Microsoft Flight Simulator, the dimensions on the Xbox Series X are exaggerated

Microsoft Flight Simulator, the dimensions on the Xbox Series X are exaggerated

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator, although it may appeal to only a few passionate users, was one of the best Xbox exclusives of 2020. When Microsoft revealed that the simulator would also arrive on the Xbox Series X and Series S, many curious users who could not play it on their PC they finally had the opportunity to try it by hand and presumably more accessible controls. Today, however, we come to discover a detail that may not please the owners of the new generation Xbox.

A user on ResetEra showed a photo of his console screen, revealing the weight of the title: Microsoft Flight Simulator will weigh a whopping 97.2 GB on the Xbox Series X | S SSDs. The size of the title is not surprising at all, but considering the space available on the consoles, especially the smaller one of the Xbox Series S, it becomes clear how much it can be impeding. On Steam, 150GB of free space is required to install the game, while the Microsoft Store asks for 127GB, although it only weighs 83GB in total.

As the same user who shared the image points out, it is not currently possible to preload all 97.2 GB. In fact, as happens on PC, even on Xbox Series X | S Microsoft Flight Simulator will download additional in-game data weighing 97 GB. It is undoubtedly a very heavy title that already puts the hardware of the new Xboxes to the test, even keeping the frame rate much lower than what many expected.

Unfortunately, at the moment all players can do is pre-load only 200MB of the software and then wait to start it on launch day. We remind readers that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on Xbox Series X and Series S on August 18, 2021, also available at launch on Xbox Game Pass. If you are interested in learning more about the work of Asobo Studio and Microsoft, you can read our list of the best controllers to play like a real racer.

On Amazon you will find an Xbox Series S at a special price to play to Microsoft Flight Simulator, otherwise you can also find one of the new Xbox controllers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Xbox Series X/S Download Size is Almost 100 GB

microsoft flight simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an absolutely massive game, and it looks ridiculously gorgeous- and both of those are massive understatements. That the game has massive storage requirements on PC isn’t surprising in the slightest, and seeing as Microsoft is promising an experience without any notable compromises on the Xbox Series X/S, it follows that its going to be pretty big on consoles as well. Now we know exactly as big.

As spotted by @IdleSloth84 on Twitter, Microsoft Slight Simulator is going to have a massive file size on Xbox Series X/S of nearly 100 GB- to be precise, 97.2 GB. So if you’re planning on playing the game on your console, you’re going to have to clear up a lot of storage space. That’s going to be a major pain for Xbox Series S owners in particular, who don’t have a ton of internal storage to work with as it is.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launches for Xbox Series X/S on July 27.

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