Built-in barbecue | The best of 2022

Built-in barbecue | The best of 2022

If you like grilling outdoors, you will know that barbecues are an excellent solution for cooking meat and fish. If the barbecue is a habitual activity for you and you want a stable solution that blends well with your garden, brick barbecues are undoubtedly the best solution for you. The masonry structure, in fact, makes them aesthetically much more striking and resistant than electric, gas and charcoal solutions, making them the perfect barbecues for those with large gardens.

Read also: Charcoal barbecues | The best of 2022 Although brick barbecues can be built manually, it is almost always better to buy a ready-made solution, since the savings are not so high as to prefer the do-it-yourself realization, especially if you are unfamiliar with these things. Relying on the market also means being able to evaluate numerous proposals, with the possibility of choosing the model that best suits your garden.

If you think that a brick barbecue is composed only of the base for the grill, you are wrong , given that the most avant-garde models are almost always enriched with a preparation table, a flue and obviously with captivating designs. Furthermore, some solutions are designed to be efficient both through the classic charcoal cooking and through the wood one. Let's not get lost in chatting and find out which are the best brick barbecues, taking into consideration not only the factors mentioned above but also the quality / price ratio which, for the end user, is always important.

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The best brick barbecues

Sarom Porto New Lineavz Monopoli Lineavz Majorca Edilmark Fireplace Barbecue 70 Palazzetti Poreč

Sarom Porto New

Let's go to our selection of products starting from what is perhaps the most essential model, that is, provided only with the essential features to ensure that you can organize a nice barbecue. The Sarom Porto New is excellent in this sense and ranks among the most affordable barbecues for those on a budget. In fact, it takes less than 300 euros to take it home. This barbeuce measures 160 x 51 x 97 cm with a weight of over 250kg. The product arrives disassembled but and is among the most compact on the market, therefore also suitable for owners of small green areas. The coloring is rough, which means that you can paint the barbecue according to your personal tastes. Being designed with the essentials in mind, this model is not the best in terms of design, but has a large lateral support base, which you can use to combine accessories and food. Excellent from the point of view of versatility, since the Sarom Porto New will allow you to cook with charcoal or wood. Finally, we point out that the dimensions of the grid are 67 x 40 cm and that the latter is adjustable in 3 heights.


Lineavz Monopoli

If you are looking for an equally compact built-in barbecue with a vertical structure, the Lineavz Monopoli is certainly the most suitable for you . The dimensions of the structure are 79 x 45 x 157 cm, while those relating to the hob are 67 x 40 cm, which is protected from any drizzle by a small roof, also made of masonry. The peculiarity of the roof, combined with the two colors of the structure, makes this barbecue suitable for those who want a solution that is attentive to design, with the possibility of keeping wood or other accessories sheltered, thanks to a lower compartment. It can be cooked with both wood and charcoal, and the fact that it does not require any finishing work makes it one of the best built-in barbecues, also equipped with a series of accessories included in the price.


Lineavz Maiorca

Staying at Lineavz, one of the best known brands for brick barbecues, the Maiorca model is another excellent solution for those looking for a barbecue with a refined and refined design, in addition to the typical features that will allow you to cook meat and fish in an optimal way outdoors. This model is made with a special mixture based on marble chips, which makes it usable both for those who prefer wood cooking and for those who usually rely on charcoal. The dimensions of the structure are 114 x 76 x 206 cm, which makes it slightly larger than the Monopoly model. The hob, on the other hand, remains 67 x 40 cm because space is left for a small support surface, located around the structure. Although it does not have a real flue, the upper part is designed so that the fumes are conveyed upwards, thus reducing the risk of being enveloped in smoke during the various cooking stages.


Edilmark Fireplace Barbecue 70

If you like Lineavz Mallorca's structure but are looking for a slightly larger solution, Edilmark's proposal in the form of Fireplace Barbecue 70 will be the most suitable for your cooking needs. In addition to the more generous dimensions, the grill also has a larger hob, measuring 70 x 50 x 54cm. The entire structure, on the other hand, is 120 x 87 x 241 cm, with the weight exceeding the 600kg threshold. This brick barbecue is made entirely of refractory material, a material capable of resisting high temperatures without undergoing significant alterations and is accompanied with a sauce-collecting grill and a wood burner. As for cooking, the producer declares only wood firing.


Palazzetti Parenzo

Palazzetti Parenzo ranks at the top of ours product selection related to brick barbecues and the reasons are there for all to see. It is a solution that, in terms of design, is unmatched, placing itself two or three steps ahead of the previous proposals. The differences can also be seen in the price which, for obvious reasons, is much higher than the average, but it is worth emphasizing that we are facing a truly luxurious product, capable of giving new life to your garden or porch. In addition to its modernity, the Palazzetti Parenzo differs from the others for the fact that it includes a wood-burning oven, equipped with a door and a thermometer. A complete solution, therefore, perfect both for experts in grilling and for those who approach this type of cooking for the first time.


