What are the health rules for maturity 2021

What are the health rules for maturity 2021

Obligation to wear surgical masks, distance of two meters between the candidate and the commission, only one companion allowed: this is how the exam will take place

Maturity exam (Photo: Maurizio Maule / Ipa) From vaccinations for high school to social distancing in the classroom: the Ministry of Education has published a national security protocol to regulate the behavior to be followed during the 2021 maturity exams. Oral interviews will begin on June 16, replacing the traditional written tests with which state exams were held before the Covid-19 pandemic.


Many regions have moved already from the end of May to vaccinate the graduates. In Sicily, Puglia, Abruzzo, Lazio, Campania the cycle has already been completed, while in Umbria the adhesions are open until today, June 8, at 2 pm and the doses will be administered between 9 and 10. regions, some have opened the booking to all age groups by now, including the very young. For others, access will take place in the next few days. In any case, the administration of the vaccine is on a voluntary basis and even those who have not received it can take the state exam.


It will be necessary to go to school with a self-certification certifying the absence of fever or other flu symptoms on the day of the exam and for the previous three. In addition, you must declare that you have not been subjected to quarantine or isolation in the previous two weeks and that you have not come into contact with positive people.

Exam in presence

It is mandatory to carry out the exam in presence, unless there are particular reasons such as long stays in hospital, detention, particular disabilities or specific health provisions related to the emergency epidemiological. If you are in quarantine you can reschedule the convocation at the end of the isolation period or carry out the test via videoconference.


The convocation time will be communicated by the schools via email to female students and students, who must arrive at the school 15 minutes before the established time. At the end of the test you will have to leave the building immediately.

Accompanying persons

Each candidate may be accompanied by a maximum of one person.


The use of disposable surgical masks is mandatory. The ministerial protocol on safety standards has advised against the use of Ffp2 for candidates, while they can be used by teaching and service staff. All other types of masks are forbidden.


They will be compulsory only for staff assisting students or students with disabilities. While it is always mandatory for everyone to sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.


During the interview, the distance between students and each member of the commission must be at least two meters . The same measure applies to any accompanying persons or staff.

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