The best anti-stress gadgets | June 2021

The best anti-stress gadgets | June 2021

Although the health emergency seems to have now reached its conclusion (or at least that's what we all hope), COVID-19 has caused immense stress on many of us, leading to a burdening of mood and psychic tension that Unfortunately, it will continue to weigh on many of us for a long, long time. Of course, the worst seems to have passed, but even if the drama of the disease will be just a memory, it will be up to us, that is to the individuals, to be able to find their balance and their compass, dispelling in every possible way that anxiety and fear that still grip our soul and mind.

Read also: The best accessories to facilitate Smart Working | April 2021 Now, as we have said many times during this terrible pandemic, we at have neither the desire, nor the skills, nor the claims to substitute for real and serious clinical and / or psychological help, however for what is our work experience, in which many of us know the term "smart working" from before it was cleared by the first lockdown, we thought it would be useful to offer you some small useful tips to recover clarity and to remove, without too much effort, the burdensome clouds of stress.

It is a series of gadgets that, first of all, we have found useful on more than one occasion, both during the long and hard days of work, as well as in moments of quiet, time free and relaxed, it is clear that, even before proposing to buy anything, the most important suggestion we want to give you is to look for more than a mere distraction, but to concentrate on finding a hobby, on developing of a passion that you have left in the drawer, and on regaining possession of your psycho-physical well-being by preferring sports and outdoor activities.

That said, we really think that keeping some of these little gadgets in your pocket, or on your desk, can help you get back on track. Obviously we are not saying that the purchase of a small anti-stress can make up for a real help but, simply, that some of the products on the market succeed, given the ability to carve out a moment for themselves, to relieve mental fatigue and to give us some peace of mind. Of course, the offer is huge, but luckily for you we are here to test every product placed on the market, so we have selected 8 gadgets for you, suitable for all budgets. These are simple solutions with which you can have fun and relax despite everything, and there really is something for everyone: from those looking for a way to keep busy with creative solutions, to those who prefer to spend time meditating and reflecting on themselves. . 10 ideas that will make you forget - hopefully - all the stress accumulated in recent times!

Anti-stress gadget to face the lockdown

Desk pricker Puzzle 3D Model Kit Set LEGO Fidget Cube Book from coloring for adults Album "Paint by Sticker" White noise speaker Meditation band Shoulder and neck massager

The pungiball desk

Let's start with one of the most coveted and sought after objects by those who work at the desk or at the PC: we are speaking of the “desk pungiball”, that is a bag to punch madly when stress begins to overshadow the day. Why keep everything inside when you can vent your suffering without harming anyone ?! There are many models on the market, from those in leather to those in synthetic leather, filled with polystyrene or inflatables, but all of them share the fact that they are designed to be punched every day. We suggest you to look for one that can be fixed to the desk thanks to a practical clamp, so as to remain very firm and can be removed without damage to the furniture. A precious "ally" in the fight against everyday stress, especially when it comes from smart working.

3D puzzles

A great classic of free time at home, puzzles are a much loved and still very popular pastime by people all over the world. Many consider them boring or even tedious and, even, for some they will be a source of additional stress rather than relaxation, which is why in addition to the classics we also want to offer you something different and fun, or 3D puzzles! Born in the heart of the 90s and successfully brought to Italy by Ravensburger, the three-dimensional puzzles are made of soft and light plastic, on the surface of which a portion of the surface of the object to be rebuilt is firmly glued (usually a building or a monument). Over the years they have been produced in all shapes and sizes, with even some beautiful licensed variants taken from the world of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Much more accessible than the classic stinks, they are a pleasant and relaxing pastime and the final result, nowadays, is truly amazing!

» Click here to buy a classic puzzle

A model kit

And since we mentioned the puzzle, we think of the model kits as rigid plastic versions of the aforementioned, with solid joints that, once joined, are very unlikely to come off. A model kit is basically a scale model composed mostly of plastic or wood, the construction of which can be both by joints and by means of glue, although this depends a lot on the type of model kit. The Japanese ones, for example, especially for what concerns the world of the robot (or mecha if you prefer) are generally interlocking, with already painted plastic parts and the sensation will be that of assembling large (and complex) Kinder surprises. On the other hand, military models or those of ships and galleons (often made of balsa wood) require glue, colors and much more dedication. In any case, these are perhaps the best palliatives for boredom you can encounter in a period of forced quarantine like the one we are currently experiencing.

A LEGO set

Last proposal to assemble on our list: when it comes to assembling, disassembling and following instructions it is impossible not to mention the Lego sets, available in such a large variety that they can virtually keep you busy every day of your life. No matter the age, no matter the theme, no matter the number of bricks: a Lego set is still and always one of the best ways to release anxiety, tension and stress!

