Because cooking is going strong on TikTok

Because cooking is going strong on TikTok

Young cooks and aspiring chefs have brought to life the latest trend on the ByteDance app. Two Italian creators told us about the new way to virality through the stoves

Cookergirl (photo: TikTok) The new trend of TikTok leads straight to the kitchen. The app with 689 million active users worldwide - nine of which in Italy - is discovering the pleasure of good food. From the United States to Europe, many young creators have started publishing video recipes and tutorials in recent months to showcase sophisticated dishes and inviting courses.

And TikTok itself is promoting training a new generation of foodstar. Unlike traditional chefs, most of the young chefs on the social network have not studied in a restaurant kitchen. And the protagonists of the trend that has already been renamed FoodTok also stand out from the cooking bloggers who have depopulated in recent years in Italy and abroad: thanks to the brevity of their videos and the potential of the platform used, they have become famous on the internet in quickly, after learning from YouTube and cooking shows on TV how to cook. Two Italian creators told us the way to success on TikTok through their passion for cooking.

The winning recipe

A smartphone, a well-positioned light and the desire to have fun: like every famous recipe, even the FoodTok videos have a set of ingredients that you can't do without less. “I have been publishing recipes on TikTok for almost two years, offering dishes that I eat and prepare in my daily life. As tools to shoot videos I use, in a very amateur way, my mobile phone and a ringlight ”explains Aurora Cavallo, known as CookerGirl on TikTok, where she has more than 9 million likes and 400 thousand followers. With an inevitable red apron and a smile in the foreground, the 19-year-old Aurora has won followers all over the world. She alternates videos in English with others in Italian and among her recipes there are mainly traditional dishes.

Unlike TV programs, in fact, FoodTok followers prefer simple foods such as pizza, bread, pasta and desserts. . “I have been publishing recipes on TikTok for almost 2 years, offering dishes that I eat and prepare in my daily life. As for the time required, it depends a lot on the recipe, but as an average I would say, between recording and editing, 3-4 hours ”, adds Cavallo. Another cook on the launch pad is Viola Leporatti, who posts with the Violainthesky account: "The videos I shoot are almost always my dinner. But often the times for cooking and resuming the various phases are longer than a normal recipe session. I equipped myself with lights and tripods because I care that the video can also be aesthetically nice. Then there is the assembly phase ".

To get an idea of ​​the success of the food on the website of the Chinese company ByteDance, there is nothing better than following the selected hashtags directly from the platform. #Acenacon has more than 83 million views and shows what the most famous creators and VIPs put on the table; #recipefacile, #distagione and #veganoperungiorno already have the ingredients in evidence in the name. The most famous chefs on TV did not miss the opportunity to participate in the trend: Bruno Barbieri, Alessandro Borghese and Iginio Massari all have a TikTok profile, but users send more often in trend (which on the social network in question means appearing in the page called Per te) the younger authors who have made themselves known on the same portal. “Tiktok is definitely a winning platform, which has allowed me to turn my passion into a job,” explains CookerGirl. “I often get inspired when I go shopping, I start to look around and try to create new recipes which then often, myself, I create while shooting the video. With a little mastery and knowledge of the subject, by now I know how to plan the dish well first in my head and then in the actual yield, but in practice I experiment in all respects "Leporatti explains.

Pasta and TikTok in the United States

In the United States, the FoodTok trend is the object of interest from food companies that want to advertise their products. A cooking video that goes viral can cause a shortage of the main ingredient in supermarkets: this has already happened with feta cheese and Japanese mochi sweets, the protagonists of two successful hashtags. Among the American creators, the Italian-American Gianluca Conte stood out: 7 million followers, skill in cooking dishes from his homeland and muscles in plain sight during the tutorials. Tabitha Brown, a vegan cook, has attracted more than 4.7 million followers on TikTok and in the fall she will publish her first book of recipes and personal stories. Christian Paul, a baker with shop in Atlanta and over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, has launched his line of chocolate bars.

FoodTok characters seem to be united by a lightheartedness that makes video recipes fun as well as tasty. You look at the kitchens of the users and smile at their mistakes. Occasionally we hear anecdotes about why they chose a particular recipe or a brief summary of the history of the chosen dish. That tension and severity we have learned to observe in restaurant kitchens via cooking programs and talent shows is not found on TikTok. The kitchen returns to the simplicity and recipes of the past, and it is not certain that the arrival of sponsors and companies will be able to take away this authenticity: "Fortunately, this job opportunity has also opened up for me. I try to be consistent and only accept jobs from products that I really like, or with companies with a mission that I can share. The earnings from Tik Tok, as well as from branded content, are those derived from the fund for Creator but, at least for me, the figures are minimal. Although maybe they can come in handy for shopping and then shooting videos ”, concludes Leporatti.

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