Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | November 2022

Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | November 2022


New month, new avalanche of mods for Minecraft: it is now customary for the community to work on hundreds of original contents for the famous Mojang-branded sandbox, and the more time passes, the more new ideas come up that often manage to change game mechanics 180 degrees. In this article, we've dug through the sea of ​​mods that were released throughout November, and picked out what we think are the top 10 of the month!

In the following paragraphs, you'll then find a list of mods available for Forge or for Fabric . In the selection we have tried to include add-ons that are as varied as possible: this means that you will find mods of any kind and nature, so that anyone who poses will find bread for their teeth. If you need it, we also leave you to our guide where we explain how to install mods on Minecraft .


#1 — Food Effect Tooltips

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 | 1.17.1 Additional files: Fabric API Release date: November 1, 2022

Minecraft Let's start with a mod that caters to novices, but which can also be useful to those veteran players who maybe have some forgetfulness. The Food Effect Tooltips operates on the elements that can be eaten by the user and which cause effects, whether positive or negative. With this mod it is in fact possible to view the list of these bonuses or maluses that the player will obtain by consuming the object in question, together with the level of intensity and the probability with which these effects can be applied. A very simple but equally useful add-on!

#2 — Unusual Prehistory

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.18.2 Additional Files: GeckoLib Release Date: November 3, 2022

Minecraft This mod, as the title suggests, gives new life to our world of Minecraft by adding creatures that, however, date back millions and millions of years ago. There is talk of almost a dozen new mobs inspired by real animals: they are both hostile and not, and there are all kinds. We will therefore be able to see them on land, in the water or even in the sky.

To populate our world with these creatures, it will be necessary to follow special procedures. First you need to find their fossils, which are located underground. At this point there will be a need to extract their DNA using a new device introduced by the mod, the Analyzer. Finally, after placing the DNA inside a subspecies of incubator, it will be enough to place the eggs on the ground and wait for them to hatch. All this process will lead to the birth of mobs dating back to the Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous period!

#3 — Recipe Fixer

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date : November 10, 2022

Minecraft Anyone who's been playing Minecraft for a fair amount of time will sooner or later find themselves feeling frustrated to discover that certain items can't be crafted, or require resources that are rather difficult to obtain. The Recipe Fixer comes to the rescue to solve this problem, giving a simple solution: the mod in fact adds several new crafting recipes within the game, in such a way as to make certain items much easier to find.

The most interesting factor of this mod, therefore, is undoubtedly the possibility of finally being able to create those objects that, normally, can only be obtained by finding them around your Minecraft world, such as bells, nameplates or even the mycelium. In addition, the mod also inserts new crafting recipes to simplify the obtaining of some objects that were previously craftable, but which perhaps could only be created with the basic wood or stone of the game.

#4 — Auxiliary Blocks

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.18.2 Additional Files: Architectury API Release Date: November 25, 2022

Minecraft Auxiliary Blocks introduces new decorative blocks to Minecraft , and most of these follow an industrial and/or futuristic style. This mod, therefore, proves to be very useful for that type of construction aimed at reproducing elements that come from the real world in the game; Also included are several colorful blocks made of different materials, along with a couple of re-imaginings of existing blocks to make them even more realistic. In short, a mod not to be missed for those who love building inspired by reality.

#5 — Explorify – Dungeons & Structures

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.19.2 Additional files: Architectury API Data release: November 6, 2022

Minecraft If the worlds of Minecraft are starting to get boring, this mod could be for you. In fact, the Explorify acts precisely on the game world, transforming it with the addition of new structures scattered equally, in such a way as to repopulate the surroundings of your map and make them more interesting to explore.

The type of buildings that is implemented in the game world varies from biome to biome, and is not limited to adding simple houses here and there, but real structures that will integrate perfectly with their surroundings. You can find watchtowers, mausoleums, pyramids and much more, not only in the Overworld but also in the Nether and in the End.

