The Panini DC Italia releases of 10 June 2021

The Panini DC Italia releases of 10 June 2021

Through the publisher's official website, the Panini DC Italia releases of 10 June 2021 were made known. The volume Dceased: Dead Planet and the re-edition of the Final Crisis event should be noted. In addition, the maxiseries in 12 numbers Batman / Catwoman by Tom King.

You can already view the Panini DC Italia releases scheduled for July 2021 thanks to our dedicated article.

Panini Comics releases of 10 June 2021

Dceased: Dead Planet

Authors: Trevor Hairsine, Tom Taylor

17 × 26, C. , 208 pp., Col. • Euro 24.00

Contains: DCeased: Dead Planet # 1/7

The journey into space for the few survivors of the escape from Earth proves to be much more complicated than expected, and many difficult (and unpredictable!) decisions will have to be made… Meanwhile, there are still people on Earth fighting to stop the apocalypse that has shocked and decimated the world's population! Third date with the most fascinating and terrifying DC Comics zombie saga ever! Texts by Tom Taylor (Injustice) and Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Mortal Genesis) drawings!

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Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point PREMIUM VARIANT 2

Authors: Donald Mustard, Christos Gage, Reilly Brown

17 × 26, S., 32 pp., Col. • Euro 5.00

Contains: Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point (2021) # 2

The unpredictable crossover between the world of Batman and Fortnite continues ! The Bat has suddenly found himself in a mysterious place ... but what is the role of Harley Quinn and Catwoman? The battle royal has just begun, and the surprises that await the Dark Knight are unbelievable!

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Batman / Fortnite PREMIUM VARIANT 3

Authors: Donald Mustard, Christos Gage, Reilly Brown

17 × 26, S., 32 pp., col. • Euro 5.00

Contains: Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point (2021) # 3

Third chapter for the story that sets Batman in the settings of the beloved video game Fortnite! The Bat is still on the island, will he be able to find allies? A no holds barred battle has begun… even the greatest detective in the world may not be able to win it!

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Batman 25

Authors: Dan Jurgens, Brad Walker, Peter Tomasi, Kevin Nowlan, AA.VV.

17 × 26, S., 48 pp., col. • Euro 5.00

Contains: Detective Comics (1937) # 1027

Turn on the Bat-signal, because a historic event is about to take place! Four stories to celebrate Batman's thousandth appearance on Detective Comics! Four incredible cases for the greatest detective in the world! Some of the most beloved Dark Knight authors lay the foundations for a new era in Gotham City!

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Rorschach 3

Authors: Jorge Fornes, Tom King

17 × 26, S., 24 pp., with the. • Euro 3.00

Contains: Rorschach (2020) # 3

Thirty-five years after Watchmen, Rorschach is back on the scene in the attempted murder of candidate for president Turley. The investigation leads the detective in charge to Wyoming to uncover the story of Rorschach's partner ... and the revelations are staggering! A masterful storytelling test by Tom King and Jorge Fornés! The miniseries that unites the world created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons with the Damon Lindelof television series continues!

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Final Crisis

Authors: Matthew Clark, Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones, Doug Mahnke, AA.VV.

17 × 26, C., 360 pp., Col. • Euro 34.00

Contains: Final Crisis (2008) # 1/7, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond (2008) # 1/2, Final Crisis: Submit (2008) # 1

The most spectacular DC event of the new millennium, in a new edition! Darkseid has won the war between light and dark. What can the members of the Justice League ever do now? Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the other DC heroes in the most important battle ever faced. A stellar creative team led by the great Grant Morrison, for a modern classic acclaimed by fans and critics!

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Batman / Catwoman 1

Authors: Clay Mann, Tom King

17 × 26, S., 32 pp ., with the. • Euro 3.00

Contains: Batman / Catwoman (2021) # 1

Tom King and Clay Mann are back to talk about the exploits of Batmane Catwoman! Various temporal planes intertwine in a story that explores the evolution of the great love between the Dark Knight and the Fatal Feline! What fate awaits Helena, the daughter of Bruce and Selina? And what lost love will come back to haunt Batman?

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Batman Special: Punchline

Authors: Mirka Andolfo, Riley Rossmo, James Stokoe, James Tynion IV, AA.VV.

17 × 26, B., 96 pp., col. • Euro 12.00

Contains: Punchline (2020) # 1, Batman (2016) Annual # 5, DC's Crimes of Passion (2020) # 1

She has only appeared in a handful of albi and is already a superstar! But who is Punchline, and what is her plan? While the new flame of Joker is on trial, the mechanism put in place by Joker War is changing Gotham City and its inhabitants: will it still be Batman's city? Featuring Clownkiller, Wildcat and Batwoman! From the mind of James Tynion IV, the current architect of the Batman world!

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Red Hood: Outlaw - Generation Outlaw 2

17 × 26, B., 408 pp., col. • Euro 29.00

Contains: Red Hood: Outlaw (2016) # 37/50, Red Hood (2016) # 51/52

To train the next generation of DC criminals there is is only one possible teacher: Jason Todd! Red Hood will have to decide whether he will be a criminal, a friend, a teacher, a chosen one… or something completely different! The return of Artemis and Bizarro! The final confrontation with the Untitled! The finale of Scott Lobdell's run and the beginning of a new life for Jason after the events of Joker War!

Justice League: Winter Without End 1

Authors: Ron Marz, Marco Santucci, Howard Porter, Andy Lanning, AA.VV.

17 × 26, B., 104 pp., Col. • Euro 13.00

Contains: Justice League: Endless Winter (2021) # 1, Flash (2016) # 767, Superman: Endless Winter (2021) # 1, Aquaman (2016) # 66

The coldest crossover of the year starts here! An apocalyptic storm is about to engulf the DC Universe ... and the Justice League must enter the scene to defeat a terrible enemy! With past and present intertwining relentlessly, shocking secrets are about to be revealed: winter without end has arrived!

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