E3 2021: The point about Nintendo

E3 2021: The point about Nintendo

E3 2021

In the last year Nintendo has been rather stingy in terms of official communication. As always, rumors are the masters, among which lately the one concerning a Pro version of Switch stands out. It is a situation similar to that of football in the summer: in the absence of official matches, the public will also have to feed on something, right?

The fans of the big N, however, have not forgotten how many and which games announced for too long have been immersed in an oily limbo from which (for now) there seems to be no escape. Many of us hope that the now traditional Direct + Threehouse combination chosen for E3 2021 can bring some light into the darkness.

For now the only thing certain is that the Direct event will start Tuesday 15 June at 18.00 and will last approximately 40 minutes, largely focused on Switch games coming out in 2021. Three hours of Nintendo Treehouse Live will follow, filled with interviews with developers and obviously gameplay streaming of the announced titles commented by the NoA team . But what will these titles be announced?

How much we miss Miyamoto's clumsy interventions on the Nintendo conference stage of past E3s ... sniff .... If we were to talk in terms of potential, this year's Nintendo E3 could be the most explosive always, but knowing our chickens we prefer to be surprised and not disappointed.

Let's start with the "probable candidates", that is, those games that we absolutely expect to see. The wet dream in this category is obviously The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2, whose release, however, is at least a year and a half away. But we would also be happy to see it in trailer form!

Despite a still distant release date, we are also expecting some news for Project Triangle, whose little taste released some time ago has only increased our appetite. Splatoon 3 is another "stage beast" from which we can't wait to get another bite.

The recent leak of details regarding Shin Megami Tensei 5 (including the release date, November 11, 2021) suggest a fairly substantial space dedicated to the Atlus game. Even the eternal Super Smash Bros. Ultimate should be seen, perhaps with the now traditional announcement of some new fighter. Finally, let's take for granted a final trailer train for the upcoming games: Mario Golf: Super Rush at Monster Hunter Stories 2, Zelda Skyward Sword HD and No More Heroes 3.

Watch on YouTube. Nintendo may also announce new details on future Pokémon games, Shining Diamond / Shining Pearl and Legends: Arceus, but we don't take that for granted as it usually likes to dedicate separate events to these series. Maybe some details could come from the Treehouse Live chats. Exploring the territory of possibilities, rumors have been circulating for days about the possible announcement of a new Mario Kart that we believe quite plausible since the wonderful eighth chapter was released on Wii U seven years ago, to reappear on Switch in the Deluxe version at the launch of the console.

Four years seem more than enough to show something substantial, but the question we ask ourselves is another: how will they manage to improve a practically perfect and superabundant kart game? Another rumor speaks of a new Donkey Kong, the gorillone's fan base is fed and the re-release of Tropical Freeze has only partially succeeded in appeasing their hunger.

For some time we have been wondering what it is at work the Italian team of Ubisoft, acclaimed all over the world for the excellent Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, whose sequel could be announced just in a few days. Speaking of collaborations, the one with Sega could also be renewed for a new Sonic game, perhaps not exclusive to Nintendo Switch but very likely given the latest winks of the great S.

Watch on YouTube. Nintendo for its part may also have chosen the "stage" of E3 to finally kick off the celebrations for the Anniversary of Zelda, which so far have been very scarce. We would not mind some initiative similar to those undertaken for Mario, perhaps a combination of Wind Waker + Twilight Princess HD on Switch, possibly followed by a new Game & Watch.

Finally, let's go into the category of forbidden dreams, those games that if they made their appearance at Direct they would vibrate the pillars of the sky ... with all due respect to Jack Burton. In this drawer, the battered Metroid Prime 4 cannot fail. The logo (only that) was shown in 2017 but two years later Nintendo announced the passage of the game in the hands of Retro Studios.

For heaven's sake, very good hands but since then a deafening silence has fallen on the project that must be broken in one way or another ... with the rumored new 2D chapter or at least with the much desired Metroid Prime Trilogy HD ! Very similar speech for Bayonetta 3, unfortunately. Despite the constant assurances of Platinum Games, fans of the witch dressed in latex begin to fear the worst. We do not claim release dates but for both games a small trailer would be enough to reassure us a little.

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Watch on YouTube. Returning to the remake discourse, we would not mind reviewing some titles from the past Nintendo eras. At the top of our personal wish list is Project Zero: Maiden of the Black Water, one of the most beautiful and snubbed chapters in the series (also due to an unfortunate European distribution), but we wouldn't mind seeing the hilarious Viewtiful Joe again. at all.

Do we want to go a little further? Given the success of products such as Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, but above all of Ring Fit Adventure, it is not entirely excluded that Nintendo wants to announce some other technological gadgets, perhaps aimed at the Christmas market for now quite unmanned.

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