Fiat Topolino 2023: the first information on the electric car without a license B

Fiat Topolino 2023: the first information on the electric car without a license B

Fiat Topolino 2023

As anticipated just a few days ago, 2023 will mark the return of a historic name for Italian motoring, that of the Topolino. We know that it will not be a completely new project, but a twin model with Citroen Ami and Opel Rocks-e (all brands of the Stellantis group).

Some might turn up their noses at the idea of ​​using such an iconic name on an electric quadricycle whose original project is not even Fiat, but the basic idea that led to the creation of the 1930 Topolino and that behind the Ami of 2020, they are really similar, despite 90 years separating them.

The Fiat 500 (this is the official name of the model) was born from the request of the Italian government to create an affordable and affordable car. all, which could satisfy the imperative need to motorize the Italians. Until that time, owning a car was only possible for the wealthiest class, given the costs of purchasing and maintaining large-displacement cars that were widespread in the early 1900s.| ); }
The project thus passed into the hands of the promising Dante Giocosa, a young engineer who had contributed to the design of the Balilla. Starting from this model, Giocosa created a sort of reduced-scale copy. To contain the weights and production costs, he developed brilliant solutions, such as positioning the radiator above the engine to save the water pump or the gravity fuel supply, thus eliminating the fuel pump. The 500 was also the first car of the Turin brand not to have wooden structures supporting the bodywork, which was instead made of pressed sheet metal and folded back on itself to create a long-lasting support structure. | ); } The name Mickey Mouse was chosen following the success of the Disney character of the same name, but it was never officially adopted due to copyright problems, although it has always been called this by everyone, since since its debut.

Even the Ami was built exactly with the intention of making an electric vehicle affordable for everyone. To do this, unexplored solutions have also been adopted in this case, such as the design of the symmetrical elements (front and rear, as well as the two doors, are exactly the same pieces), made of recyclable material.



No longer four seats but two, inevitable since it is a light quadricycle. Despite the compact size, the habitability will be good. We know this because we already know the Ami. The offset positioning of the seats is very clever, leaving more space for the occupants. There is also a shopping compartment, thanks to the small luggage of 64 liters, reachable from the inside. The digital dashboard provides information on the status of the battery, and is equipped with numerous storage compartments. There are no other multimedia systems or car radios, all of which can be easily replaced by any smartphone, which can be placed in the special support provided with a USB port for charging. The basic set-up will probably include LED headlights, a canvas sunroof which, compared to the French cousin, should ensure better habitability in the warmer months.


The new Fiat will also be equipped with a stable and sturdy tubular frame, which transmits safety and makes up for the absence of ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). There will be no ESP, Airbag or automatic emergency braking, but being a car designed for city use, thanks to its solid structure, it remains the safest among quadricycles currently on the market.

Battery and warranty

The Topolino will be exclusively electric, and the equipment will presumably be the same as the Citroen from which it derives. It will be powered by a low-power motor, to be driven by all holders of an AM license and above, which will be powered by a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. The power of 8 HP will allow you to reach a self-limited maximum speed of 45 km / h. The gearbox will be single gear and rear-wheel drive. The battery, located in the lower part of the car, can be recharged in just 3 hours with a domestic current of 3 kW, and the autonomy declared by the manufacturer is 75 km. Always referring to the data available for the version already on the market, the new Topolino should be covered by a two-year warranty, while the battery will be eight.


Following the principle that unites the new to the old Topolino, we can hypothesize a relatively low price. It could be around the € 7,600 list price, and there will probably be various purchase options. For example, various leasing formulas are available for Citroen starting at around 20 euros / month; with a highly customizable fee that can even reach a duration of 48 months. Moreover, thanks to state incentives and the possibility of scrapping, it will probably be possible to buy the small Fiat house with just under € 6,000.


The Topolino will fall into category L6e, entitled to eco-bonuses, or the contributions made available by the Ministry of Economic Development for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles. For this particular category, the contribution is aimed only at natural persons who intend to purchase electric vehicles and the request will be borne by the seller. Discounts will be equal to 30% on the list price, up to a maximum amount of € 3,000; while in case of scrapping, the discount will rise to 40% of the total cost, up to a maximum amount of € 4,000.

Why buy it

For those who need to move within an urban environment, and especially for those who live in large cities where the ZTL are increasingly restrictive, the Topolino will be the ideal way to enter the world of electric mobility. It is more practical than a city car as it is smaller, and safer than a scooter because it provides protection from the elements. The low cost (especially in the case of bonuses and scrapping) and the small size that will guarantee ease of parking, combined with good habitability, make it an ideal vehicle for everyone, from 14-year-olds with an AM license to professionals. And ultimately, to boast of owning a Fiat Topolino.

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