Head Ball 2 cheats: gold, diamonds and emeralds for free

Head Ball 2 cheats: gold, diamonds and emeralds for free

Head Ball 2 cheats

Head Ball 2 is a video game developed by Masomo Gaming and published by MiniClip in which the player must win one-on-one soccer matches by moving across a two-dimensional field and kicking the ball. The game, free-to-play and available for iOS and Android, includes microtransactions aimed at obtaining resources to buy packets with new players, shoes or skills in exchange for real money. However, if you want to accumulate gold coins, diamonds and emeralds without taking out even a single euro or almost out of your wallet, here are some tips and tricks to set aside a real treasure.

Head Ball 2 : tricks for Android and iOS

Let's start immediately with what are, unfortunately, the bad news.

There are no real tricks in Head Ball 2, at least as they were once understood in the world of video games.

The Masomo Gaming title does not, in fact, provide combinations input to unlock content and, removed the apk changes of Head Ball 2 that go to illegally modify the software, the only tricks available are related to daily practices and not that will help you accumulate a fortune with which to unbust your players

So let's see how to get unlimited emeralds, coins and much more, playing a little every day.

Head Ball 2 Cheats: how to get free gold coins

In Head Ball 2 gold coins are one of the most important resources of the entire game: they are used to upgrade your characters and their skills level after level.

The earning of gold coins in Head Ball 2 is related to matches against other players: for each match won or person the player gets a variable amount of gold coins depending on the number of goals scored and the number of goals conceded.

These gold coins, however, are really negligible when we consider the amount of resources that the game requires in order to make a single level up.

Fortunately for us there are several ways to obtain a large number of gold coins in Head Ball 2 completely free, wisely exploiting the mechanics that the developers have provided.

Daily missions: these missions are simple deliveries that, if completed, give the player various prizes including several thousand gold coins. The list of these missions is freely available from the daily button in the lower right area of ​​the main menu. Daily Login Bonus: The Daily Login Bonus is a bonus that can be obtained simply by opening the game every 24 hours. Every about 4 days, the daily access bonus will consist of several thousand gold coins, which can be obtained simply by pressing the appropriate button. The daily bonus screen is located in the upper right corner of the menu relating to daily missions. Playing the "player of the match" minigame: the player of the match minigame, which can be used freely from player level 5, is a great way to put together some gold coins for free. You can participate for free in the minigame once every 18 hours and you can win endless gold coins as long as you pass the various levels while avoiding the red card. The bulk of the prize is represented by the 50,000 gold coin card, hidden every 10 levels among the four available. Play the career mode: the career mode, the one where you need to level the characters to continue, has stages whose prizes are dozens and dozens of gold coins. Let's just remember to play it with all the characters we have to consistently get large amounts of gold.

Head Ball 2 Cheats: how to get free diamonds

Another of the important resources within Head Ball 2 are certainly diamonds: they are used to buy special scratch cards, skill cards, player cards or packages in general. Diamonds can be purchased for real money but are also available for free in several ways, just like coins. Given the wide usefulness of this resource, let's see together all the best methods to get free diamonds in Head Ball 2.

Daily missions: just like coins, diamonds are also often contained within the daily missions of Head Ball 2. The list of missions can be reached from the daily button in the lower right area of ​​the main menu. Daily login bonus: here too, as with coins, the daily login bonus every week offers at least one reward in diamonds. To check the daily bonus, you need to open the appropriate calendar after pressing the daily button at the bottom right of the main Watch and Win menu: several diamonds are up for grabs by the Head Ball 2 developers within the Watch and Win window. This window can be reached from the camera-shaped button at the top right of the main menu and will allow us to get diamonds simply by watching thirty-second commercials. Each day it will be possible to watch a maximum of 4 commercials. In the advanced stages of the game, if we have already achieved the maximum for each costume, with watch and win we will be able to get extra diamonds even from duplicates. Basket of balls: The basket of balls is an indicator that fills up by scoring goals and resets every 5 hours. Each time the player fills a basket with balloons, he gets 4 diamonds. Duplicate Costumes: Surely the bulk of the diamonds are obtained when a lot of costumes are raised to the highest level. In this case, by opening the packages it will be possible to obtain a variable number of diamonds, from 2 to 50, whenever we manage to level a costume already at the maximum level

Head Ball 2 tricks: how to get emeralds for free

The last really important asset of Head Ball 2 is the emeralds. Like diamonds, emeralds are used to purchase rare powers, boosts like double gold, double fans, extra power slots, and so on. Of all the resources present within the game, the emeralds are undoubtedly those being obtainable, according to the game, only within ranked matches or within events. This is not true and there are several ways to get the emeralds without even having to play.

Daily missions: the simplest way to get the emeralds is definitely to complete the daily missions that include them within the awards. At least one daily quest for emeralds appears every day. Watch and win: every day in the watch and win section it is possible to obtain 8 emeralds after watching a 30-second non-skiable spot. Premium scratch & win: one of the free scratch cards in Head Ball 2, the premium one, includes 7 emeralds among its prizes. This scratch card is offered for free by the game every 48 hours. This is all you need to know about Head Ball 2 cheats.

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