[UPDATE] PlayStation 5 Digital on sale from Mediaworld!

[UPDATE] PlayStation 5 Digital on sale from Mediaworld!

Update 3:54 pm: there are many slowdowns on the Mediaworld portal, but the consoles do not seem to be sold out.

Were you looking for an opportunity to buy PlayStation 5? Well, know that - perhaps - your search is over! Starting today, in fact, Mediworld has announced 3 days of sale of the highly sought after Sony console, with each day dedicated to a specific version of the console! We have offered you more information here but, as regards today, the console on sale is the "Digital Edition" version, that is the one without a disc player and, therefore, can only be used with games downloaded directly from PlayStation Store.

As always, the sale of PlayStation 5 will be limited to the number of consoles in stock, and will be exclusive to the online store. Do not expect, therefore, to be able to find the console even in physical stores. The appointment, therefore, is set for 15:00 at these coordinates, which correspond to the new part of the online store that the chain inaugurated a few months ago, precisely to cope with the sales of the consoles that, all too often, have put the online sales service of the chain has a severe test.

Precisely for this reason, we also remind you that to buy the console you must register on the site! Without an access, in fact, it will not be possible to proceed with the purchase, so we suggest you use the time that separates us from the opening of the sale to be able to complete the registration on the portal, which will only take a few minutes.

Having said that, we reiterate that the PlayStation 5 made available by the portal today is only the one in the "Digital Edition" version, therefore without a disc player. The console, however, is also the cheapest version of the console, costing just € 399.90, which is € 100 less than its sister with a disk compartment. Having clarified this, we guarantee that the console is not only sold directly from the chain, but it is available at no extra cost, and without the obligation to bundle with other products, and with shipments that should start by the end of the month. It is therefore not, as many believed, a preorder, but an actual sale!

Read also: PS5: difficult to fall in love with a console that does not tell you anything Obviously, this is only the first of the 3 occasions of purchase made available to the store and, therefore, we strongly suggest that you decide as soon as possible which of the 3 sales to turn to, without, however, taking the Digital version lightly as, at least until today, it has turned out to be the version of PlayStation 5 from sales faster, and therefore the one that first ends up running out. So it is better to take advantage of it now, also because due to the prolonged shortage of components caused by COVID-19, it seems that this "in fits and starts" sale of the console market is destined to last until 2023!

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