Volkswagen Polo GTI, photos and specifications of the new model

Volkswagen Polo GTI, photos and specifications of the new model

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Volkswagen confirmed the expectations by definitively unveiling the GTI version of the latest Polo, which promises to be even sportier and more responsive than the previous versions. The German company has also released the complete specifications of the engine and standard equipment, confirming much of the news that appeared on the net in recent days. In a nutshell, we are facing another upgrade of what remains one of the most popular small sports cars ever.

Let's start with the data that most interest fans of the hot hatch category, ie the engine and its performance. Under the hood we will find a supercharged two-liter four-cylinder TSI capable of delivering 207 horsepower, 320 nm of torque and touching 240 km per hour. Much to the disappointment of the purists, the transmission will only be automatic with 7 gears but promises a 0-100 of only 6.5 seconds. Of course, we are talking about a DSG dual-clutch gearbox. There is also an electronic differential that promises to guarantee maximum control of the drive wheels on every occasion (traction remains front).

Looking at the aesthetics, we find the lines and design of the latest restyling of the Polo line with the classics additions in German motorsport style. The red color, for example, is widespread especially in the interior, so much so as to make the dashboard almost blinding (at least in the images). The same color is found in some external details such as the brake calipers. Unmissable, of course, new LED daytime running lights and various updates to the front bumper which appears more aggressive and detailed. Less news at the rear, apart from an almost obligatory double tailpipe.

Although it offers sportier performance than the other versions, the Polo GTI does not forget safety and technological assists. In fact, we find the IQDrive semi-autonomous driving system, able to manage the car up to 130 Km / h in operations such as lane change or emergency braking ((for those who trust). supports the MIB 3.1 platforms with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Among the options, there is a six-speaker Beats audio system with amplifier.

Waiting for confirmation about the arrival in Italy, the price will be positioned around to 30,000 Euros according to the latest news circulating on the net. In short, performance and technology are on the rise, and with them also the required expenditure.

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