Morgan Lost Scream Novels: The Silence of the Snow | Review

Morgan Lost Scream Novels: The Silence of the Snow | Review

Morgan Lost Scream Novels

Exactly a year has passed since the season finale of Morgan Lost's Night Novels, that epilogue so powerful that it left us readers too long starved of our favorite serial killer hunter. Wallendream, Morgan's worst nightmare, has never gone away, while New Heliopolis opens up to this new cycle of Morgan Lost Scream Novels, with an ongoing pandemic. Who is the new serial killer moving in The Silence of the Snow with the entire city deserted due to the lockdown?

Morgan Lost in the silence of the snow

Morgan Lost is back and we have been waiting for a long time. But where were we left?

The finale of the previous season saw the return of Morgan's nemesis par excellence: Wallendream, a predictable return thanks to the clues disseminated by Claudio Chiaverotti in the stories of the Morgan Lost Night Novels. But how did this happen? Surprise and skepticism are understandable after witnessing Wallendream's departure in the book Where clowns die (read issue 7 of the Dark Novels). But the Turin master has accustomed us to unexpected and strong-impact narrative devices, as we saw in the latest album of the Night Novels, The Ice Mind, where we discover that the rock star of serial-killers manages to return sooner thanks to a cryogenic experiment and "extrasensory" wanted by Abel Krieger / Amanda Lansdale, to then be able to take possession of the body and mind of ... Morgan Lost!

Now that you have remembered the cliffanger of the latest book of our serial killer hunter, you will have realized how much we have waited for the rest of his new adventures. A cycle of stories that promises to be the darkest of the previous ones, but which wants to wink at the very first books of the Chiaverotti creature, delivering us a New Heliopolis wrapped in snow, with deserted streets and all its inhabitants forced into the house to avoid the contagion of an ongoing pandemic.

The silence of the snow thus opens the new season of the Morgan Lost Scream Novels, with a horror that in real life has changed our habits, terrified us, alienated us and, above all, it took away so many of our loved ones. Mind goes quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic that we are still facing, and the Ravid-21 virus that is upsetting Morgan Lost's New Heliopolis wants to be a mirror of this sad historical cross-section of ours, trying to offer readers a work to handbook of a good horror storyteller: entertain and leverage the fears we fear most.

A very difficult task, we are fully convinced of it, but very well done by Chiaverotti, who was able to wisely dose that pulp horror so loved by readers, fear and an excellent narration, despite the context which is quite different. what a pretext. Yes, because, despite the pandemic, the sexy news has a new serial killer to present to the public, a murderer who exploits the fear of citizens locked up in their homes for the pandemic.

Ravid-21 infects people with simple contact and by air, then the Director of the Bureaucracy Temple (who regained power after being succeeded by Abel Krieger / Amanda Lansdale), imposed a lockdown on the whole city and released even 300 cheetahs on the streets to enforce the quarantine. In the face of drones. And as politics clashes over the availability of a vaccine, unresolved border issues and the undisputed importance of using indefinite articles to determine the strength of feminism, a masked man in a sterile suit enters the apartments to "swab" to some beautiful and lonely women.

A beauty that he wants to make the most of, killing them and "crucifying" them by nailing them to the window ... where everyone can see them, in the same place where songs of encouragement were sung to survive the pandemic . Mr. Lockdown, as the police call him and the sexy news of which he is the only protagonist, being the only killer who, together with the virus, rages on the city. Only his footsteps in the snow and those of the cheetahs, of course.

A great return

The new serial killer imagined by Claudio Chiaverotti seems to have really come out of a horror film of the 70s . Ultimately, however, Mr. Lockdown is the personification of fear of the virus, of anxiety for others around us, exploiting the repercussions of madness, loneliness and desperation of men. From his modus operandi it is clear that he can certainly be a hedonist, Pandora and Morgan agree on his profile. But our serial killer hunter, in addition to the dear and old hated headache, will not be free to lash out against this new danger, showing a purely human and powerless side in the face of the pandemic: he will have to deal with the infections that involved of the people very dear to him (no spoilers, don't worry), and the dear Wallendream that begins to show up in his mind, on the verge of taking possession of it.

In this first issue of the Morgan Lost Scream Novels c is everything a Morgan Lost lover could want. Starting from a new and absurd serial killer, splatter scenes and a return to the crudest pulp, but also an incredible storytelling work that wants to subtly propose a portrait of our experience, and like any good self-respecting horror master, leverage real fears. A goal that Chiaverotti has fully achieved, while not skimping on his unmistakable irony.

New beginning of the season also for Giovanni Talami and very welcome return of the "Morgan di Talami", the one we sincerely like best, this time with its unmistakable, but lighter, line that is more space for the lines of women's faces (beautiful) and the softness of the inevitable New Heliopolis snow. On the cover the usual Fabrizio De Tommaso with a cheetah and Morgan who growl at each other, as if to represent the clash between our hunter and the pandemic, here in the guise of the cheetah. Who will win the fight? Put on your headphones, pay for your train ticket and go with Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train to start this journey.

The first part of this new season ends with an undoubtedly auspicious ending, but it lights the fuse on Wallendream and on a series of events that will be the protagonists of these Morgan Lost Scream Novels that promise to scream for all the faithful of Morgan Lost, but also for those who want to (re) discover this incredible character.

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