Amazon Gaming Desks | The best of June 2021

Amazon Gaming Desks | The best of June 2021

The time has come to stop sitting on that old ruin that now only you insist on calling "desk" and to take something new, light, adjustable and suitable for your gamer needs. In fact, many gamers still have their elder brother's, father's or even grandfather's desk in their room, but technology and design in furniture have evolved over the years and if you want a perfect product on which to place one or more screens, yours new RGB mat or the new gaming chair just taken on Amazon, here is a selection of the best Amazon gaming desks that meet the standard of a gamer.

Before proceeding, we also remind you that if you were looking for more products cheap, you can take a look at our guide to cheap gaming desks.

Amazon gaming desks, the best

DlandHome, the cheap Homcom, the best with Sanodesk mezzanine, the best adjustable Soonstrans, the best with LEDs Other Amazon gaming desks

DlandHome, the budget

An economic desk costing less than 100 euros, which takes up as little space as possible and combines the design of a desk to traditional to the merits and functionality of a gaming desk. This desk, with a 120 × 60 cm wood-coated surface, features a headphone hanger and controller holder, slots for drinks and a compartment to hide cables. In addition to this there is also a small raised surface to lift the screen and place it exactly in front of the head, so as to avoid annoying neck problems. Furthermore, on this rise, there is also a small slot in which to hold the smartphone. The DlandHome is not a 360 degree gaming desk but an excellent compromise between the classic and the new and that will allow you to be comfortable while spending very little.

Homcom, the best with raised floor

If you are looking for a very spacious product capable of supporting two screens and perhaps raising them so as not to strain your neck, the Homcom gaming desk could be the one that's right for you. With a 140 x 60 x 90cm PVC laminated top and X-shaped metal legs that guarantee perfect resistance to shocks and impacts, this desk is perfect if you spend several hours sitting and playing. Thanks to the adjustable feet it also adapts to uneven surfaces and is also equipped with a hook for hanging headphones and controllers. Especially recommended if you use two screens and love raised floors.

Sanodesk, the best adjustable

The most expensive of this selection , but at the same time the most comfortable, fresh and above all height-adjustable gaming desk. This oversized 160cm wide and 73cm deep desk will provide you with all the space you need to play games, hide cables, clip headphones and securely place your drinks. The laminated metal surface is covered with a large gaming mat, waterproof and on which you can slide the mouse perfectly. Finally, the adjustable height allows you to adapt it to any gaming chair and you have not chosen to use. The legs of the desk in fact allow you to raise the top to 3 different heights: 71 cm, 76 cm and 81 cm. If you wanted a product that can fit any chair and extremely spacious, you have just found it (and there is also a mat included in the price).

Soonstrans, the best with LEDs

If you are looking for a designer gaming desk, perhaps with LEDs and that goes perfectly with your RGB mat (here is the guide to the best), the Soonstrans' proposal could be the solution you are looking for. Featuring a 120 x 60cm laminate top that stays cool even during heavy use, this desk doesn't skimp on headphone hooks, cable compartments, cup holders and controller holders. In addition to this, on the sides, there are RGB LED lamps that can also be remotely controlled with the supplied remote control to offer a truly unique atmosphere during your games.

Other Gaming Desks

If our selection did not live up to your expectations, you can check directly the Amazon store for a large section dedicated to gaming desks where you can choose between adjustable, corner and many more.

How to choose a gaming desk

Gaming desks differ from a classic desk because they are designed to meet all the needs of a gamer. They therefore have compartments to hide the wires of screens, PCs and consoles; they can be equipped with LEDs, blending perfectly with PC cases; they are equipped with supports to stack controllers, headphones, drinks and much more and finally they can be adjusted to suit the vast majority of gaming chairs in circulation. However, there are 3 features that should always be taken into consideration when purchasing.


If you spend a lot of time playing, your desk needs to be ergonomic and help you maintain a good posture. The gaming ones are almost all designed for this and are very often adjustable and equipped with feet that allow you to change the height (and sometimes even the inclination) of the desk. In addition, if you sweat often, perhaps it is better to prefer a carbon fiber desk that remains very cool even in summer or during longer gaming sessions.


From the hook of the headphones to the controller holder. If you want the gaming desk to meet you at 360 degrees, choose one that does not lack these things and if you want a well-ordered workstation, make sure there are as many compartments for the passage of cables as possible.


It might be a predictable variable but in the end it is really fundamental. Most gaming desks are large and spacious, so you need to choose a piece of furniture that fits your room and needs. You don't have to stay cramped, this means that the desk must have space in the front to put your chair in and that it has enough freedom of movement. Also, if you want a gaming desk to place multiple screens on, remember to get one of the big ones.

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