Evil Dead: The Game, preview

Evil Dead: The Game, preview

Evil Dead

The event organized by Geoff Keighley was a good opportunity to finally show some real gameplay, after last year's trailers. Until now, in fact, we knew little and nothing about this title. On the one hand, the developers never unbuttoned themselves, on the other, they probably had a game in their hands that was still too immature to be shown to the general public.

We are always cautious with movie spin-offs which, as we all know, usually don't shine with their own light. In this case we have to say that, if nothing else, the gameplay intrigued us and left us with a little mouth watering. Maybe when there are, all together, destruction, zombies and weird weapons we gamers always get an itch.

What we saw on video tonight, however, is definitely above all expectations. Evil Dead: The Game looks like a great mix of different genres; he seems to take the good ideas here and there, shake them all together and throw them out with a discreet nonchalance and personality that, honestly, amazed everyone.

Let's find out what impressed us about Evil Dead: The Game in this preview.

A concentrate of Evil Dead

We were talking about the developer. Saber Interactive, a software house based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, may be unknown to most. In truth, it is a reality with a great experience, especially with high-level collaborations such as the one with Microsoft for the re-editions of Halo on PC and consoles, CD Projekt for The Witcher 3 Complete Edition and Crytek for Crysis Remastered. In short, not newbies.

All their experience (and proprietary graphics engine, of course) they have poured forcefully into this new game dedicated to the horror feats of Ash Williams, not necessarily following a chronology of cinematic events but drawing from all existing media de "La Casa", from movies to TV series.

What you can guess from the presentation

Let's start with the things we saw last night during the presentation at the Summer Game Fest. First of all, the protagonist is the iconic and histrionic Ash with his face, his original voice actor, his timeless verve. We also notice many other characters in the series who have secondary roles, all playable. Evil entities are also controllable, as Evil Dead: The Game will be a title with a strong PvP component, as well as cooperative multiplayer. At times it is very reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, even for some precautions such as making teammates identifiable in suboptimal visual conditions. The video shows a variety of weapons, from classic shotguns to spiked clubs, to the legendary chainsaw. You can carry two at the same time. As you can see from the video, in some cases it will be possible to use both without having to swap them: one in the right hand, the other in the left.

The action is frenetic, never reasoned. The shots follow one after the other through very beautiful and spectacular combos. The "stunned" enemies can be eliminated with a final move more grim than the others: a finisher in the style of Mortal Kombat, almost. There will be phases on foot and others by car, probably to move from one combat site to another. The video shows many iconic places of the saga, such as the wooden house in the woods, perfectly reproduced in every detail. What is striking is the quality of the animations, many and beautiful to look at. Fluid, well linked to each other, they are linked in an excellent way in a riot of blood and brutality. The graphics sector in general seems very accurate and given the fluidity we imagine the reference system used was a new generation console, the Xbox logo that marks all the video suggests what it was.

Excellent reflections, shadows, and the general lighting system that makes the action lively and dynamic. Many effects on the screen, especially in the phases of control of evil entities. Each of them is endowed with different and very heterogeneous powers: it will be fun to try them all.

Evil Dead: The Game could be one of the surprises of the Summer Game Fest 2021. Started with rather low expectations, the game by Saber Interactive it could hit all the right spots to tickle the interests of Ash Williams fans and maybe not just them. The great experience of the American studio could ensure that the game is solid in all its versions, guaranteeing in a very democratic way blood and zombie action for all.


Respectful of the Saber license Interactive is a security DOUBT Tie-ins always make us suspicious What about the single player? Have you noticed any errors?

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