How and when to follow Jeff Bezos' flight into space live

How and when to follow Jeff Bezos' flight into space live

The founder and president of Amazon and Amazon Prime Video Jeff Bezos (buy his biography Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brands or here on his Amazon) in 2000 also gave birth to Blue Origin, a private aerospace manufacturer and provider of suborbital spaceflight based in Kent, Washington. Thanks to his Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' flight into space is about to become a reality. The event will be broadcast live, so if you are curious to follow him in this article we will tell you how and when it will be possible to do so.

Jeff Bezos in space: here's how, where and when to follow his suborbital flight

Jeff Bezos' launch is scheduled for 3:00 pm (Italian time) tomorrow, Tuesday 20 July from the Texas desert; the date was not chosen randomly, as Apollo 11 landed on July 20, 1969.

The flight will take place aboard the unmanned shuttle New Shepard, and this will be his 16th flight, even if it will be only the first with a crew on board. You will appreciate Jeff Bezos launching into space on Live Science or Online streaming will be the only way to watch the launch, as it will not be possible to see the event in person from the launch site.

The rocket is designed to carry objects, astronauts and space tourists over 100 kilometers beyond the so-called Kármán line, the internationally recognized definition by which the boundary between the earth's atmosphere and space is identified.

The capsule on New Shepard can hold up to six people, accommodated in reclining seats next to large rectangular windows. Accompanying Bezos will be his brother Mark Bezos and Wally Funk, 82, the first female inspector of the Federal Aviation Administration and the youngest graduate of the Women in Space program of the 1960s.

Eighteen-year-old Oliver Daemen, winner of an auction for a seat on the flight, will also be aboard the spacecraft. He was second in the auction for Blue Origin's first paid ticket, which cost $ 28 million. The anonymous winner, however, retired on July 15, due to scheduling conflicts. Blue Origin hasn't revealed Daemen's offer for the ticket, which will be the youngest person to ever embark on a suborbital flight.

Bezos' launch comes just over a week after another billionaire, Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic, got his astronaut wings. Private spaceflight company SpaceX, led by billionaire Elon Musk, completed its first manned flight of its Crew Dragon capsule in May 2020 and sent missions to the International Space Station.

In addition to making a dream come true for Bezos, the flight will break records for the oldest (Wally Funk) and youngest (Oliver Daemen) people in space. Funk will beat astronaut John Glenn's record for space visits at the age of 77, set in 1998 aboard the space shuttle Discovery, while Daemen will break the record of Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov, who orbited the Earth at the age 25 years in the Vostok 2 spacecraft, in 1961.

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