Nintendo Switch: New games in week 27 - over 30 new games!

Nintendo Switch: New games in week 27 - over 30 new games!

Nintendo Switch

In the current week (calendar week 27) a lot of new games for the Nintendo Switch are coming onto the market - that is, in the period from July 5th to 11th, 2021! The games not only run on the Switch, but also on the Switch Lite and the recently announced new Switch with some improvements - the Nintendo Switch OLED. All new releases are available for download in the console's eShop, and some titles are also available on traditional cartridges. The many new ports, AAA titles, indies, remasters, exclusives, remakes and many more games are being published by various developers, indie studios and publishers from all over the world.

Little by little there are more than 30 new games for the Nintendo Switch (buy now), Switch Lite and (the future) Switch OLED. For some titles there are also free demo versions available in the eShop so that you can try out the games before buying them.

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New games for the Nintendo Switch in week 27

A Plague Tale: Innocence (€ 39.99) Aria Chronicle (€ 32.75) Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies (€ 9.99) Beauty Bounce (€ 4.99) Blitz Breaker (€ 4.99) Boomerang X (€ 19.99) Classic Pool (€ 7.99) Connect Bricks (€ 9.98) Crash Drive 3 (€ 16.99) Dogworld (€ 12.50) Egg Up (€ 2.99) Fantasy Cards (€ 4.99) Glitchangels (€ 11.99) Heart of the Woods (€ 16.99) Indigo 7 Quest for love (€ 14.99) Infinite Golf 2 (€ 4.99) Masagoro (€ 10.79)

Metro Simulator (€ 19.99) Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (€ 59.99) Monument (€ 6.00) My Little Fruit Juice Booth (€ 3.00) My Maite (4 , 99 €) Out of Line (10.99 €) Pictooi (8.29 €) Pizza Bar Tycoon Complete Edition (6.99 €) Reverse Memories (5.99 €) Rubix Roller (3.99 €) Ruvato: Original Complex (€ 12.29) Shop ping Mall Parking Lot (€ 11.99) The Silver Case 2425 (€ 39.99) Treachery in Beatdown City (€ 16.49) Unavowed (€ 14.99) Woodcutter (€ 4.99) Ys 9: Monstrum Nox ( 59.99 €) In our technology guide you will also find our Nintendo Switch test with lots of information about the console, the best games and price comparison tables.

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