AMD Raphael: some slides would confirm the specifications

AMD Raphael: some slides would confirm the specifications

AMD Raphael

Some slides received in March 2020 from the Gamer Nexus YouTube channel and shown only recently would contain important details about AMD Raphael, the company's next processor and the first based on the Zen4 architecture, which AMD has not yet officially announced yet. It seems that the YouTube channel waited for the information contained in the slides to be confirmed before publishing them: the "almost" confirmation came from ExecutableFix, which by releasing features on Raphael, gave the green light to Gamer Nexus, since the published details seem be on the same wavelength.

Yet the most interesting thing is not about Raphael, but Warhol: the most credible alternative, at least at the moment, is that it is an upgrade of a Zen3 processor, but currently information is to be taken with a grain of salt. In addition to the differences between the technical characteristics present in the slides of the two media channels, from those of Gamer Nexus you can see a list of gaming notebooks that would arrive with Raphael processor already integrated. The Zen4 CCD (composed of 8 cores and 16 threads) would be called “Durango” and created with a 5 nm production process, while the IO-Die 3 Client would be at 7 nm. Also confirmed (again by these slides) the integrated graphics Navi2, which would be limited to entry level performance.

Another slide would go against the recent information according to which Raphael would support up to 28 PCIe lanes: there it would in fact be a “Raphael AM4 SOC”, of which little or nothing is understood. It could be a low-power APU that would guarantee support for the AM4 socket, as it could basically be misinformation.

In any case, we won't have official confirmations for a long time yet: AMD Raphael's debut should arrive in the last months of 2022, so everything we have in hand, at least for now, is basically a handful of flies . So beware of rumors, and stay tuned to to be constantly updated with the latest news on the tech world.

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AMD's next gen Socket AM5 may be LGA according to multiple leaks, Zen 4 details, and more

An AMD Ryzen processor render

AMD's Raphael is rumored to be the codename of AMD's Ryzen 7000 series of processors based on the Zen 4 micro-architecture. The next-gen processor is said to be introducing the company's next major socket revision dubbed 'AM5' in the mainstream desktop lineup. The new socket AM5 is going to be significant for more than one reason.

We already know from earlier leaks that DDR5 memory support will reportedly be coming to AMD with this socket. And now we learn that the Socket AM5, like Intel's, will be moving to Land Grid Array (or LGA) from the current Pin Grid Array (or PGA) packaging. This essentially means that pins, which have so far been on AMD's processors, will now be moved to the motherboard in AM5.

Here's a rendering of how a Raphael CPU might look like from below:

Rendering of a LGA Ryzen 7000 LGA chip

YouTuber GamersNexus (GN) has said today that it had received images of internal AMD slides related to Raphael last year but decided against releasing them to the public since the authenticity of those images couldn't be verified. However, after Twitter leakster 'ExecutableFix' also seemed to share similar information about two weeks ago, GN says he feels much more confident now to share these publicly. Bear in mind though that these slides are more than a year old at this point and some of this information on them like DDR4 memory support on AM5, has likely been updated since.

With that aside, here are the rumored details of the two leaks we have so far:

  • Socket AM5,
  • LGA package,
  • Zen 4 Core Core Chiplet Die (CCD) codename Durango,
  • Zen 4 CCD based on 5nm while the I/O die will be 7nm,
  • Ryzen 7000 desktop TDP up to 120W (may go higher up to 170W),
  • Ryzen 7000 mobile 35-65W,
  • DDR5 memory,
  • 28 PCIe 4.0 lanes.
  • AMD is expected to release Raphael in late 2022 or the year after since the company has its 7nm Zen 3+ based chips planned for launch later this year. Zen 3+ is likely to feature its new 3D-stacked V-cache which AMD unveiled at Computex. The new 3D V-cache is said to offer around a 15% average improvement in gaming performance.

    Gaming performance improvement of AMD 3D V-cache

    While the Ryzen 7000 series Raphael chips may be the first to use LGA on the mainstream platform, the company has always been using LGA packaging on its Threadripper-based HEDT lineup.

    Source: ExecutableFix (Twitter) via GamersNexus (YouTube)

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