Blind Fate: Edo no Yami tested on PC

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami tested on PC

Blind Fate

The post-apocalyptic scenario of Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is a world reborn from the ashes of a terrible disaster, which has found no other way to survive than by rewriting its history between blood and metal, giving life to a new Edo period in which the shogunate that reigns over Japan controls its territories relying on the blade of an unbeatable samurai.

But when this lethal warrior is deprived of sight, his mission becomes much more complicated. Therefore he is given the Oni Mask: a device capable of amplifying the senses of the wearer so that he can perceive the sounds, smells and heat of the surrounding environment, reconstructing the contours and identifying any threats.

Developed by a team of Italians (but based in Spain) Troglobytes Games, Blind Fate: Edo no Yami will be available starting today with a playable demo that can be downloaded for free from Steam during PAX Online.

We were able to try Blind Fate: Edo no Yami in preview in recent days: here are our impressions.


Blind Fate: Edo no Yami, the futuristic metropolis recreated in the early stages of the demo. Although many aspects of Blind Fate: Edo no Yami seem to recall the classic Strider, in reality the title of Troglobytes Games is immediately strongly characterized by a deep and demanding gameplay, which tries to give every single fight an almost soulslike dignity. judging by the damage that our character can suffer under the blows of even the most mischievous of enemy robots.

The demo takes place at the beginning of the campaign, when the game's protagonist finds himself having to adapt to his new cybernetic senses, and this adds a touch of complexity that might be confusing at first. In fact, opponents approach without being seen and can therefore catch us off guard, unless we activate amplified hearing to identify their steps, understand where they are and attack them in advance.

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami , one of several available finishers. From that moment the katana's swings replace the friendly gesture of a blind person who touches the face of his interlocutor: socialization in Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is made up of pain and severed limbs, so it is perfectly understandable that it is the edge of our sword to draw the contours of the opponent on duty, which at that point, however, are memorized for subsequent matches.

Here, summarize these interesting progressive mechanics in a short demo like the one you can download from today on Steam it was not easy and you could therefore complete the fights, including the final boss fight, wondering if during the whole game campaign you will always have to proceed with contracted buttocks, trying to anticipate the arrival of a hostile robot before it hits you by betrayal.

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami, the protagonist interacts with the environment in order to reconstruct its outlines. It will not be so: you will be able to move using the standard view and enjoy the excellent quality of the assets and visual effects packaged by the guys at Troglobytes Games, being in the position of having to sharpen the senses only to perceive new threats and store their data, in the 'scope of a path that promises to be exciting, which includes a whole series of upgrades still shrouded in mystery and which has left us with excellent sensations.

Starting with the combat system, which the controller uses the main buttons for jump (A), attack (X), projectile (Y) and interaction and dodge (B), delegating to the right trigger the parry (which performed with the right timing, as usual, stuns the enemy) and to the left one the activation of a wheel to select the amplification of smell, hearing or the detection of heat. This last operation must then be performed instantly once the opposing defense is opened, selecting the right direction in order to execute a devastating lunge.

Preliminary impressions

The brief taste of Blind's experience Fate: Edo no Yami has certainly made us want to take back the title of Troglobytes Games as soon as possible to verify that the solid base system is properly exploited during the campaign. As mentioned, we were surprised by the depth of some mechanics and by an approach that at least in the demo is fairly hardcore, but we will have to test it thoroughly with the complete product.

Some uncertainties in the field of collisions and timing they have already been identified and arranged by the developers, who have done a great job on the lore and aim to create very convincing atmospheres, thanks also to the contribution of artists of undoubted skill. From a purely technical point of view, the demo promises damn well, giving the feeling of a much more ambitious project than the average indie.

The short demo of Blind Fate: Edo no Yami gives the idea of ​​a title really interesting, able to offer a series of fights of great depth together with original mechanics, based on the perception of the environment and its inevitable pitfalls. The feeling is that this little taste is the prelude to something very ambitious, but to find out how things really are we will have to do as the protagonist of the game and sharpen our senses waiting for the announcement of an official release date on PC and console.


Fights of surprising thickness Really solid technical and artistic sector Many mechanisms still to be discovered ... DOUBTS ... which inevitably represents an unknown factor Some edges to be smoothed in terms of collisions and timing The demo is very short and limited Have you noticed any errors?

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