Microsoft launches the "Well-being at work: new responses to new needs" initiative

Microsoft launches the Well-being at work: new responses to new needs initiative

Microsoft launches the "Well-being at work

Microsoft presented "Wellbeing at Work: new responses to new needs", a digital path available from 1 June, to help Italian companies promote the spread of a culture of wellbeing in the workplace, understood as a positive condition from a point of emotional, psychological and professional point of view.

Microsoft has decided to dedicate the month of June to the well-being of workers, launching a new initiative that aims to start a discussion on how to combine productivity and psychophysical balance of people.

This, calling companies to action to promote a new world where hybrid work can be the protagonist and where companies can enhance people, guaranteeing respect for the work-life balance and responding to new needs. with remote working.

Over the last year and a half, the world of work has undergone a radical change that has seen companies and employees as protagonists in a revolutionary bear that is leading to a new paradigm of the use of the workplace and in general of the methods of collaboration and productivity.

According to data from the latest Microsoft Work Trend Index, Italians feel more and more exhausted (47%), overburdened by the amount of activity (68%) and believe that the organization they belong to does not support them as much in managing the work-life balance (24%).

Conditions that lead more and more people are considering a job change, especially among younger people, with 48% of Generation Z workers considering leaving their current employer.

Starting from these data and with the aim of promoting the balance of people, Microsoft Italia has decided to engage in the front line, providing training courses dedicated to the employees of a selection of companies that are joining the initiative and launching a virtual space in which it will make available for free some useful resources to promote routines that improve psychophysical, emotional and mental well-being, and to provide food for thought to sensitize organizations on how to combine productivity and attention to people.

Throughout the month of June, Microsoft will make various video content available, inviting organizations to plan moments of sharing with workers, leveraging modern collaboration and sharing platforms such as Teams to discover new daily routines together and discuss the importance of well-being in the workplace.

The free course was designed by Mic rosoft to have a beneficial impact on the entire vast ecosystem of Italian companies, from large companies, to SMEs and freelancers, thus also supporting the realities that do not have the skills and resources necessary to promote the well-being of workers. .

The initiative is divided into three pillars: Mindset, three contents on how to (re) design an organization that puts the well-being of its people at the center; Model - Coach - Care, three concrete examples of well-being-oriented models, inspired by the experiences of Microsoft managers.

Mindfulness, a six-video journey that explains what mindfulness is and the role it can play have in everyday working life, proposing short practices of different duration and typology to be included during the day.

Finally, the companies that have chosen to join the initiative will be able to benefit from dedicated training courses that will cover five main themes : Work-life (non) balance, to help build the boundaries between private life and work and identify a new comfort zone; Emotional intelligence in the digital environment, which helps to understand how to be empathic even in digital environments.

From resilience to antifragility, to find one's balance by accepting a condition of constant unpredictability; What the brain tells us, an in-depth study on the value of neuro-plasticity to deal with stress and complexity; and Mindfulness again, to learn how to dedicate quality attention to the present.

"Over the last year we have seen an incredible transformation in the world of work. If on the one hand we have all been able to enjoy the benefits of remote working, from the point of view of productivity and flexibility ".

" On the other hand, we have also suffered difficulties, from remote communication and collaboration, to the management of time and respect for the boundaries between private life and work "commented Luba Manolova, Director of the Microsoft 365 Division of Microsoft Italy.

" Today we are facing an epochal change that is forever changing our way to work ".

" For this reason, we have decided to make various resources available to companies that can prove to be particularly useful for grasping change and guaranteeing the well-being of employees, improving working conditions, responding to the new needs that have been outlined in the last year and combining productivity with people's emotional, psychological and physical balance ".

" Today, more than ever, we hope that our commitment to fusion of new hybrid ways of working, with the well-being of people at the center, can be shared by an increasing number of organizations ".

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