Nintendo: Other voice actors attack the company for very low wages

Nintendo: Other voice actors attack the company for very low wages


Nintendo has been accused by other voice actors for the dubbing wages of some of its famous games. In particular from Sean Chiplok, one of the voice actors of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, who told about his experience on Twitter, responding to a user who asked him about the issue. Incidentally, Chiplock voiced Revali, Teba and the Great Deku Tree.

"I was paid between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 because the figure was based on the total number of hours in the studio (which was higher because I had voiced three characters in a single game).

I earned more by voicing Freedom Planet's Spade / Dail because I was generously given royalties on sales. "

Interesting part on Freedom Planet, an infinitely smaller independent production than Breath of the Wild, from which however the actor was able to earn more from royalties. It must be said that, in this case, the success of the game was not to be taken for granted.

Chiplock then said that he made more money by voicing Detective Pikachu, where he lent his voice for only two off-screen lines:

"Yes, Detective Pikachu's two off-screen jokes earned me more than Breath of the Wild."

Hellena Taylor seems to have discovered Pandora's box with her allegations moves to Nintendo for the non-dubbing of Bayonetta 3, essentially due to the very low pay.

It must be said that the money offered by Nintendo is in line with the daily union agreement of the voice actors, as pointed out by Chiplock himself, so Mario's company does not seem to have committed irregularities from this point of view.

Evidently, however, some actors would like to earn something more by working for highly successful games, as is usually the case in the world of cinema by dubbing the most prestigious films.

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