10 YouTube channels to review in view of maturity

10 YouTube channels to review in view of maturity

From astronomy to mathematics, from great battles to Latin: here are some Youtube channels for a last minute review in view of the state exam

(Photo: Olly Curtis / Getty Images) After sites and podcast, in view of the reviews for the 2021 baccalaureate exam we have also selected 10 YouTube channels to consult to prepare for the only oral exam on June 16, from astronomy to Latin. More extra-Youtube final bonus.


Link4universe is a scientific dissemination channel, focused on astronomy. The idea comes from Adrian Fartade, a graduate in history and philosophy but with a course of study focused on science and astronomy. The videos range from 15 minutes to much longer episodes, during which industry experts or other science communicators also intervene. The format is very direct and engaging, because it combines scientific explanations with themes related to science fiction, the world of video games or pop culture.

Entropy for life

Entropy for life is a focused channel on biology, conceived by Giacomo Moro, who graduated in this very subject. The videos last a maximum of 25 minutes and deal with various topics, from the basics of animal biology to in-depth studies on vaccines and viruses, always linking scientific topics to current events.


Designed by mathematician and physics researcher Henry Reich, Minutephysics explains the complex concepts of physics with animated videos. Over 200 episodes, lasting 15 minutes on average, offer quick and accessible explanations for everyone.


Polynerdia is the YouTube channel to review the mathematics of Costanza Polastri, a physics student at the University of Bologna. In her short videos of up to 15 minutes she manages to explain with simplicity what fractals are or how a derivative works.


Veritasium is one of the most famous channels in the world for scientific dissemination in general, created by Derek Muller, researcher in physics. With over 9 million subscribers and hundreds of videos, it offers a broad overview of topics from physics to chemistry, with expert interviews, experiments and demonstrations. The channel is in English but all the videos are subtitled.

Chemistry for everyone

Chemistry for everyone is one of the most famous channels in Italy to learn everything you need about chemistry. The creator and conductor is Giuseppe Alonci, born in 1990, PhD student at the Institute of Supramolecular Sciences and Engineering in Strasbourg. The videos can range from 10 minutes up to over an hour, depending on the complexity of the topics. There is really everything, from the periodic system to explanations on bacteriological weapons.


After the long list of channels dedicated to mathematics, chemistry, and biology, let's move on to history. BazBattles is an animated video channel that faithfully reconstructs the most important battles in history. From ancient Greece to the contemporary world, each episode accurately recounts the historical context, military strategies and factors that contributed to the outcome of the battle. The channel is in English, but all the videos are subtitled.

Nova Lectio

Nova Lectio is a history and current affairs channel created by Simone Guida, 27, a master's degree in languages ​​and foreign literatures. The episodes last approximately 15 minutes and deal with both historical and current issues.

Satura Lanx

Satura Lanx is a unique Youtube channel of its kind, as it is held entirely in Latin. Created by Irene Regini, a graduate in classical literature at the Scuola Normale in Pisa and a Latin teacher in Belgium, it proposes an active teaching of Latin that combines active language practice with grammar.

Billie English

Billie English is a great channel to brush up on the English language. The videos last a maximum of 20 minutes and range from grammar to phonetics lessons to improve your pronunciation. The creator of the project is Billie Haase, teacher and trainer for Oxford Tefl. Among his videos you can find some useful episodes to prepare for the exams to obtain the linguistic certification.

Final bonus: Ovo

Ovo is an online encyclopedia that offers videos of the history of art, history, economics, science and biographies of the most important historical figures. All contents are available for free and approved by the Treccani institute. {insertManualAdv ("");} catch (er) {} Read also

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