Selfie, the obsession of politicians

Selfie, the obsession of politicians


There is a fact that everyone agrees, regardless of who won and who won less, because politicians in Italy have always been inclined to see the glass half full even when there is barely a finger on the bottom. of water, this just passed was a campaign dominated by the centrality of social platforms. This can be seen from the investments, never so high in the past, where in the month of September only the official accounts of the parties invested a little over 220 thousand euros with Meta, of which 115,729 euros were spent by the Brothers of Italy, while if add up the expenditure of the pages of the leaders and those of the parties, in the last ninety days we easily pass the wall of 500 thousand euros of expenditure.

Let's not forget, again, the hasty landing by some leaders, Calenda, Renzi and Berlusconi most of all, on TikTok, an environment deliberately snubbed up until a few weeks ago because it was considered a small convent populated by teenagers or little more than completely disinterested in politics. But, above all, that this was the most social campaign we have ever had, experienced and shared in Italy is demonstrated by a third element that accompanies and tells our daily lives: the selfie.

Selfie is the best interpretative key of this electoral campaign that put posters, holy cards and press releases in the trunk in the attic. There was no leader or candidate, there was no convention or rally in the square that did not end up in a selfie, from Giorgia Meloni to Giuseppe Conte, from Matteo Salvini to Carlo Calenda. After all, the same estimates on the number of selfies that are taken and shared every day on the various social and messaging platforms, the last always by default is 93 million selfies a day, tell us - in the words of Giovanni Stanchellini - of “A new obsession with contemporaneity, a picture that, if it has no clinical relevance, certainly has sociological dignity”.

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The leader of Fratelli d'Italia was already on the stages with the smartphone camera in selfie mode to shoot and recover , to bring to life in the hundreds of interactions and relive in the social and cross-media sharing of the evening on TV or the day after in the press, the appreciation and enthusiasm of the squares. Like Giuseppe Conte, he cleverly adjusted the forelock and starched collar of his shirt before reviewing the hundreds of selfie sticks of fans who chased him around Italy in search of a fragment of low-cost celebrity.

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The selfie is for political leaders an optimal means of retaining the public: it is very fast, absolutely cheap and non-responsible , a shot completely devoid of accountability for the politician. In the group selfie, and more so in the restricted one, a temporary and non-binding transfer of celebrities to third parties is achieved through the micro-sharing of audience spaces and in this transfer of smiles and close-ups of a few seconds, loyalty is solidified with the leader.

"I am seen, therefore I am", Stanchellini writes with acuity, without however noticing that the natural result of this theoretical equation is transformed into I am seen with the celebrity of the moment, so I too have become a celebrity. An acquisition to be immediately shared with our digital networks, from Instagram and Whatsapp. The selfie has become a very low investment and loyalty policy for political leaders, it is also for this reason that the volatility of the electorate in the last ten years has increased enormously, shifting consistent flows of consensus from one acronym to another.

The photo with the celebrity and the political leader, mind you, is not new, but they were shots of formality in which the respective roles and hierarchies were not questioned. The selfie, on the other hand, is the story of a foray into the private, into the intimacy of the leader, into his space inaccessible to the mass, it is the genetic mutation of the follower into co-leader and of the leader into follower.

Kourtney Kardashian in black sports bra for gym selfie

Kourtney Kardashian close upKourtney Kardashian showed off her toned abs in a sports bra for a gym selfie. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kourtney Kardashian is super healthy and takes fitness and clean eating seriously. Fans of The Kardashians will know this, with the reality star talking about wellness and her vegan diet on the show quite often.

Kourtney shared a selfie from the gym, looking sweaty and shredded as she appeared to be in a pilates stance.

She was seen on her hands and knees on top of a foam mat and in front of a shelf full of kettle balls, looking ready to work out.

She wore a black sports bra and high-waisted black leggings, with no view of what shoes she had on.

Kourtney surprisingly left her long, dark hair down, and it fell below her shoulders in a messy, curly texture as if she may have already gotten it sweaty.

She looked taut and toned while sucking in her abs and showing off her gym-honed arms as she took the picture in the mirror with her phone.

Kourtney Kardashian working outKourtney Kardashian advertised a POOSH article using a gym selfie. Pic credit: @kourtneykardash/InstagramKourtney Kardashian shared an article about morning or evening workouts on POOSH

Kourtney linked to an article on her website, POOSH, called, “Should You Work Out in the Morning or Evening?”

The article showed a picture of her sister Kim Kardashian at the top, in which she was seen wearing a lavender, incredibly tight unitard with her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail.

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POOSH interviewed Shauna Faulisi, founder of Soul Wellness Method, who claimed she loves a morning workout.

She told the website, “It sets the tone for the day, and it triggers dopamine, the achievement hormone that you’ve achieved something productive.”

She said it depends on the person as to whether an evening workout can affect your sleep, and that you can test it out.

However, a really high-intensity workout before bed can release the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which can disrupt your sleep.

Kourtney’s vitamin line, Lemme, will be launching a new product soon

Just today, Kourtney teased her newest Lemme product called Lemme DeBloat. The new supplement will drop on October 11, and is formulated with “2 clinically-studied probiotics (and a prebiotic) to reduce bloating and help with digestion (to take either before or after a meal),” according to her caption.

Kourtney advertised the new product in a super tight, sheer lace jumpsuit in a hot pink color. The reality star lounged on top of a giant circle that was supposed to look like one of her vitamins.

The ensemble was see-through and showed off her pink thong underneath as she rolled around in a video, smiling and having fun.

She went full-on 90s vibes, wearing butterfly clips along her hair in pigtails, and kept her makeup light and natural.

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