Dear rents, protest rises on TikTok

Dear rents, protest rises on TikTok

Dear rents

The high rents that hit Milan, Rome and other Italian cities in this period caused a new trend on TikTok and other social networks. Until now, we were used to seeing almost exclusively luxury homes and dream villas on social pages, but the crisis in the real estate market has led to the trend of the worst ads found on the web and images of tiny but exorbitantly priced apartments. Thanks to the freedom granted by the web, the creators of TikTok and Instagram have no qualms about displaying the disadvantageous advertisements that populate rental sites, denouncing a difficult situation that mainly affects Generation Z and millennials.

The expensive rents hits Milan and Rome.


TikTok against the expensive rents

Among the 270 million views of videos with hashtag #mercatoimmobiliare on TikTok there are some agents who try to advertise the own offers, but in recent months it is the videos of the creator Noemi Mariani that are the masters. With her series of her Nightmare Houses she has started a social protest that wants to show the horrible ads seen on the web. Studios for rent for more than 1,000 euros, single rooms with the same price and apartments of 20 square meters sold as spacious are just some of the offers that Mariani misguided. "I found myself faced with a sea of ​​nightmare houses at exorbitant prices and from there I simply chose to do one of the things I do best: complain on social media. Nothing too pretentious. At first just a few stories. Then there I got a taste for it, I saw that my audience responded well, was interested and above all empathized with the cause and I continued. Now I really hope I can take this complaint upstairs so that someone can do something before it's too late. After a room in a shared house at 980 euros plus expenses, what can come? ”Mariani tells

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The rental drama is not just about Milan. In Rome the situation is equally serious; a Reddit user has prepared a detailed and informative post on the increase in the cost of rentals that has gone viral. “I think there is little attention on the macro-problems that are being created in recent years for university students and for off-site workers looking for a home,” explained the user. Instagram is another site where complaints are not lacking: videos and photos of the houses are well suited to be reposted with negative comments about it. “Milan is a city where demand exceeds supply, where those looking for a room, out of desperation, find themselves forced to play upwards. Five years ago it was different. The real estate market is literally a crazy cell within the Italian body "adds Mariani.

The real estate crisis in New York and London

London, New York and other international megacities have had similar problems in recent years and even there a protest has mounted on social media. With the end of the "Covid discounts" - discounts on rents granted by desperate landlords who were hoping to find tenants during the pandemic - there have been significant increases in rents. Street Easy real estate site, rents in the United States this year are registering an average increase of about 20% in the asking price. It is not known that it is a bubble destined to burst soon, but this still does not help those in need of a house in this period or in the near future. Choosing among the thousands of online advertisements, finding possible scams and understanding the abstruse descriptions of some agencies is not easy. "The first advice glio is purely aesthetic in nature: if a house has infinite corridors and cold lights escaped! Seriously, I'm not an expert. I'm just a girl who thought she could buy a one bedroom apartment in the city where she was born. The advice is not to come to terms too high to stay in Milan. There are various forms of remote work ”concludes Mariani. Rely only on recognized agencies and private individuals with a clearly indicated telephone number, be wary of ads with only one photo and no interior images, do not send money before having seen the house: the suggestions are the same as always for those looking for a home, but the expensive modern rentals has caused a wave of complaints on social media like never before. Thanks to TikTok, perhaps, something will change.

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