Xenoblade Chronicles: Pyra's cosplay in Hiko's swimsuit takes us back to summer

Xenoblade Chronicles: Pyra's cosplay in Hiko's swimsuit takes us back to summer

Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is undoubtedly one of the best JRPGs released in recent years, with the work of Mololith Soft that has bewitched millions of players in possession of Nintendo Switch thanks to a boundless game world and memorable characters. Among these there is obviously also Pyra that we can admire today in the cosplay of Hiko Wan in a bathing suit.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set in a world where the last remnants of civilization live on huge monsters called Titans that are they move in an ocean of clouds. In the game we will live the story of Rex and his new friend Pyra, a mysterious being known as the Aegis and the main target of the organization called Torna. Together the two will have to go in search of Elysium, the cradle of humanity.

Hiko has decided to represent Pyra in a summer version, with the swimsuit also seen in the Mololith Soft game. The result is undoubtedly successful, even if out of season, with the cosplay that is well done both in terms of costume, hairstyle and makeup.

If you're looking for more game-themed cosplay, check out Jessica Nigri's Pyramid Head cosplay with the Silent Hill nurses and darka_studio's Cammy cosplay from Street Fighter. Changing genre, also take a look at Enot's One Piece Nico Robin cosplay and yaizaperez's Naruto Tsunade cosplay.

What do you think of Hiko Wan's Pyra cosplay from Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Please let us know in the comments.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Chain Attacks Guide

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  • Understanding Chain Attacks: Orders, Reactivation, and More
  • The Chain Attack battle mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is unlocked midway into Chapter 2. During a Chain Attack, each character will have a turn to attack the enemy, allowing players to string together combos without having to worry about counterattacks from their foe. Ultimately, Chain Attacks can be used to defeat stubborn bosses or elite/unique monsters.


    Newcomers stepping into the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 may find the mechanic confusing at first. There are many parts in the Chain Attack mechanic, and they can be overwhelming. To deal out the most damage in a Chain Attack, it's best to understand how they operate and how to keep them going.

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    Some images contain spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

    Understanding Chain Attacks: Orders, Reactivation, and More

    The Chain Attack mechanic won't be available at the start of players' journey. They'll have to make it to the midway point of Chapter 2 and complete Riku and Manana's Standard Quest. This will unlock the Cooking and Gem Crafting feature at Rest Camps and Canteens and Barracks. Since the quest is tied to the Main Story, it's impossible to miss.

    Riku will need a crafting item from a monster called Gyanna Aspar. Walk to the objective marker on the map, and players will be pitted in an uphill battle. Here, they'll unlock Chain Attacks as well as a brief tutorial on how they work. After this, Chain Attacks are added to the gameplay, a very useful skill when challenging XC3's later bosses.

    Chain Gauge

    Chain Attacks can only be used when the Chain Attack Gauge (located to the right of the screen in battle) is full. This can be done by:

  • Stringing combos (ex: Break -> Topple -> Daze -> Burst OR Break -> Topple -> Launch -> Smash).
  • Using Talent Arts, which can be done by hitting the A-button once the Talent Art gauge is full.
  • Once the Chain Attack Gauge is full, it will spark and glow orange, and players can activate the Chain Attack by tapping (+) on the controller. During Chain Attacks, all standing party members will join in on the assault. Keep in mind that if a Chain Attack is triggered when an ally is incapacitated, then they will not bea> able to assist in the Chain Attack. So, make sure everyone's on their feet first.

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    Chain Orders and Tactical Points (TP)

    After initiating the Chain Attack, players will then need to choose a Chain Order. This is where they choose one out of three randomized strategies. Each character has its own unique Chain Order with different benefits.

    For example, Mio's Chain Order will lower Aggro for Attacks and Healers by a certain percentage. Noah's Chain Order has a 70% chance of bypassing Defense during a Chain Attack. A character whose Order is selected will finish the Chain Attack turn with a Chain Art, which varies depending on the Class players have equipped to them.

