Teamfight Tactics, the tried of the new season

Teamfight Tactics, the tried of the new season

Teamfight Tactics

While everyone is waiting for the separate client between League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, something on which we are slowly losing hope given the Jurassic waiting times, Riot Games continues undaunted to bet a lot on the Autochess mode of its goose that lays golden eggs, with a support that so many other triple A titles dream of having. Patches, balances and new content arrive on a regular basis to add value to the various season passes, but what has left us most amazed in the last time frame is the desire to add a second level of depth linked to the narrative to Teamfight Tactics. Of course, we are talking about a sweetened story, with funny characters and devoid of the pathos of the most canonical narrative, but still an addition of depth that can only make fans happy.

As Joe Ziegler explained to us for VALORANT, Riot is focusing a lot on the deepening of his universe, of the characters that compose it and is studying all the ways to reach his audience, trying to intertwine everyone's life the days with video game culture.

But what will be more in this new update? Let's find out in our tried and tested Teamfight Tactics.

Dawn of the New Heroes

The Pengu of Teamfight Tactics The last set of Teamfight Tactics kicked off the first narrative spark, pitting the heroes of good against those of darkness. We are talking about heroes and not Champions, as is usual for League of Legends, since on this occasion the classic characters are momentarily put aside to make room for the good and evil versions of the Pengu and other mascots that we have come to know. The new update will also bring a new themed kinematics, something that underlines a productive effort of absolute relevance and, although the events on the screen are not epic or evocative as we saw for example during the presentation of Senna, the aim to entertain and intrigue will still be achieved through well-directed action scenes and a sharp turn towards humor. A choice made precisely to lower the tone of what is ultimately a genre dedicated to a less demanding audience than that of MOBAs.

The Pengu, the spatulas and the confusion will be the masters, opening the doors to version 5.5, an amalgam of new mechanics, new Champions and also different balancing elements.

This summer seems to be dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons, after the arrival of Dark Alliance, the announcement of the D&D themed Magic set now also Teamfight Tactics winks at the Wizards board game of the Coast. It does so with mascots dressed up with axes and armor, including the inevitable armored Umbrian, and decked out planks to bring to life the memories of maps drawn on paper and dungeons full of traps. The hot themes of League of Legends also return, this time with the far west of High Noon and several updates to improve the quality of the game such as the rebalancing of the Dragon's Claw and the Banshee Claw, the first made more aggressive and the second with a area effect to protect allies in adjacent hexes.

New meta is coming!

Shadow objects disappear completely, bringing with them a mechanic that convinced us since it was capable to shuffle the cards of the most common builds, but being replaced by the Radiant versions that will work in a similar way even if diametrically opposite. These unique and particular items will not have negative sides, as they did in the last patch and will give incredible bonuses to the bearer, once obtained in the armory of level 3-6.

You can only have one per game and you will have to choose it carefully, but the advantages will be obvious: the Giant Slayer in the radiant version, for example, will increase the damage caused by the bearer by 20%, reaching 100% in the case in which targets characters with more than 1400 health, literally melting the pesky frontline champions. But the combinations are many and we can't wait to find out how the meta will adapt to these new options.

Still on the subject of meta Riot has decided to insert the Radiant Blessing, a buff guaranteed upon reaching the 40 HP threshold thanks to which to obtain extra items, so as not to be crushed by an extremely strong or lucky player and automatically balancing the progression of the games. It is an interesting introduction and it could make the matches even more compelling, hoping that it does not cause imbalance with the underdogs excessively facilitated by an object received in a moment of crisis.

All the new units ready for battle The new and inevitable traits close version 5.5, such as the sentries able to generate a shield to share with their allies once destroyed and reach up to 1000% speed of attack for a few moments after activation and the gunners also return, with a fifth powerful shot exploded by their rifles to do area damage, a joy for lovers of Tristana, Senna and co. Finally, two fresh samples, Gwen and Akshan, could not be exempted from their appearance.

The first will use its speed to damage opponents and steal part of its defenses while the second will lower the armor of its targets by 50% thanks to the passive and will use the grapple supplied to reach the second lines and make a debacle with doubled attack speed. Both will be considered legendary and purchasable for five gold coins, a fair price for two tokens that could change the tide of matches.

Riot's strategy is clear and it's a pleasure to see her pursued on all of theirs. homogeneously produced. First they build a solid game system capable of keeping the players glued, then they support the title with constant content and loads of news and, finally, once satisfied they expand the universe through the telling of stories and tales allowing players to become attached not only to the gameplay but also to the characters and their backgrounds. With Teamfight Tactics all this is already underway and with update 5.5 you will finally be able to see live the first piece of this new epic.


Every new patch a Pengu revolution to the rescue! DOUBTS Will they be able to keep the game balanced? Have you noticed any errors?

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