Apex Legends, the strongest Legends in Season 9

Apex Legends, the strongest Legends in Season 9

Apex Legends

After some time from the launch of Season 9 of Apex Legends, a well-defined goal begins to take shape, with Legends capable of obtaining excellent results both in the arena and on Olympus with clear advantages over the other characters.

Of course, this does not mean that using a higher tier Legend automatically means placing yourself in the first places, but it can at least make it easier for you to climb between the various positions. To this we must then add an element that should never be underestimated in these rankings and that is the relevance to your style of play, which could easily shift the balance and favor one or the other champion in the rankings.

What then are the five strongest Legends on Apex Legends? Let's find out in our very personal ranking!


A skilled hunter, Bloodhound is one of the best legends When hunting it is always useful to have a hound that can track and find the enemy early and Bloodhound is the strongest Legend ever in this field. Sure, activating the Eye of the Gods allows crafty enemies to figure out where the impulse comes from and then locate Bloodhound, but the benefit that follows for the next few seconds is absolutely worth the risk.

In the battle royale mode, her abilities are very useful in any phase of the game and in the Arena the game mechanics do not change one iota, rather they are amplified by a reduced and limited territory within which enemies can hide .

Usually throwing the skill in the very early stages of the fight is more than enough to put the team in such an advantageous position that they can easily take home the round. The ultimate is "superfluous" in the arena, given the high cost, but it can be an extreme solution in case you want to try to catch your opponents by surprise with a lightning attack.


Disappear from sight and reappear behind? A child's play for Wraith In a situation where having opponents always in sight becomes the key to going to win the game, find yourself against, or in a team, a Legend like Wraith capable of becoming invisible can easily change the cards in table.

This has been happening not only since Season 9, but obviously every season since she appeared on Apex. Side attacks, strategic retreats or simple crossfire are the strengths of a character with excellent mobility given the possibility of becoming invisible. She remains a legend that is not easy to rule, especially for newbies, but she is also a fighter capable of overturning a game in the hands of an experienced player.


Valkyrie is absolutely our favorite Valkyrie is the new legend of Season 9 and we love her for the background before anything else. It would be foolish, however, to label it as a simple fanservice since the skill kit, as we had already told you in our previous article, is a delicious mix of mobility and aggression.

In Battle Royale mode, Valkyrie can use her jetpacks to reposition her entire team quickly by escaping or using offensive strategies but she can also reach the heights faster than any other character. Despite the heavy nerf and almost total uselessness of the ultimate in Arena mode, having a Valkyrie in your team allows you to put absurd pressure on your opponents, thanks to the volley of missiles that can be launched floating in midair with great precision.

Beautiful character, excellent skins and a great malleability in playing it can only make her enter our special ranking.


Protection, defense and massacre: in one word Gibraltar Gibraltar is a colossus and as such is able to carry the weight of its team on its shoulders. We are talking about a character designed to be purely defensive thanks to her functional bubble, useful for bringing injured companions back to life, allowing a quick shift between two different structures or simply distracting the opponents' attention.

Having him in the arena team, above all, means being able to better manage the closing of the bubble, perhaps taking a building as a stronghold and forcing opponents to play on the short distance between shogun shots and a continuous hit and run at the edge of the bubble. Fun and, above all, functional game mechanics thanks to which you can take the contenders by surprise and easily win a few games.

Let's not forget that Gibraltar can also rely on a devastating ultimate on distance, very useful for flushing out opponents in cover or slaughtering them in the open field. Alone, you can then safely stand up as a bullet magnet and act as a bait to attract sniper fire on you, so as to track them down and allow your companions to bypass or eliminate them quickly from a distance. A decidedly valuable choice in all compositions, as long as you compromise with the most voluminous hitboxes.


Do you want support? Lifeline is the answer In case Gibraltar is too static for your taste, Lifeline becomes the second best choice in terms of support. The ability to heal, to bring a companion back into combat perhaps by covering him from a distance and to attack opponents knowing that you can rely on a secondary source of healing as well as medkits makes this Legend highly playable.

We like having her in the team and we like having her against her much, much less because of her ability to confuse ideas on the number of opponents ready to tear us apart. Having her in the team forces the contenders to play aggressive and to expose themselves to go and take down their teammates, putting them in the condition of being outflanked and caught behind. In case the increased care and sustenance weren't enough remember that Lifeline can guarantee a really greedy extra equipment drop, especially on Olympus.

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