DC revolutionizes Superman at NYCC 22: new publications and new creative teams

DC revolutionizes Superman at NYCC 22: new publications and new creative teams

DC revolutionizes Superman at NYCC 22

During the Superman panel at NYCC 22, DC Comics announced a lot of interesting news in sight for the Man of Steel. January's new titles will launch what the publisher calls "The New Era of Superman" and will include a new miniseries starring Jon Kent, a new "format" for Action Comics, and the relaunch of Superman with Joshua Williamson's creative team. and Jamal Campbell.

Superman at NYCC 22: all the announcements

Starting with Action Comics # 1051 in January, each issue of the series will increase in size thanks to the inclusion of more stories. The main stories will continue to be written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, who will be joined by artist Rafa Sandoval, who will deal with a story that takes up the events of the previous issue in which "the relationship of the world with Superman has changed forever".
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Here are some of the variant covers for Action Comics # 1051, created by artists Dan Nakayama, Sergio Davila, Jorge Fornes, Steve Beach, Rafa Sandoval and Jack Herbert:| ); }

In a statement announcing the format change, Kennedy Johnson described the team's approach to the series, which harks back to both the late 1970s and 1990s Superman comics:

My one-word mission statement for Action Comics in 2023 is 'Super-Family', and I draw inspiration from the 100-page giant Superman Family books. We give everyone in the House of El their own role and personal journey, while still keeping Superman at the forefront and tying all the Super Titles together in a way reminiscent of the Triangle Era. I couldn't be more excited to be part of this new era of Action Comics, and doing it alongside a consummate artist like Rafa Sandoval and comic book titan Dan Jurgens makes it truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After the darkness of the last year in the DCU, there is no better character than Superman to bring DC into the light. It's an understatement to say I'm honored to write DC's flagship series. I'm very excited to take Clark Kent on a fun pulp-style adventure to Metropolis against his biggest villains. We will also introduce new concepts and new challenges for the Man of Steel, and doing it with wonderful partners like Jamal Campbell and Nick Dragotta is a dream come true. Each page explodes with impressive energy. The Superman series that Tom, Phillip and I are putting together at DC will pave the way for an exciting 2023.

* The final announcement on Superman at NYCC 22 was a new Jon Kent miniseries, The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent. The main writer of the series will always be Tom Taylor, who will be joined by artist Clayton Henry. The storyline will also include Val-Zod's Superman and will follow Jon as he takes on Ultraman once again. The series will likely tie into the events of Lazarus Planet as well. Tom Taylor said:

I couldn't be more thrilled that Jon Kent is the star of the iconic Superman adventures. It's a true testament to the fantastic fan response to Jon as Superman. This series will be one of the most action-packed books I've ever written and Jon will be challenged more than ever. Although we can tell you that Superman of Earth-2, Val-Zod, and Jon's nemesis, Ultraman, will be key characters in the first part of the Adventures of Superman, what we will reveal at the end of number 2 will make everyone talk and number 3 launches in a completely unpredictable direction for anyone.

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DC Reveals the Future of Superman at NYCC

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DC Comics is bringing the future of Superman to New York Comic Con 2022.

CBR is seated for a Superman panel moderated by Alex Segura and revolving around Men of Steel -- such as Clark and Jon Kent -- with the panel's guests including Dan Jurgens (Superman, Justice League), Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths), Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) and Mark Russell (Superman: Space Age). The panel is set to discuss the 30th Anniversary of The Death of Superman in Nov. 2022, and share what's on the way for Superman fans in 2023.

The panel's attending fans are filing in and the room's seats are practically full.

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