A mountain of news from Giochi Uniti is coming

A mountain of news from Giochi Uniti is coming

In these days the United Games publishing house has announced a series of interesting news coming, both for the table games market and for the role-playing games. Let's see them together.

Monster Hunters

The first announcement made by Giochi Uniti concerns the localization and distribution in Italy of the board game Carnival of Monsters, by the famous Richard Garfield, whose Italian title will be Monster Hunters.

This is a card drafting game for 2-5 players, ages 12 and up and lasting 45 minutes per game. The players will play the role of entrepreneurs in a very particular entertainment sector: the display of monsters. Each season, the game has eight, the public will be interested in a type of monster and it will be up to the players to bring the most spectacular specimens before their eyes. To win the game you will need to collect the right monsters, perform secret objectives and earn, or rather not lose, gold coins. The release is scheduled for September 20211

Exit - The Game

For the Esit table escape room line (you can find the titles of the series at this Amazon link), which already has eleven titles in Italian and three book games, Giochi Uniti offers three new amazing adventures coming out in this 2021.

The first two titles among these new releases are of beginner level, two perfect introductions to enter the world of these escape rooms with puzzles and riddles. Flying into the unknown, it will transport players as an aircrew facing a terrifying storm that is threatening their lives. In The House of Mysteries, however, as guests in a house transformed into an escape room by three investigators, players will soon discover that the challenge to get out will take place in unexpected ways. Finally, for veterans of the series who have already had the opportunity to previously complete other adventures in the series, Giochi Uniti proposes Theft on the Mississippi, a challenge that will take players to the shores of the homeland of Jazz to solve a case aboard a boat in vapor. The challenge is expert level, former pro.


For the classic Carcassonne board game, now in its twentieth anniversary (you can buy the limited edition for the twentieth anniversary at this Amazon link), Giochi Uniti proposes the famous expansion Abbeys and Borgomastri with new graphics. In addition, the eighth expansion will soon arrive, the last one missing from the main ones, Bazaars, Bridges and Castles. You can find all previous expansions at this Amazon link.


For the pen and paper role-playing game Starfinder Giochi Uniti presents a new in-depth manual: Near Space. This volume will contain many rules to deepen the cultures of the nearby space, new archetypes, theme options and much more. You can find all the Starfinder knowledge at this Amazon link.

Adventure Games

Giochi Uniti has also announced the arrival, for the Christmas period of 2021, also two new Adventure Games, the line of board games that is inspired by point and click video games. In these adventures, players discover the story, explore and interact with their surroundings via the support of the book, and build their own ending.

In Grand Hotel Abaddon, players will play as four guests of an ancient Hotel, who commemorates the fifty years of a tragic fire. This place has particular importance for each of the protagonists and is also the subject of controversial gossip about the presence of ghosts.

As soon as they enter they will be warmly welcomed by the owner, but the moment of joy does not last long. In a flash of terror the lights go out, a disturbing bell tolls and the doors of the hall are locked. From here on, the story is in the hands of the players

In The Volcanic Island the players will play as a group of students, who embark on an excursion to investigate the relationship between some smuggling activities and natural disasters . It seems that every criminal operation corresponds to a calamity and it is rumored that soon the smugglers gang will strike again near a wide gorge on the island ...

You can find the previous Adventure Games titles at this link Amazon .

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