Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched, the review

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched, the review

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched, published and distributed by Ravensburger, is a board game for two / three players aged ten and up, perfectly playable on its own and which is also the third expansion for the board game Diseny Villainous (of which you can read our special on localization by Ravensburger), the boxed game that allows you to play one of six iconic villains from the Disney feature films, which has been a great success.

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched , just like the previous expansions Wicked to the core and Evil comes prepared, adds three new Disney Villains to the list of those present in the base game, thus expanding the possibilities of choice and possible strategies and bringing a breath of fresh air to Disney Villainous.

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched is a oco table perfectly usable on its own, as it contains all the materials and the rules for two or three players to challenge each other to the last evil, impersonating one of three iconic Disney Villains: Cruella De Mon (from The 101 Dalmatians), Mother Gothel ( from Rapunzel) and Gambadilegno (from old black and white cartoons).

The rules of the game, even with the novelties brought by the objectives, the powers and the realms of the three villains on duty, are the same as in Disney Villainous, which in fact makes Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched an expansion for the aforementioned game (playable by two to six players), as well as a playable title in its own right. As an expansion it adds further variety to the base game, with the ability to choose one of three new villains to battle against the Villains contained in the base box, with new strategic choices and a whole new range of allies, heroes and powers.

Since the regulation is in fact the same as Disney Villainous, we refer to its review for a more in-depth examination. Here, we will limit ourselves to providing a basic smattering of its main peculiarities.

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched, the game

In Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched players will have to choose and impersonate one of the three iconic Disney Villains including Cruella De Mon, Mother Gothel and Gambadilegno. Each Villain is represented in the game by a miniature that recalls its appearance in a stylized and elegant way, moreover, each Villain is at the head of his own Realm, represented by a game board divided into four areas, in which to act and carry on his own evil plans, and two decks of cards.

From the first, the Villain's Deck, the player will draw cards to be used during his hand, which represent powers, allies, objects and situations that the they will help in carrying out their wicked plan. On the other hand, the Deck of Fate, which contains adversities, obstacles and heroes, will be the opponents to draw cards to play against them to slow down or prevent the realization of the plan.

The winner will be the one who first reaches the main objective of his Villain, getting help from the right Allies, unleashing his own special Powers and defeating the Heroes that the other players will throw at him.

It is therefore clear that the hand management hand, is one of the main and fundamental mechanics on which the game is based. In order to play the cards and show off their powers, however, the Villain on duty will have to move around the areas of their Realm. Each area, in fact, represents a Place and is equipped with some Icons that allow you to perform only certain actions, including, for example, playing a card, obtaining Power (necessary to pay the cost of the cards to be played), playing Fate cards against an opponent, move the played cards along the board and so on. The players will therefore have to strive and make the most of the actions available to them during their turn, to try to obtain the specific victory conditions of the Villain played, in the shortest possible time and at the same time counter the opponents.

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched, as well as the base game it shares the rules of, is an asymmetrical title, as there is no Villain equal to the other and each victory condition is different, perfectly embedded within the Disney fairytale world. from which the Bad is drawn. The Villains present in this expansion offer a decidedly exciting and "new" game challenge, if you are used to those present in Disney Villainous. With this expansion we are not afraid to say that the gaming experience is even improved.

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched, the new features

In this second expansion, fans of Disney Villainous they will be pleasantly surprised by the new features introduced, which make the Villains present in this expansion particularly stimulating to use in the game.

In the case of Gambadilegno, in order to win, he will have to complete four objectives randomly chosen among the five a arrangement. These will be placed one for each place in the realm and will be unknown to all players, except of course to those who are driving Gambadilegno. In addition, Gambadilegno's objects, including the famous Steamboat Willie from the short film of the same name, will allow the Villain to perform an extra action.

As for Cruella De Mon, on the other hand, in order to win the own turn with at least 99 pups captured. The puppies, represented by tokens worth 11 or 22 little Dalmatians, will be brought into play by some of Cruella's ability cards and can be captured by the only two Allies she possesses: Gaspar and Horace. Having only two allies, which will have to be used both to capture the puppies and to fight the heroes, the Cruella player will have to implement well-thought-out strategies and rely on the particular skills that will allow them to keep in play or bring back the two untrustworthy allies.

Mother Gothel, finally, will have the Rapunzel hero card already present in her realm at the beginning of the game, on the Rapunzel Tower location. Mother Gothel's goal will be to start her turn with at least 10 Trust tokens. These can be easily earned while Rapunzel is in the tower, through different cards. Too bad, however, that at each turn the player will have to move Rapunzel to the last place of the realm, which could cause her to lose Trust. It will therefore be necessary to implement strategies that allow Mother Gothel to control Rapunzel so that she cannot advance or even make her return to the tower.

Although all these are not news that they are going to heavily impact the rules and mechanics games, however, introduce a more than stimulating breath of freshness and longevity to the game.

The materials

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched from the point of view of materials maintains the high standard already presented in the base game. The miniatures of the Villains, stylized and in semi-transparent plastic, are as always pleasant to the touch and offer a nice glance. Cardboard boards and markers are solid and of excellent weight, as are the papers, very pleasant to the touch thanks to the satin finish. Despite this, our advice is, as always, to pack them with protective sleeves, to prevent wear and protect them from greasy fingers of chips and splashes of soft drinks, if you want to play with the little ones.

One The box itself and the insert it contains also deserve a special mention. The first is solid, pleasant to the touch and very elegant to the eye, while the second has been designed to perfectly house all the game material without the risk that any component may be lost or damaged.

Obviously, the the strong point of this title can only be the graphic and artistic aspect: everything in Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched shouts “Disney features” loudly. From the ultra-elegant silhouette of Scar showing off on the lid of the box to every single card in the Villains decks, through to the boards and instruction booklets, the illustrations and graphic layout are of excellent quality and take the weight off the players. and hurl them into the various fairytale worlds of the Disney films from which the Villains are drawn. This contributes not a little to immerse the players in the atmosphere that the game wants to give back, positively increasing the gaming experience.

We also believe that the artistic aspect of this expansion is even better than the previous ones, thanks to the cards and the board of Gambadilegno. These, in fact, are delightfully black and white and recovered from the old short films of the early years of Disney, give back a very sweet vintage flavor, as well as being a feast for the eyes.


Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched is an addicting game suitable for a very large slice of players of different ages. The title offers the most experienced and savvy players the opportunity to implement the most perfidious and devious strategies, while maintaining a more than appreciated simplicity of learning the mechanics. This allows Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched to be fun and usable by both hardcore gamers and those taking their first steps in the world of the board game, who after only a couple of games will be able to begin to fully exploit the potential given by the cards present. in your hand.

The character of Gambadilegno is a very pleasant novelty that turns out to be both fun to play and fascinating to watch.

A game suitable for…

Disney Villainous - Perfectly Wretched is an extremely versatile product that is aimed at a very large segment of the public. It is certainly a must-buy for fans and owners of Disney Villainous, who will thus be able to bring a nice breath of freshness and novelty to the base product, but it is also a recommended purchase for those who do not own the base game and are looking for a fun title. and quick to start, perhaps to play with even the smallest of the family. We are practically certain that, once tried, the purchase of the base game will only be a matter of (short) time.

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