The best free password managers of 2022

The best free password managers of 2022

Can it be worth choosing one of the best free password managers currently available? We have already seen that password managers can be very useful tools to better manage our passwords, increase their security and keep an eye on possible violations. In addition, a really effective password manager also helps us to avoid using passwords that are repeated or too easy to guess or crack.

If you want to know more, we have already explained what a password manager is and what it is for. serves, while here we want to focus on the best free password management software. Whether you are short on budget or want to try a free program to evaluate its actual usefulness, this guide presents you the best password managers to download for free, that is the ones that are worth considering.

In the list you will not find the Google keychain or other systems integrated into browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, simply because we want to focus on software made specifically for the purpose, beyond the program you will use to access the Internet. Dedicated password managers, in fact, often offer a greater number of features and, at times, interesting extras, which could make them preferable to the functions integrated in other programs.

Free password manager - Best of 2022


Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera Features of the free version: 1 user account, automatic saving and compilation of passwords, secure storage of notes and credit card data Click here to download NordPass
If you want to access advanced functions, such as checking your integrity of the password and checking the dark web for possible violations, you will have to upgrade to the paid version. In any case, if you create an account and download the free plan for the first time, you will get a 30-day free trial of the Premium version. A great way to test this great password manager before committing money.


The advantage Bitwarden main is that the free version is perennial, so it is not a trial version which then forces you to veer towards the Premium version. In any case, the latter adds, at just under 10 euros per year, advanced authentication methods such as FIDO2 and DUO, as well as the ability to share encrypted attachments, up to 1 GB in size.


Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera Free version features: 1 user only, 1 only Unlimited device, password and sync Click here to download LastPass LastPass is another great choice among the best password managers on the market. Also in this case, there is the free version, which, net of a limit of one user and one device, offers important features.

First of all, even the free version guarantees AES 256-bit encryption with SHA-256 PBKDF2 and hash salt. Also, the same account can be used on several. There is no limit to passwords and automatic synchronization, however, when you sign up for the free plan you will have to choose whether to use only the mobile or desktop version, since only the paid plans allow you to use multiple devices, even at the same time.

If you have only one device with which to manage passwords, LastPass free may be more than enough, in any case. Alternatively, the Families plan allows you to manage up to 6 separate users.


Supported platforms: Windows, Linux (other platforms supported unofficially) Browser extensions: none Free version features: KeePass has no paid plans, is open source and supports an unlimited number of devices Click here to download KeePass In our ranking, KeePass is the only password manager that does not have a paid plan. We appreciate it very much for its open source nature and completeness, as it also offers a password generator. Unfortunately, in the face of very interesting features such as the ability to customize the password creation criteria, it is more complex to use than the other proposals in the ranking, remaining almost the exclusive prerogative of more experienced users.


Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Huwaei Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge Features of the free version: only available for Mac and Windows Click here to download SafeInCloud SafeInCloud yes points out for extreme ease of use, ideal for less experienced users. The prices of the paid versions are also quite reasonable and, apart from other services, provide for a single payment with a perpetual license.

The password generator is excellent, but the free version has a single limit, namely that it is only available for Mac and Windows, while you will need to purchase the Pro versions for Android and iOS.

How does a password manager work?

A password manager allows you to store your login credentials ( usually username or email address + password combinations) within a secure storage space known as a vault. This container is protected by encryption and is accessible via a user-defined master password when registering for the service. Some providers offer additional access options, such as two-factor authentication, passwordless access with technologies such as FIDO2, and / or the use of an external authentication application (such as Google Authenticator) or specially designed by the company. These extras are not always included in the free plans, however, therefore it is advisable to spend a few minutes comparing the free and premium plans, before making a decision.

Several password managers, then, include other extra features, such as the secure sharing of credentials and notes (for example from one account to another, with cryptographic protection), the possibility of verifying the presence of compromised credentials on the dark web, the analysis of the level of effectiveness of passwords (with the reporting of repeated or too weak passwords), automatic filling in of input fields and, last but not least, a password generator. This last function is very convenient and useful: when we register for a new online service, a tool such as the password generator helps us to create unique and effective passwords, often with the possibility of modifying the generation rules at will (minimum number and maximum number of characters, presence of special characters, uppercase / lowercase, etc.), excellent for creating passwords that meet the criteria indicated by the sites we are subscribing to.

In general, therefore, a password manager allows us to remember a single password, the main or master password, to be kept safe from prying eyes, and then access our personal database of access credentials to be used quickly when we want to login to an application or service. Usually, password management services allow us to synchronize our data on multiple devices, such as computers and smartphones, so that we can access apps, services and sites from the comfort of any device we are using. The important thing to remember is that the master password is never displayed or stored by the providers, therefore, if you forget it, you will not be able to recover it. On the one hand, this is excellent because it guarantees a good level of protection for your password, on the other hand, it requires special attention, since you risk not being able to access the vault anymore. To mitigate this potential problem, some services allow you to link an emergency contact or implement an alternative access method (via disposable PIN, 2FA or passwordless via 1-time token and / or authenticator).

Non all the free password managers offer all the features just outlined, therefore, it is very important to carefully evaluate the specifics of each service taken into consideration, before choosing which one is right for you.

Ha Does it make sense to choose a free password manager?

Answering the question of whether it makes sense to choose a free password manager is not so obvious. As always, the more balanced answer is: it depends. Just like when it comes to paid vs free VPNs and free vs paid antivirus, the choice depends primarily on your specific needs.

If, for example, you have only one device on which you need to keep track of passwords. , or in any case a limited number of items to be protected in the vault, a free password manager could be for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in accessing more advanced functions, such as monitoring the dark web (where databases also containing your logins could circulate, in case of violations) or passwordless access, and / or if you have multiple accounts and devices to manage, a paid program could be the best solution.

As always, we advise you to carefully evaluate your needs, and understand if a free password manager is actually sufficient. Keep in mind that most of the brands we have recommended offer both free and premium options, often with generous free trials of up to 30 days. Maybe choose one of those that seem most interesting to you, starting from the free trial and then deciding whether to subscribe could be the smartest move, especially in coincidence with the frequent promotion periods that we at will always try to report to you as quickly as possible.

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