Minecraft is available on all major consoles, and you can buy it on  Amazon .

#6 — Opulence

Modloader: Forge/Fabric Version: 1.18.2 Additional Files: Pollen , Fabric API (exclusive to Fabric) Release Date: November 2, 2022

Minecraft Another mod suitable for those who focus their Minecraft experience on building is the Opulence, which gives some of the most important minerals, such as Diamond, Gold and Emerald, an important cosmetic purpose. If in the basic version of the game it is possible to use these materials only to create simple blocks, this mod allows you to create almost any decorative object that can be crafted with simpler objects, such as wood or stone.

With this mod, therefore, you can use the three materials mentioned above to craft new decorative blocks, including different variations of the basic ones, chiseled blocks, steps, slabs and so on. Furthermore, in the future, the developer of Opulence intends to add these innovations also for other minerals such as Iron, Bronze and Netherite, together with new types of blocks, so it is a mod to keep an eye on .

#7 — Sculked

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: November 22, 2022

Minecraft Like the previous one, this mod it goes to give new aesthetic uses to certain objects; this time the protagonists are the recent blocks of Sculk and the Deep Slate, which with this mod become decorative blocks in all respects. In fact, Sculked implements dozens and dozens of new objects of all types, which can both be found in nature and directly crafted.

The mod focuses equally on both blocks and decorations: not only are tons of new variations of Sculk and Deep Slate blocks added, but also tons of objects, including plants, cobwebs, bars and much more. So if you are fascinated by the aesthetics of these two types of blocks and want to use them in your most macabre constructions, then this is the right mod to do it.

#8 — Let's do Wine!

Modloader: Forge/Fabric Version: 1.19.2 Additional Files: GeckoLib Release Date: November 17, 2022

Minecraft Wine lovers will surely find something for their teeth in this mod. Let's do Wine brings this famous spirit into the game, and does so in the most accurate and detailed way possible. This add-on will allow you to make your own wine from scratch: from harvesting primary resources such as grapes to crushing the grains to obtain their juice, up to the aging process to produce wine and bottle it.

The grape plants, both the red and the white ones, are then implemented, together with those of the cherry. In fact, it will also be possible to create fruity wines, not only with the latter fruit but also with the apple. There are also new items of a similar nature, such as food items, rustic building materials (including some great for creating a kitchen with this style), and other decorative items.

#9 — Apocalyptic Fortress

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.19.2 Additional Files: GeckoLib Release Date: November 11, 2022

Minecraft The Nether Fortresses have remained almost unchanged over the years, ever since they were introduced in game, and this inevitably led to making them extremely repetitive in their structure. The Apocalyptic Fortress works precisely on this, renewing the appearance of these buildings and making them decidedly more interesting.

With this mod we will therefore find new and renewed designs, which will allow us to explore the Fortresses with a decidedly different perspective . The addition of various new building blocks also contributes to this, together with new interesting objects that will refresh our gaming experience: for example, in these structures it will be possible to find chests locked by a padlock, which can only be opened with a certain key, and which hide treasures not to be missed.

#10 — Spice of Life: Apple Pie Edition

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.18.2 Additional files: no Data release: November 17, 2022

Minecraft A new mod belonging to the Spice of Life series is born, and this time it's the Apple Pie Edition. Just like the others, this add-on is also focused on making eating in the game more realistic and rewarding, implementing a mechanic that grants bonuses when the player consumes different types of food, to encourage not always eating usual things endlessly. This mod, however, goes to further encourage the consumption of real meals, made up of more complicated dishes, rather than unique foods.

Basically, this mod can be used with the vanilla version of the game, but it is much more suitable to be used together with other add-ons focused on adding food, such as Farmer's Delight or Pam's Harvestcraft, so that you have significantly more food available.

These were the 10 mods we believe are the best of November. Which ones will you try? Let us know with a comment, and in the meantime we'll refer you to the top 10 for the month of October.

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