Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition, review: a milestone of the spokon

Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition, review: a milestone of the spokon

Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition, review

Sometimes we don't realize how good we are at an activity until the moment we find ourselves forced to do it. Maybe ignorance, boredom, idleness didn't allow us to discover a talent that was there, to call our attention, to vibrate inside our soul, to fill us with emotions and opportunities. Exactly as happened to Sena Kobayakawa, the protagonist of Eyeshield 21, the work created by Riichiro Inagaki and Yusuke Murata, the latter designer of One Punch Man, who returns, thanks to Planet Manga, in the Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition.

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Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition: does it make sense in 2022?

We often hear works of the past idolized, but the best way to take note of the beauty and solemnity of a work is to buy it, read it, live it. It is always difficult to read a manga out of its time, extrapolating it from the events that arose around it. For this reason, the work of identification is a respectful and positive attitude towards the work of the authors. Contextualizing is the first form of love towards that story, towards that story and towards an author. And answer the question: does it make sense to read Eyeshield 21 today? The answer is absolutely yes.

Generic photos There are many reasons. First of all, we are talking about a milestone of the spokon, i.e. all those manga that deal with the world of sport. Of course, before this work we had Rocky Joe or Slam Dunk, to name a few, but the lightness, simplicity, radiance of Eyeshield 21 has given so much to the world of oriental comics and has also brought to the fore a sport that in Italy few knew American football. Born in the United States, evidently, but also loved in Japan. We can say that the land of the rising sun opened up to the American world after the Second World War. Furthermore, Murata's drawings set the standard. The dynamism of the stroke, the unmistakable ability to give a credible spirit to the characters and the scenic sequence that it offers to Inagaki's texts are magic for the eyes. So, yes, absolutely yes. Reading Eyeshield 21 is good and right, to paraphrase the priests, especially in the monster edition of Planet Manga.

Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition: the features

In March of this year, Planet Manga launched the new edition of Eyeshield 21, defined by the publisher as the Complete Edition. In theory, revised translations and a new 11.5X17.5 "monster" format, more than 600 pages and a collection that concludes in 13 softcover volumes with dust jacket, at the price of 14.90 euros. The edition is well done, even if it should be noted that the weight of the six hundred pages has a significant impact on the reading and comfort of this edition, not exactly a thin slice. The binding is solid, firm and gives security in any situation and, even if not exactly cheap, it is an edition that is worth its almost fifteen euros. The paper used for printing is white and seems to give the volume an aura of elegance and quality. A rough, opaque paper, excellent for reading and for the stark contrast with Murata's enchanting drawing.

What is Eyeshield 21 Complete Edition about?

Eyeshield 21 tells the story of a football team of a Japanese high school. The plot unfolds around the story of Sena Kobayakawa, a young student who doesn't know he has an incredible weapon, speed. The matches follow one another at a great pace, the rules of the game are explained as the story develops and the adventure of Sena and his companions also unfolds outside the American football field. The great skill of the duo Yūsuke Murata and Riichirō Inagaki is that of skilfully mixing pure sport with comic gags typical of Japanese manga. Indeed, in Eyeshield 21 he exaggerates even a little, perhaps winking too much at jokes and fun. It is as if the two mangakas have deliberately pushed the accelerator of the gags, however finding a balance that keeps a work that, today, is twenty years old.

Generic photos In Japan it was published by the Shueisha publishing house in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between 2002 and 2009 and then collected in 37 tankōbon. The success in the Rising Sun was so large that the manga was immediately brought to the cinema with an animated film in 2004 and only a year later the animated TV series came to life.

Drawings and narration< /h2> Certainly we are not dealing with something completely innovative, also because it is not easy to do better than milestones in the world of spokon such as Captain Tsubasa, Rookie Joe or Slam Dunk, but the work of Yūsuke Murata and Riichirō Inagaki not afraid of comparisons. The characterization of the characters, especially the protagonists of the high school team is well done. Despite the multitude of characters, mangakas manage to bring out different characters, all capable of telling the reader something, but above all all passionate and ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. And then there's sport: sweat, effort, workouts, matches, blows, successes, tears, defeats and life lessons. The narrative capacity is certainly high. The rhythm, the choices, the games. All told without leaving anything to chance, this is definitely a skill not to be underestimated. Someone will remember the controversies regarding the opera's ending, but which ending satisfies everyone? Attack on titan, Naruto, Dragon Ball and not to mention the out of manga world endings: Lost, How I met your mother, Game of Thrones and I could add more. Concluding the work is never easy, but the journey matters more than its end, it matters more than the destination, it matters more than everything.

On the sidelines, but not too much, one more consideration should be added on the drawings by Murata. A master of dynamism. His characters actually run, they don't just look like they do. The ability with which he distorts muscles, makes bodies flexible and makes cartoons dynamic is incomparable. One more reason to approach a manga from twenty years ago re-edited in a recommended edition.

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