EA Play Live, a highly anticipated game will not be present

EA Play Live, a highly anticipated game will not be present

EA Play Live

Dragon Age 4 is one of the most anticipated games of recent years, with fans of the series eager to find out more details about the title. After Anthem's slip, BioWare has the opportunity to flex its muscles again with the return of the Dragon Age series. However, those who had expectations about an announcement during the July 22nd EA Play Live or a demo, as we were talking about recently, may find themselves disappointed.

Christian Dailey, executive producer of BioWare, has revealed some details on the title in the last few hours, leaving fans of the series dry-mouthed. According to Dailey, in fact, Dragon Age 4 will not be present during the EA Play Live in a few weeks. This news therefore belies the possibility of seeing a new trailer soon, with the producer ensuring that the team is working hard and that development is progressing well. He then added, "We look forward to sharing more when the time is right."

However, Christian Dailey wanted to share artwork with players, possibly revealing a new character in the game. As we can see below, the drawing depicts a girl with black armor, cloak and a rapier in her right hand, also offering a first look at the setting. Along with it, there are other warriors, belonging to the group of the Ravens of Antiva, thus suggesting that they could have a more relevant role in this game.

Hi Friends - sorry for no EA Play news this year but please know that the team is heads down with a lot of momentum and making great progress. We are excited to share more when the time is right. Please stay safe and have a great weekend! @SerGoldman @dragonage pic.twitter.com/eveXFbJtgY

- Christian Dailey (@ChristianDailey) July 2, 2021

Not being able to see Dragon Age 4 during EA Play Live is really a shame and as many are pointing out, this detail could assume that the work will not be released during the course of 2021. We are sure that in the coming months we will discover more information on the title, which is why we advise you to stay connected on our pages so as not to miss any. What are your expectations from EA Play Live? Please let us know with a comment!

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EA Play Live showcase: Full schedule of events and what to expect

EA didn’t host a digital conference at E3 this year, instead opting for its own event later on in the summer. That event, EA Play Live, is set to kick off on July 22. However, leading up to the main show, EA will host a series of other events that it’s calling the “Spotlight Series.” Here’s the full schedule of events EA has planned and what you can expect from each.

The Future of First-Person Shooters

The first of EA’s Spotlight Series events is a roundtable on two of the company’s most prevalent shooters: The recently announced Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends. The Spotlight will feature DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson, DICE LA general manager Christian Grass, Respawn founder and group general manager Vince Zampella, and Apex game director Chad Grenier. The group will discuss the future first-person shooters as a whole, as well as what players can expect to see at the main show on July 22.

The Future of First-Person Shooters spotlight is set to go live at 10 a.m PT on July 8.

EA <3’s Independent Studios

At 10 a.m PT on July 13, EA is hosting its EA <3’s Independent Studios Spotlight event. It’s a roundtable conversation with Josef Fares of Hazelight (It Takes Two), Oolav Redmalm of Zoink (Lost in Random), Mel Philips and Abubarker Salim of Silver Rain, and Huha Bala of Velan (Knockout City).

Madden NFL 22 All-Access

If it’s not clear from the title of this Spotlight, this stream will be all about the next entry in the Madden franchise, Madden NFL 22. The showcase will include details from the game’s developers about how players and community members influenced its development. Fans will also get a sneak peek at Madden NFL 22‘s new live service feature: Scouting. The panel will feature Seann Graddy, Tom Lischke, and Andre Weingarten of EA Sports.

The Madden NFL 22 All-Access Spotlight is set to start at 4 p.m. PT on July 19. Another EA Sports-centered event will be taking place the next day, at 10 a.m PT on July 20, but EA is keeping the details of that one under wraps for now.

EA Play Live

EA’s main event is set to take place at 10 a.m PT on July 22, and will feature more games than conversations. The EA Play Live show will “make games the unwavering focus, with new gameplay reveals, a few giveaways, and other surprises.” Altogether, the show will be 40 minutes long and specifically feature Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, and Lost at Random, however, EA teased that “we’ll have a couple other games to highlight as well, but for those, you’ll just have to wait and see.” There’s speculation that the show may include a rumored Dead Space reboot.

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