Back to us, review of the musical short on Disney +

Back to us, review of the musical short on Disney +

Back to us

That Disney shorts are able to tell a story full of emotions in a matter of minutes, is a fact now known to most, especially to those who like us are passionate about these stories that the Disney + platform gives us at an almost constant pace. not to say supported. And it is precisely rhythm that we speak of, that of the heart and that of dance, in the new title Di nuovo noi (Us again in the original), available from June 4th in streaming. We saw this short story made by director and screenwriter Zach Parrish, in which only the music and the expressiveness of the protagonists and places dominate. Brad Simonsen, associate producer of Big Hero 6, Zootropolis and Ralph Breaks the Internet, is the producer, while Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios, is the executive producer. We were spectators of a story full of symbolism that is worth discovering with us in our review.

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Again we, word to the emotions

We are in a colorful, lively and pulsating metropolis, but the atmosphere seems to be different within the four walls of the two protagonists of Di new us. An elderly man and his wife, also no longer in the prime of life, seem to have lost the joy of living, spending their daily life in soporific boredom, remembering and regretting the good old days, when they still knew, and could, dance.

However, "the miracle" arrives almost immediately: rain, and in a broader sense water, which once again symbolizes the rebirth and renewal that we so much hope for in the most difficult and sad moments, just like the one experienced by the couple. And so, looking out on the balcony of the house, the husband finds himself rejuvenated and full of energy. Accompanied by his wife on this magical and unique night, they rediscover their youthful passion for life and for each other, as the years fade away and the joy of dancing carries them through the exciting urban landscape of their youth. >
The past memories of the "previous" life and their ambitions are back, but nothing lasts forever, even cold (November) rain, to paraphrase Guns'n'Roses: what happens when the rain discharges the thunder, and the two find themselves wearing the clothes of the old age that inevitably awaits anyone who manages to live long enough?

A dance of colors and unspoken speeches

Again we are a short but intense hymn to life, to carpe diem, to the beauty of youth and to the nostalgia of memory that grips the heart in a grip that is difficult to dissolve, and which at times recalls some scenes of the acclaimed title La La Land. Director and screenwriter Zach Parrish, former head of animation for Big Hero 6 and director of Puddles, of Disney Animation's Short Circuit program, drew on personal themes, family observations and a love of dance to make this one. product. To make the most of the feat, he involved the award-winning choreographers and dancers Keone and Mari Madrid (World of Dance champions) and also called the acclaimed composer Pinar Toprak (already involved in the creation of the Captain Marvel movie soundtrack) to report. ) to create this experimental musical fantasy story.

The result, as we can deduce even only from the names involved, is truly optimal and worthy of being seen by anyone looking for an almost sensorial experience, we would dare to say, and to remain in the field of experimentation we cannot not to mention another 2020 project worthy of our attention, Zenimation, where the five senses were the masters in each episode of the short cycle. We also remember how much Disney is investing more and more in the packaging of really short titles, one for all Bao or Wind, but able to express very intense sensations and emotions, telling stories where it is once again shown that the dialogue is almost overrated. Just the "unspoken".

Finally, in Di nuovo noi two very important trends are ridden: the first is the one introduced in Soul, that is the attention to music and to the almost "out-of-body" listen or play it manages to arrive, literally traveling in a world parallel to the gray and subdued one that appears in front of our eyes. The second, on the other hand, is the attention paid to the inclusion of characters belonging to races and ethnic groups usually not very present in entertainment products worldwide and in the productions of Western houses and companies. Even in this case, in fact, the couple is made up of a black woman and a man with Asian features, favoring and promoting the appearance of characters who are not always illuminated by the limelight.

In conclusion

Again we are a short that, in just six minutes, manages to condense several symbols and as many meanings that make it an explosive mix worth watching. The return to the good times, the journey into imagination and emotions, the symbol of time that passes and changes one's body, but does not affect the feeling and the bond that deeply unites a couple, despite old age. No less important is the alternation of a colorful and lively city next to a dusty living room, all told by a succession of complicit and decidedly expressive glances, which make this short story a poignant, exciting story and a life lesson to take home too. this time.

It doesn't matter how much time has passed and how much our body is able to give us the support we would like: what matters is not being young in body, but young at heart, young in spirit and in mind, always in search of the willpower that leads us to overcome every obstacle.

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