Electric shavers | The best of 2022

Electric shavers | The best of 2022

Facial care accessories are particularly important, and on the pages of sportsgaming.win Italia we have discussed them a lot, as in the case of the best hair clippers on the market. In this article, however, we want to review the best electric razors, so that you can buy the best solution according to your needs.

Read also: Hair clippers for home use | The best of 2022 Electric razors are tools that allow you to treat your face as much as possible, especially the beard. There are various types on the market, each of which adapts to one or more types of face. Therefore, dealing with the many models on the market has become a difficult task, even for professionals in the sector. Consequently, in this new special article we will go to see the best electric razors, so that you can make an informed purchase.

Over the years the technology of these devices has evolved very much, managing to reduce redness, wounds and skin problems especially for those with an easily irritated and delicate skin. Among the many additions and evolutions, many hybrid models have been added that have interchangeable heads for shortening the beard and adjusting the sideburns, as well as for shaving. So the proposals at your disposal are really many, able to differentiate not only by type but also by cost.

As you can easily guess, finding a product with a medium-high price that is also of excellent quality and ensures maximum efficiency is simple, while finding an article that has a truly affordable quality / price ratio is a more important challenge . You will have to closely observe your characteristics, the type of hair present on your face, your facial conformation and of course also the budget you have available! For this reason, given the vastness of the products, we have decided to guide you in the vast world of these products, wishing you a good reading and a good shopping!

The best electric shavers

SweetLF Wet & Dry Philips Series 1000 Braun Series 3 Shave & Style Braun Series 5 Philips OneBlade

SweetLF Wet & Dry

As the first product of this buying guide we recommend that you take a look at the SweetLF Wet & Dry electric shaver . It is a product that boasts fast charging, and therefore can operate up to 100 minutes of use with a single one-hour charge. It also has a flexible head, able to follow every movement in different directions to offer a more comfortable shave. Also being a water-proof razor, it can be rinsed under running water and at the same time improve shaving comfort. All at an advantageous price.

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Philips Series 1000

The Philips Series 1000 electric shaver is one of the few products in this market segment to offer a simple and practical shave. All this happens thanks to the Flex 4D heads, which easily adapt to the curves of the face for a gentle contact with the skin. In addition, it has blades called "PowerCut" to ensure excellent precision. Inside there is a battery that ensures an autonomy of 45 minutes with one hour of full recharge. Available at a price of around 50 euros, this shaver is an excellent investment in facial care.

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Braun Series 3 Shave & Style

The Braun Wet & Dry razor is designed to shave, refine and define the contours of the beard. It is a product that boasts three flexible blades, which adapt to all types of beards and provide excellent contact with the skin even in all those somewhat particular areas such as the chin and nose. Its initial equipment includes combs that allow you to adjust the length of the beard and can therefore refine it or give a “neglected beard” effect (1-7 millimeters). Its selling price, if you are interested, is around 70 euros.

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Braun Series 5

If you are looking for one of the electric shavers more complete, we recommend that you take a look at the Braun Series 5. It is a razor that facilitates shaving, thanks to the two three flexible blades. Developing following the EasyClean system, the Series 5 allows for quick and easy cleaning, without removing the head. Inside is a lithium battery that provides up to three weeks of shaving and a quick 5-minute charge. This electric shaver for men is completely immune to water thanks to the Wet & Dry technology. The sales package includes a mint-colored Series 5 men's razor, a beard trimmer, a charging base, a protective cap, a smart power supply and a cleaning brush. All for about 100 euros.

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Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade is not just a razor, but rather it is “OneBlade”. According to the manufacturer, it represents an all-in-one tool that offers high precision and excellent performance on any type of skin and face. Compared to many products in the category, this razor boasts a double cutting direction and can be used on dry or wet skin, with or without foam, even in the shower. Inside the package, in addition to the electric razor, there are: three clip-on beard combs (1, 3, 5 mm), an extra spare blade and a protective cap. The selling price is quite variable, but you could find it in a price range that goes from 35 to 50 euros.

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How to choose the best razors electric

After the usual review of products, we explain below how a hair clipper works and what are the characteristics to look for before making a purchase. The operation of these devices is very simple: two overlapping toothed sheets collect the hair and a blade, also toothed, moves between the two levels, cutting the hair. The combs increase the distance between the skin and the blades, increasing the length of the cut hair. If you use the clipper without combs you must be careful not to press too hard and to use the correct angle, otherwise you can get cuts. Roughly speaking, the specifications are:

Blades and cutting Power Supply Power Cutting Accessories

Blades and cutting

Evaluating blades and cutting is fundamental for the choice of your hair clipper, since the fluidity of the work and the aesthetic result. The cutting width is what distinguishes these devices from beard trimmers and the blades range from 40mm to 45mm in width. Another feature to be evaluated are the blades, which can be of different materials which can be:

Titanium: light but particularly resistant and precise; Ceramic: for a delicate and decisive cut, but much less resistant than the first ones; Stainless Steel: among the already common, resistant and super precise;


Power is one of the most important aspects of an electric shaver. In fact, there are two types of products on the market, those with battery and those with wire. We believe that the convenience of having a battery solution is the most appropriate, which is why we recommend buying razors with a lithium battery, preferably with fast charging. A hair clipper can be powered in different ways and often with a significant price variation in the middle, especially if you are aiming for a cordless model. You can find products:

Battery only: also called rechargeable hair clippers; Cable only: among the most powerful but without the convenience of a cordless; Both with cable and battery: obviously the most versatile but also the most expensive.


The standard version, the most widespread, of the barber cable hair clipper is massive and with a width that is usually 46 mm since professional products have a heavy and solid structure, ideal for those who have poor dexterity and a little steady hand. This is because the lower weight and size do not make the clipper easier to use, on the contrary they need an expert hand because they are more powerful and act much faster.

Is cutting a razor important?

The quality and cutting speed of the razor must be carefully evaluated and, consequently, also its delicacy on the skin. The analysis of this factor is fundamental for several reasons which, within this paragraph, we will delight in explaining carefully. First of all, the choice must be evaluated bearing in mind the type of hair that will be shaved, as well as the shape of the face, in particular as regards the shape of the cheekbones.

Fundamental in the same way, a razor that can lift the hair while cutting, removing both short and longer ones. This particular feature is found in almost all mid-range items and of course in all high-budget products. For this you will have to be careful when choosing your electric razor, also taking into account the price of the product, without being convinced by the lower cost. just to the cut of the product.

How important are the accessories of a razor?

Last, but not least, is the supply of accessories. Therefore, buying a product that includes some accessories is very important because it allows you to obtain savings on any future purchases. Especially if you intend to make the most of your beard and, perhaps, shave differently over time without having to buy a different product or item that allows the device you already own to do what you need. Therefore, it is usually convenient to carefully evaluate what is included in the purchase and think about spending a little more if there are bundles with interesting accessories. In this way, savings will also be guaranteed in the long term!

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