Biden and Putin discussed how to contain the cyber wars

Biden and Putin discussed how to contain the cyber wars

Cybersecurity at the center of the first confrontation between the president of the United States and his Russian counterpart after the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline cases

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva (Photo: Peter Klaunzer / Getty Images) United States and Russia have expressed their willingness to initiate a path of consultations on cybersecurity, leading to common obligations and limiting attacks. Cybersecurity was one of the main issues discussed between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during their first face-to-face summit in Geneva on June 16. After three hours of talks, the leaders seem to have agreed on addressing the issue with the help of industry experts and with a pragmatic and non-ideological approach.

After the massive cyber attack of 2020 on the US SolarWinds, which produces software to manage IT networks and infrastructures, and the recent blockade of the important Colonial Pipeline gas pipeline, Biden came to the table with a very clear proposal: to create a list of infrastructures "off-limits" for cyber attacks. According to reports from Reuters, the US leader would have referred to 16 different types of infrastructures - such as energy, health or telecommunications - considered critical by the Department of National Security. The goal would be to contain attacks with more devastating consequences, while maintaining a certain tolerance with respect to conventional digital espionage operations.

At least publicly, Putin has remained more vague: "As far as cybersecurity is concerned," he said during his press conference, held before Biden's. “We have agreed to initiate consultations on the subject, which I believe is extremely important. Obviously, both sides must ensure that they assume certain responsibilities, ”he added.

During the two press conferences, both leaders accused each other of the cyber attacks that hit the United States and Russia. In fact, according to Putin, Russia has suffered 45 cyber attacks in the last year attributable to a US matrix, compared to 10 notified by the United States. Biden reiterated that he is ready to take countermeasures, should the cyber attacks connected to Russia fail.

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