    Once a Chain Order has been selected, players will then go on the offense. The number over each character's head indicates the amount of Tactical Points (TP) they will generate. Amassing TP is the key to a successful Chain Attack. Each character starts out with a set amount of TP (ex: Lanz has the lowest TP while Taion has the highest). This can be increased in the next Chain Attack round by gaining Bonus TP, which is granted when the attacking character shares the same Class with the one who issued the Chain Order.

    As an example: Sena's Chain Order is Attacker (Red Sword icon). This means if a character whose current Class is an Attacker (Swordfighter, Full Metal Jaguar, Flash Fencer) attacks during that turn, they will get Bonus TP.

    Each time a character ends their turn, their points will be generated into the Tactical Point Gauge. This will determine the output of damage during the Chain Orderer's Chain Art. Once the TP Gauge reaches 100 TP (or more), the Chain Art will be initiated, and the Chain Attack turn will end.

    As long as the Chain Attack Gauge at the bottom right of the screen still has some energy, players will get more turns. It depletes 1/3 each turn depending on the player's performance. Note that failing to get the TP Gauge to 100% in a turn means the Chain Attack will immediately end.

    Hero Chain Orders

    If players have a Hero in their party, they may have a chance to use a Hero's Chain Order. Since their strategy won't affect the Chain Attack Gauge, it's never a bad idea to choose a Hero's Order over another character. An example: Isurd is a good Hero to use at the beginning of XC3 because he ensures a Bravo TP rating if he goes last in a Chain Attack.

    Once players recruit Heroes, they'll be able to swap them out at just about any time. However, some Heroes, like Silvercoat Ethel, may be locked off due to events in the Main Story.

    Attack Order and Classes

    When selecting a character to attack, it may be tempted to choose the one with the highest TP to initiate the attack. However, each Class Category has its own role to play in Chain Attacks.

  • It's always best to start out a Chain Attack with an Attacker (Red Sword). Having an Attacker go first gives the 'First Blood' ability, which will net a larger amount of TP than if a Healer were to move first.
  • When the Tactical Points Gauge nears 100%, choose a Defender (Blue Shield). This ensures that the character with the highest TP will reactivate for the next round.
  • Using a Healer right before the TP Gauge reaches 100 ensures the Gauge will stop at exactly 99%. This will give players a chance to have their Defender attack and go well beyond 100%.
  • This aside, it may be impossible to get each role to go in a turn. In some cases, players may not even use a Healer in the Chain Attack. However, for the first two turns of a Chain Attack, it may be best to end the turns with a Defender.

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    As mentioned earlier, ending a Chain Attack with a Defender will ensure the character with the highest TP gets a Reactivation. Put simply, Reactivation is when characters have a second turn in the Chain Attack. The number of characters reactivated depends on the TP Ranking.

  • Cool: Ensures 1 character for Reactivation.
  • Bravo: 2 characters for Reactivation.
  • Excellent: 3 characters for Reactivation.
  • If players are using an Ouroboros Chain Order, then all party members will be Reactivated.

    Ouroboros Chain Attacks

    When players confront Isurd in Chapter 3, they'll unlock a second Ouroboros form for each duo. This also unlocks Ouroboros Orders for the Chain Attacks. To use an Ouroboros Chain Order, players will need both members of an Ouroboros duo to initiate a Chain Order.

  • Noah & Mio
  • Lanz & Sena
  • Eunie & Taion
  • So, if players wanted to use Noah/Mio's Ouroboros Order, they'll need to select Noah's Chain Order in the first round and Mio's in the next. Unfortunately, the characters are randomized, so it's possible to have Noah in the first batch only for Mio to be missing in round two.

    While an Ouroboros Order is obviously strong, it can be tricky to achieve thanks to the randomization of Chain Orders. Another drawback is that using an Ouroboros Order will end the Chain Attack. It may be worth using a Hero's Order over an Ouroboros Order. Keep an eye on the enemy's HP before deciding.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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