The fidget cube

The illegitimate child of a fidget spinner and a D&D dice, the fidget cube rages in the offices of all over the world for at least a couple of years and is considered, according to many, a practical and economical anti-stress solution. The idea is simple: it is a small cube on whose faces there are inserts of different types, such as keys, moving parts, rotating parts and so on. The idea is that by squeezing it between your fingers it is possible to vent your stress on its various components, thus trying to find serenity. Will it really work? Will it be just nonsense? Who knows, the fact is that for less than 10 euros you can find out for yourself.

A coloring book

We know that many of you may be turning up your noses, but you really should seriously consider buying a coloring book if you want to lower your anxiety and stress levels. Notoriously known as an entertainment for children, the coloring book has - especially in recent years - regained self-confidence in the form of a pastime for the older ones, with alternatives of all kinds: from classic mandalas to animals, passing through pages and pages of men inspired by the artist Keith Haring up to albums containing profanity to color. They will not be in good taste, but they will certainly help you to vent a lot of pent-up tension.

The“ paint by sticker ”albums

Do you remember the sticker albums from our childhood? Do you remember the joy of buying packets of stickers and then gluing them between the pages in an (often vain) attempt to complete it before the collection ended? Well, someone thought that that nostalgic feeling could be a good palliative to stress by creating the so-called "paint by sticker" albums, whose principle is not too dissimilar to that of a coloring book, with the difference that instead of felt-tip pens, here we use forms of adhesive and colored paper, basically stickers. These albums generally depict animals, landscapes or existing works of art, all immortalized on white pages with the appropriate spaces to be filled (based on the correspondence between numbers and colors) with special colored paper stickers. The great thing is that they work! Once you start gluing you don't stop until the end!

The speaker for white noise

Uno of the worst side effects of stress and enforced starvation may be lack of sleep. A very unpleasant situation which, especially if subjected to severe stress, can cause prolonged and heavy insomnia, capable of physically and mentally debilitating. There are many solutions to insomnia on the market, from milder products based on natural remedies to much "heavier" remedies and subject - rightly - to a correct medical prescription. Before rushing to the doctor or the pharmacy, however, we would like to suggest one of our tested and functional methods: that of white noise. However, it should not be confused with the white noise generated, for example, by the noise that a radio device can emit when it is not possible to connect to the right frequency. What are we talking about then? Of that spectrum of noises such as the waves of the sea, the sound of rain or the song of whales which, apparently, would have the ability to help the brain to relax, excluding from the perception of the surrounding environment all those disturbing noises that would prevent us to relax and sleep. Although we at consider ourselves learned, we do not pretend to declare any scientific value behind these words, but the fact is that listening to this type of sounds before going to sleep - a certain predisposition premised - can really promote a relaxed sleep. and devoid of awakenings. So why not give it a try?

The meditation band

Ok, here we lead to science fiction but it is a product that does not only exist but which is also incredibly effective: we are talking about a band for meditation, or a smart device that, once applied on the head and at the height of the temples, is able to keep track of brain activity, managing not only to monitor it but also to report in real time to the user whether the meditation exercise in progress is effective or not. Let's say that, in simple terms, a meditation band can tell you whether or not you are concentrating in the right way, "correcting" yourself with light and delicate sound feedback, helping you in the exercise thanks to an app that can be downloaded on a smartphone. It would seem something futuristic, but in reality this type of technology has been around for some time, and it is only its implementation in similar devices that is relatively recent. It must be said that the first generation of these bands worked very well, but thanks to the steps forward made by the MUSE company, solutions that were far more than acceptable were reached. The new MUSE 2, for example, is perhaps the best headband on the market and will allow you to create a proper relaxing meditation session in just 3 minutes of practice. Of course, the price is not for everyone, but only by trying it at least once you can realize its incredible functionality.

The neck and shoulder massage band

We had already talked about these particular devices in our list of shopping tips dedicated to smart working, but we think that, even in this specific case, the idea of ​​getting a massager for shoulders and neck is absolutely sensible! Stress can in fact cause various problems, or be directly caused by a mental or physical discomfort. It is clear that - as always - ours are general advice that never, ever replaces a medical opinion, as far as we are concerned we have found great benefit from the purchase of a shoulder and neck massager. As already mentioned, our advice is to buy the Naipo 3600 massager (which is the best-selling product on Amazon in this category), which has proved to be an excellent starting point for keeping the back and neck muscles healthy. The "decompression" of this area has benefited not only the muscles, but also the posture and fatigue of the head and eyes. In short: goodbye headache, and goodbye to that annoying hint of heaviness on the eyes! A godsend for those who, like us, accumulate stress simply by sitting at the PC!

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