How choose a brick barbecue

Now that we have discovered which are the best brick barbecues with which to organize beautiful outdoor barbecues during the spring and summer, it is time to identify the factors that cause a solution of this kind is valid or not and this, of course, will depend on your needs. Let's find out what they are!

What types of brick-built barbecues exist?

product allows it. The most important and avant-garde models, such as those we mentioned in this article, almost all offer the possibility of cooking with both wood and coal, thus satisfying the various preferences of people. The differences between the two cooking methods are found in the fact that wood tends to be more difficult to light and to keep constant, which is why it is considered by grilling experts to be the best for cooking meat and fish. In addition, if the quality of the wood is good, the latter will help the grill to be tastier, especially if we are talking about meat. Charcoal cooking, on the other hand, has the advantage of being much simpler, both to light and to manage, making it ideal for beginners. From the point of view of satisfaction, however, it does not reach the typical quality of a wood cooking, although most people do not notice the difference. It is therefore up to you to choose the most suitable brick barbecue for your purposes, although obviously the best solution is to buy a model suitable for both wood and charcoal cooking.

What size it should have a brick barbecue?

After considering which cooking method is most suitable for your tastes, you need to evaluate the dimensions of the structure, both external and relative to the grill. The dimensions must be chosen not only based on how much meat and fish you plan to cook, but also and above all by the space that can be dedicated to the brick barbecue. Unlike the electric, gas and charcoal solutions, in fact, the masonry models are designed not to be moved once installed. At the same time, future maintenance will also have to be carried out at the place of installation, so if you have a small garden we recommend that you opt for a model that does not expand too horizontally. In this case, the dimensions of the grill and its support surface will obviously be smaller, so you will have to find a good compromise. If, on the other hand, you do not have space problems, then you are free to buy generously sized brick barbecues, thus benefiting from the possibility of organizing barbecues with a large number of people.

What accessories a barbecue should have in brickwork?

Buying an accessory-packed brick barbecue can turn a regular outdoor burger into a complete dining experience, and that's why it's important to check for any accessories, even if manufacturers tend to include in the price just grids and little else. However, taking an in-depth look at the accessories part of the product you are evaluating will cost you nothing, other than a few minutes of your time. In addition to improving the cooking experience, the accessories will make life easier for beginners, creating a food preparation area with everything you need to prepare an excellent barbecue. A refractory stone, for example, could help you be more creative when preparing and cooking, while cleaning kits will help keep your brick barbecue in top condition. In this regard, we strongly suggest that you obtain, if not included in the offer, a dedicated cover, to be used every time you stop using the barbecue. Although masonry solutions are designed to withstand the elements, the materials are always subject to wear, so the barbecue will undoubtedly benefit from a cover, especially during the winter months.

The design of Is a built-in barbecue important?

Although the design part is almost always subjective, in the case of built-in barbecues there are some precautions that, if present, will make the difference not only in terms of aesthetic beauty but also of cooking. We are talking about models equipped with hood and flue, which tend to have better cooking performance than solutions without these devices, thanks to less heat dispersion. In addition, these models offer a protective smoke barrier, which often smokes everyone in the immediate vicinity. Unless you are looking for a compact solution, we therefore recommend opting for a barbecue equipped with these precautions.

How to take care of a brick barbecue

We have repeated several times that a barbecue at masonry is designed to be resistant, but that does not mean that you will not have to worry about maintenance, which remains important for the protection of the materials and, consequently, for the entire structure. First of all you need to think about the grill, since it is the part of the barbecue that is subjected to the most dirt. To clean it, you can use specific products for the barbecue or some of the remedies you usually do at home, including mixing lemon juice with hot water, then scrubbing the grill with a sponge until you get rid of the grease. Instead of lemon you can also use baking soda, which has excellent ability to absorb fat, as well as honey vinegar, which you must first boil in a saucepan.

Once the grill has been cleaned, you should think of the ash that is often removed incorrectly, pouring water when the flames are still high. This method is wrong because you would first have to wait until the ashes are well extinguished or when there is very little coal left. An intelligent way to speed up the extinguishing of the flames is to separate the still hot parts from the cold ones, so that the flame goes out due to lack of oxygen. To obtain an optimal cleaning, the ash area should then be treated with water and liquid soap, rubbing with a certain force so that the barbecue does not remain the typical burnt color.

If you have a brick barbecue equipped with a hood and flue, you should know that soot forms inside them which, if not removed periodically, will deteriorate the barbecue. Removing it is super easy and there are several effective methods you can use. The most practical is certainly to use pressurized water, but you will have to pay attention to any cracks, which could expand if the water pressure is too strong. As a final advice on maintenance, we remind you to do a good painting every couple of years, using quartz products or water-repellent barbecue paint.

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