The RW Goen and Lineachiara releases of 25 June 2021

The RW Goen and Lineachiara releases of 25 June 2021

Through the official website of the distributor Pegasus Distribuzioni, the RW Goen and Lineachiara releases of 25 June 2021 were released. The end of Anagle Mole, Supplement and & (AND) should be noted.

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The releases RW Goen and Lineachiara of 25 June 2021

The releases of Lineachiara of 25 June 2021


21 × 27 , C, col., 64 pp

€ 10.95

Can light be born of the children of darkness? At the beginning of the eighteenth century, a utopian city was born in Madagascar, founded by pirates, thanks to the rebellion of an Italian priest, Caraccioli, who was determined to fight against the unbridled luxury of the Church. Now for Caraccioli and Mission the moment of truth has finally arrived. In Libertalia, in the city of all utopias, darkness and light collide in a fight to the death, with no winners or losers.

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The RW Goen releases of June 25, 2021


B + sc, 12,2X17,8, 178 pp, b / w

€ 7,50

How complicated is the life of the very young (14 years old) Yuta Koizumi. In the height of adolescence, with hormones running high, he does nothing but look for women to have sex with. With the appearance of Mio the situation becomes more and more complicated and twists… sexy more and more pressing! From the author of Suzuka and A Town Where You Live, Koji Seo, a hilarious and spicy comedy.

Buy PRINCESS LUCIA Vol. 5 on Amazon.

SUPPLEMENT Vol. 10 [OF 11]

12,2 × 17,8 B + sc, 172 pp, b / n

€ 6.95

A betrayal comes to light and everything changes for the protagonists of Supplement! The delicate and very fragile balance between work and love finally yields and a harsh, cruel reality will forever change the fate of Minami and her colleagues. An unmissable volume created by the teacher Mari Okazaki !!!

Buy S UPPLEMENT Vol. 10 [OF 11] on Amazon.


11 × 17, B + sc, 252 pp, b / w col.

€ 5.95

The masterpiece of Victor Hugo continues with the sixth volume, masterfully rendered by the drawing of a very inspired Takahiro Arai. In Paris, Anjolras and his acolytes are preparing for the revolution, but Marius is increasingly depressed. One day Eponine goes to see him and gives him Cosette's address. Despite the love she feels for him, she decides to sacrifice her happiness for her. Marius finds Cosette and leaves her a long, passionate love letter under a stone on her garden bench.

Buy I MISERABILI Vol. 6 on Amazon.


12,2 × 17,8, B + sc, bn / + col.

€ 6.95

A heinous murder took place in an elementary school and the science department quickly discovers that a witness was at the crime scene and probably saw it all. However, for some strange reason, the scan of the victim's brain does not identify the witness or the culprit…

Buy HIMITSU THE TOP SECRET Vol. 8 [OF 12] on Amazon.


12 × 17, B + sc, 192 pp, b / w

€ 5.95

After a confrontation with his grandfather, Masaru has finally discovered the atrocious truth about its existence and the danger it represents. How will she convince her grandfather that she can prevent his soul from being overwhelmed? Or is it already too late?

Buy KARAKURI CIRCUS Vol. 29 on Amazon.


B + sc, 16,2 × 10,6, 192 pp , b / w

€ 6.50

From Tsubasa Fukuchi, author of the hugely popular The Law of Ueki, comes the conclusion of this exciting 5-volume miniseries. Luchiru is a Majin (being who dwells in the depths of the earth). He was sent to the surface as a spy to gather intelligence in order to defeat the humans living there. But the problem is that the Majins have a totally wrong understanding of humans and firmly believe that the human race is far superior to them. How can Luchiru survive in the human world, convinced as it is that just the touch of any human could make it burn and disintegrate in an instant ?!

Buy ANAGLE MOLE VOL.5 [OF 5] on Amazon.

FORZA GENKI Vol. 16 [OF 32]

12.2 × 17.8, B + sc, 184 pp, b / w

€ 6.95

After the last meeting Genki decides to enjoy a short but well-deserved vacation. But the time to relax is short: the boy has to start training again if he wants to continue along the path of professionalism. A new volume of the manga that inspired one of the most important sports anime of the eighties, known in Italy with the title of "Forza Sugar", once again will not disappoint all fans of him!

Buy FORZA GENKI Vol. 16 [OF 32] on Amazon.


12.2 × 17.8 B + sc, 172 pp, b / w

€ 6.95

The relationship between Minami and Sawara seems to be going well, until the boy is offered a job abroad. What do you prefer: being a photographer and artist in the Netherlands, or continuing to be an advertising photographer in Japan? What will the final decision be? A great love story is finally completed.

Buy SUPPLEMENT Vol. 11 [OF 11] -EXTRA on Amazon.

& (AND) Vol. 8 [OF 8]

12.2 × 17.8 , B + sc, b / w, 224 pp

€ 6.95

After SUPPLEMENT we are pleased to publish another very topical series by the great Mari Okazaki, entitled &. Aoki Kaoru is a 26-year-old woman who has never had a boyfriend. Unmotivated by the life she leads, she decides to open a manicure salon in addition to her job as a health worker. Despite having a severe adversity for physical contact, she is forced to confront her with her fear of her when she meets a man she cannot help but touch others. Another insight into the life of a Japanese woman from the great Mari Okazaki.

Buy & (AND) Vol. 8 [OF 8] on Amazon.


11 × 17, B + sc, 192 pp , b / w

€ 6.95

For the new representation Kyonosuke and Kazuya will have to work in pairs. The two are motivated and ready, but right before the staging, Kyonosuke has a problem! “I am confused by the two roles, and I don't know how to play them…”

Buy THE PATH OF FLOWERS Vol. 9 on Amazon.


12 × 17, B + sc, 192 pp, b / w

€ 6.50

Niwa, an architecture student, finds a photograph in his old grandfather's house. a mysterious girl. Together with her friend Akira, she decides to investigate, following the trail of ancient buildings towards which the girl feels a strange, supernatural sensation ... What is she hiding within those walls? And what strange power does Niwa seem to develop? We will find out by reading this miniseries by Kei Toume, a manga artist that we have already got to know in Italy for works such as Kurogane, Hitsuji no uta - The silence of the innocents, Life as a guinea pig and who will be able to thrill and delight you again in these four volumes.



B + sc, 12 × 16.9, 128 pp, b / w

€ 6.95

The winner of the Cultural Prize Osamu Tezuka, blockbuster in Japan, returns to Italian bookstores and comics. The masterpiece comedy by Hikaru Nakamura, in which Jesus and Buddha, tired of being the "leaders" of their respective religions, take a vacation in Japan (how to blame them), mingling with ordinary people.

Buy SAINT YOUNG MAN Vol. 16 on Amazon.


12.3 × 17.9 cm, 232 pp, bross., b / ne col.

€ 7.50

The academic year is drawing to a close. While Misato and Kawahama have decided to turn seawater into gold with microbes and Itsuki Seminary continues to produce sake, Madoka Nishino is preparing to take the entrance exam. Except streptococcal contamination puts everything in question! Will Sawaki finally save someone? Everyone finds their way, answers their questions and realizes that they may have grown a bit in this latest chapter of Moyasimon. Let's ferment! Let's ferment!

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Back in stock: ALICE ACADEMY 19, 22, 23 and 24.

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