MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless | Review

MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless | Review

When you find yourself thinking of a gaming mouse, you hardly think about a wireless solution. In fact, a wired product gives the feeling of being something more reliable and responsive, which is easier to rely on during gaming sessions. MSI does not think so exactly and in fact proposes with the Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless a wireless gaming mouse designed specifically for FPS, a genre in which low latency and lightning-fast responsiveness of the commands are a sine qua non. A product sold for € 84.90, which has definitely satisfied us and of which, after a few weeks of testing, we are finally ready to tell you our impressions.

Packaging and contents

The packaging of the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless is essential but valuable. Inside the package, in fact, we find the mouse, a braided cable, the base / charger and the inevitable instructions placed in a well-padded box. Everything you need to fully enjoy the device, without getting lost in various trinkets and gadgets.

The first thing that catches the eye is the design of the device, simple and elegant, with the inevitable RGB dragon on the back . On both sides there is a diamond-shaped texture, designed to increase the grip of the hand on the device. 6 total buttons available: the two classic ones, two on the left side, the wheel and, finally, a button to change the DPI on the fly placed near the sensor. One solution is to place this button in the lower part of the device, which makes instant use less immediate. It would have been more convenient to have it as in similar products just under the wheel, where there is ample space, so as to always have it just a click away.

On the other hand, the decision to place a USB port in which to house the wireless dongle on the mouse charging base was excellent, thus allowing us to use only a single port of our computer both to use and to recharge the GM41 Clutch Lightweight Wireless. In any case, the dongle can also be inserted directly into a UBS port of the PC.

Technical features

The GM41 Lightweight Wireless Clutch is, as easily imaginable, the wireless version of the GM41 Lightweight Clutch . Removed the possibility of being able to remove the cable, the two devices in fact share the same shape and are practically identical to the naked eye. To change is the sensor, with the wireless model that mounts a Pixart PAW-3370 as opposed to the PAW-3389 of its wired brother, and the maximum DPI, which passes here to 20,000 from the previous 16,000. Weight also varies, with the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless weighing 74g, 9 more than the cable version. This is a difference, most likely due to the presence of the battery, which does not particularly affect the proof of the facts, leaving the mouse still very light.

The dimensions are indifferent - 130.1mm in length by 67 in width and 38.3 in height - with the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless which confirms itself as a gaming mouse with not excessive dimensions, perfect for practically every type of hand. Also excellent are the switches, mechanical Omron with 60 million clicks each, and the PTFE feet, essential to make movement even smoother. Finally, the braided cable is of high quality, which can be used to charge the device directly, to connect the charging base to the PC or to use the GM41 Lightweight Wireless Clutch directly in wired mode.

Experience d 'use

The most important thing to point out about our tried MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless is how during our entire test, which was divided between normal operation and long gaming sessions, the device has always behaved very well , without missing a beat or showing weakness. No strange disconnections, no loss of inputs or anything else: the wireless connectivity didn't do us any bad tricks, surprising us indeed with an excellent level of latency set at 1ms. Wired mouse performance, but completely wireless.

The grip of the device is very good thanks to the diamond textures on the sides, which excellently prevent the fingers from slipping even after long sessions. Slipping that is guaranteed on the mat thanks to the valid PTFE feet, which make the movement of the GM41 Lightweight Wireless Clutch fluid without giving the impression that the mouse is "running away". The performance of the sensor is also perfectly adequate, with the Pixart PAW-3370 which has not left its side uncovered either during everyday use or during some particularly demanding game at some FPS.

Excellent battery, with a declared autonomy of 80 hours. We were unable to completely discharge the mouse, but, after about twenty hours of use, the indicator on the dedicated software showed about 70% of the remaining charge, which makes it plausible when stated by MSI. The battery status can be checked both in the dedicated software and on the basis of the RGB lighting of the logo, which changes from steady green to flashing red, obviously with a whole series of intermediate stages, based on the percentage of charge left. The charging speed is excellent: ten minutes give as many hours of use, with charging from 0% to 100% which takes about 90 minutes. Also in this case, very plausible performance and in line with what we found.

Where it would have been legitimate to hope for something better is instead in the charging base of the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless. The attack between the base and the mouse is not the best and it is necessary to position the mouse very precisely to ensure that it is in balance. However, this is not a serious problem, on the contrary; simply a small uncertainty in a product that is otherwise decidedly valid.

Software and RGB

A must is the dedicated software, which for the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless takes the name of Dragon Center. Through it it is possible to modify a wide range of device settings, starting from the DPI of the various preset levels up to the lift-off distance, obviously without forgetting the possibility of mapping the keys differently and creating macros.

There is also the possibility of playing with the RGB coloring of the iconic logo on the back. Brightness, speed and effects: thanks to Dragon Center it is possible to modify the lighting of the logo at will, making it as relevant as possible to your tastes.

The Dragon Center is, in the end, a functional and easy-to-use software use, containing the main settings that one would expect to find in such a product. MSI's solution does not touch the number of features and possibilities offered by some competing alternatives, but the essential options are present and hardly an average gamer will find anything to complain about.


Summing up, the GM41 Lightweight Wireless Clutch definitely convinced us, with our test that did not highlight any particular problems in MSI's proposal. Removed a not always perfect coupling on the charging base and the positioning of the button to change the DPI in the lower part of the device, the GM41 Lightweight Wireless Clutch has in fact proved to be an excellent mouse both for gaming and for everyday operation. . Accurate, reliable and light: unless you hate wireless gaming mice, the GM41 Lightweight Wireless Clutch will give you great satisfaction in all types of games, including competitive FPS.

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