Elden Ring | The best PVP builds

Elden Ring | The best PVP builds

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware recently took many Elden Ring fans by surprise by releasing an ad hoc update focused on PVP, finally making sense of the various arenas scattered around the game world. With the update relating to these giants From Software has officially created internal game systems completely related to that sparkling and fun world that is PVP. While we wait for the release of the new PVE content of the game let's find out how to approach all this thanks to a list of the best PVP builds to show up with in the various arena modes.

If you have problems with other content in the game , however, we refer you to our complete guide!


Differences between PVE and PVP How to access the 3 Colosseums The best PVP builds

Differences between PVE and PVP builds

to the PVP environment of a game From Software probably doesn't know it but usually this piece of game content is set up quite differently than the rest.

PVE builds tend to be quite different from this lle for PVP because they try to minmax different parameters:

PVE : generic DPS, moves capable of eliminating enemies with very high HP in just a few hits, spectacularity PVP : movesets difficult to manage, variety of moves, moves capable to harmonize with offensive and defensive movements, number of frames for each move, damage to posture Given the great differences between the two situations then it becomes normal to understand why there are so great differences between these 2 types of builds.

How to access the 3 Elden Ring PVP arenas

Going back to the interregnum is very easy, finding the various arenas is slightly less; knowing that it is possible to access all arenas comfortably from a single place is priceless.

Inside Elden Ring there are 3 different arenas, each of them with an exclusive map and with exclusive modes.
These arenas are the following:

Sepolcride Arena Caelid Arena Leyndell Arena To make life easier for players, the guys from From Software have well thought of integrating everything within the same interface.

To be able to access this, just go to the round table and interact with the statue of Marika present next to the fireplace.

The best PVP builds in Elden Ring

Let's find out what are the best builds for PVP. In each of the recommended builds you will find the statistics to focus on to improve the build, the spells, the weapons, the armor and the talismans to equip. There will also be an explanation on how to best use the build.

Blood and Katanas

Elden Ring Stats :

Arcane Vigor Dexterity Stamina Spells:

Swarm of flies Flame, give me strength Dracoflame Equipment :

Weapon 1: Rivers of blood Weapon 2: Seal of Draconic Communion Helmet: White Mask Talismans: Jubilee of the Bloodlord, Emblem of the Rotting Winged Sword, Millicent's Prosthesis, Alexander's Shard Explanation : The main objective of this build is to inflict bleeding on a single opponent, dealing massive amounts of damage and continuing to increase the DPS with the help of the various talismans. Among all the builds that you will find in this guide, this is one of the simplest and can offer many satisfactions.

Frost Knight

Elden Ring Statistics :
Vigor Dexterity Intelligence Faith Spells:

Gold Vow Mortal Sin of the Flame Care of the Mother Tree Equipment :

Weapon 1: Noble Side Sword (with cold affinity) Weapon 2 : Nobility Side Sword (with Cold Affinity), Sigil of the Frenzy Flame Helm: Gourd Helm Armor : Cuckoo Knight's Set Talismans : Mother Tree Favor, Great Pot Arsenal Balsam: Crimson Spiral Bubble Explanation: the altered status "cold ” has been quite underestimated by players in the PVE, also thanks to being the most recent within the universe of souls.

Few people know that this altered status is capable of ruining if managed correctly, also thanks to a noble side double sword with the right affinity. Apart from this weapon which is really very difficult to find (we advise you to farm it just outside Raya Lucaria's debate room) the rest of the build is very simple to put together and can give great satisfaction, especially if your opponent thinks he is be able to tank some damage.

Rancorous Mage

Elden Ring Stats :

Intelligence Stamina Faith Spells:

Gold Mark Flame , give me strength Call of Grudges Anchor of Ancient Death Terra Magica Rykard's Grudge Exploding Phantom Flame Equipment :

Weapon 1 : Burning Night Sword Weapon 2 : Seal of the Golden Order, Staff of the Prince of Death Talismans : magical scorpion amulet, stone mass talisman, ritual sword talisman Explanation : you fancy a magical build but are you tired of one-trick-ponies that oneshot? Here is the build for you. This build is based on maximizing the damage that can be done using deadly magic, while having a main weapon that is excellent for both melee and ranged combat. The talismans in question are used to keep the mana high, increasing the amount of damage as much as possible.

Paladin of the crucible

Elden Ring Statistics :

Strength Faith Vigor Spells:

Golden Vow Flame, give me strength Crucible shape: Tail Crucible shape: Horns Crucible shape: Breath Ordovis Vortex (Ordovis Greatsword skill) Equipment :

Weapon 1 : Greatsword of Ordovis Weapon 2 : Clawed Seal Talismans : Alexander Shard, Godfrey Icon, Flockcloth Talisman, Rotting Winged Sword Emblem Explanation : Fancy a nice strength based build? Here is a possible solution to this problem. This specific build manages to combine the strength of a greatsword like that of Ordovis with a whole series of useful magic in combat, such as those of the crucible. Breathing, for example, is a very powerful ability to punish those who attack at close range while it is perfect for those who try to get around. It's not a very simple PVP build to use, thanks to the slow movesets of the weapons, but it undoubtedly can be fun.

Lightning top

Elden Ring Statistics :

Strength Dexterity Stamina Vitality Equipment :

Weapon 1 : Dragon's Halberd

Armor : Ram's full set Talismans : Mother Tree's Favor +2, Alexander's Shard, Talisman Hammer and Rotting Winged Sword Emblem Explanation: This build borders on the meme but stand as a great example of how malleable Elden Ring's growth system is. The main objective of the player is simply to spin using both the dragon's halberd skill and its charged heavy attack. In this regard, the talismans are particularly useful, perfect for increasing damage in the event of consecutive attacks; however, it is important to have the temper at 60 or 70 points, so as to be able to use the armor of the ram (important to have a high degree of posture) so as not to be interrupted.

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