Lightyear on Blu-ray: let's discover the Home Video edition of the Pixar animated film

Lightyear on Blu-ray: let's discover the Home Video edition of the Pixar animated film

Lightyear on Blu-ray

Lightyear - The true story of Buzz has finally arrived on Blu-ray after making its Disney Plus debut bringing the true story of the action figure seen in the Toy Story movies to the small screen - buy it on Amazon.

Subscribe now to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year By Pixar Animation Studios, this animated chapter of the franchise therefore tells the origins of the legendary character, bringing fans into a science fiction journey with many references to the Star Wars universe. To date, Lightyear - The True Story of Buzz is also on the market with its Home Video edition in Blu-ray. Let's find out all the details about it together!

Buzz Lightyear - The true story of Buzz

Lightyear in Blu-ray: the video sector

As for the coloring, all the tones are clearly visible even in dark scenes, the color contrast is strong and the entire dynamic range is excellent . Banding, aliasing are totally absent. Different speech for the grain, not annoying, wisely used to give that extra cinematic touch. It is also useless to lose too many words regarding the design of the proposed images. The environments that frame the story are characterized in an extraordinary way and the robots complete the work for a total immersion of the viewer.

The true story of Buzz

The audio sector

Buzz Lightyear - The true story of Buzz

Additional contents - Chapter 1

We now come to one of the most interesting parts of this Home Video edition, the additional content. If you also love to discover every detail of the productions you have seen, this proposal will be able to make you happy.

The first chapter of the additional contents focuses on the declarations of the experts such as the direct art, that of photography not because of the rest of the production. Here are explained important details regarding the development of the message that the production wanted to send to the audience, that is a non-infallible Buzz grappling with a difficult, dangerous world that seems to want to do nothing but kill it. The protagonist deliberately shows his side, showing that normality and humanity that we all have.

The film splits the sphere of good and evil in an excellent way and does so through all possible means. The production wanted to differentiate the world of Buzz from that of his antagonist. The same stylistic choice of the planet went through a vast number of sketches, the Buzz colony had to have round lines while Zurg had to live in a massive and angular environment.

Also in the first chapter the processes were then shown creatives that led to the creation of the vehicles and aircraft seen in the film. Among the curiosities, for the design it is shown how scale models called Kit Basher were used and how Lucasfilm was also involved with the Industrial Kits of Light and Magic. For this reason, the most attentive eyes will surely have noticed many references from the Star Wars universe with a retro futuristic design that brings with it dirt and debris. The research has been immoderate, 15 different models have been proposed for Buzz's spaceship alone and the final result is also the result of some visits by the production to the NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Il second chapter In the second chapter dedicated to additional contents, lasting about 9 minutes, a profound overview is proposed which aims to dissect all the characterizations of the individual characters of the animated film. Here, very important issues are touched upon from a sociological point of view, such as the importance of team play, interpersonal connections and the synergy resulting from feelings. Also in this chapter we find the statements of the voice actors and their work in the dubbing room.

The third chapter In the third chapter in the Home Video edition of the film we found some insights dedicated to the values ​​of the universe Toy Story is the influence that the entire franchise still carries today. Here issues such as the importance of toys at all ages are touched upon, and how the latter have been studied within the film. Here is a series of images showing the Sox cat, with its luminous ears and stiff legs typical of the designs used for toys. Great space was also given to LEGO designers who used the bricks to propose a series of ideas, currently also present on the market.

Finally, among the added contents there are a series of deleted scenes and the version full movie with the director's commentary.

Buzz's true story

The conclusions on Lightyear on Blu-ray

Finally, this edition Buzz Home Video Lightyear - The true story of Buzz in Blu-ray boasts an excellent video sector and a more than sufficient audio sector with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 track in Italian. The physical edition object of this review offers numerous additional contents that can make you fully understand all the creative work that a production of this kind has to its credit, as well as the great influence derived from the Star Wars universe.

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