latter, with thick, comic book-style lines and bright colors. There’s also a goofy attitude throughout the trailer, verging just on the edge of maybe trying a bit too hard. But what do you expect with a trailer that uses Original Prankster by The Offspring as its background track? Since the trailer is marked as unlisted, I’ll leave it until it’s out official.

Space Punks Looter Shooter Shadow Warrior Fight

Space Punks Looter Shooter Shadow Warrior Fight

The motley crew of Space Punks use weaponry and a variety of abilities. In the trailer, we see the “crazy” pig do a charge that rams enemies down. The alien ally can drop a carpet of small mines, causing a massive explosion. To be frank, it all looks pretty fun. The action is hot and loud, which isn’t surprising considering how hectic some battles were in the Shadow Warrior games.

Space Punks will enter Early Access starting on July 14. The game will have an open beta period, starting this winter.

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