Bitwarden password manager | Review

Bitwarden password manager | Review

Bitwarden is definitely one of the best free password managers currently available. With many strengths, and a few minor flaws, Bitwarden has earned a place in the top 3 of the best password managers, and for good reasons.

First of all, the element that immediately catches the eye is that it is of an open source software. This is great news, as it means that the tool's source code is available online and security experts always have the option to review it for possible flaws to fix.

Bitwarden's overall quality level is absolutely equal to other commercial products and, precisely the constant analysis by the experts, with constant and continuous updates, makes this tool even superior to some competitors. | ); }
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Bitwarden - Plans & Pricing

Basically, Bitwarden is free for anyone who wants to make personal use of it, and for most users, it's more than enough. In any case, there are some paid plans, including corporate ones.

The Premium plan includes some extra security features, such as advanced 2FA access, Bitwarden Authenticator, security reports (in case of breaches ) and much more.

What characterizes these plans are very reasonably priced, especially for the Premium one, which might entice more than one user to upgrade. In any case, Bitwarden offers the possibility to try the paid plan for a free period of 7 days.

The business plans provide all the features of the Premium and Families plans and are available with variable prices based on the number of employees to cover, with advanced features such as user groups, SCIM support (Enterprise only), API access and more.

Plans and pricing:


Bitwarden Premium: $ 10 per year (less than $ 1 per month) with one-time billing Bitwarden Families: $ 3.33 per month, with one-time billing of $ 40 per year Corporate:

Teams Organizations: 3 $ per month per user Enterprise Organizations: 5 $ per month per user Finally, for larger companies it is possible to request a personalized quote, while a program for MSP is available.

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Bitwarden - Installation, app and performance

As is almost always the case re, even in the case of Bitwarden, the installation process is really simple and straightforward: the download page of the website contains all the appropriate links, from desktop and mobile apps to browser extensions, passing through the command line installers. There is also the possibility to access the web version of the vault directly from the browser.

The supported platforms are many: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave and Tor Browser browsers. In any case, the web v ault is accessible from any browser, beyond those officially supported.

By downloading the desktop app, it is possible to create the Bitwarden account, indicating a valid e-mail address and a master password for secure vault access. In general, this operation is really simple and will only take a few minutes.

By switching to the configuration options, you can set Bitwarden both from the web and from the dedicated app, and the desktop one is particularly easy to use. Unlike other password managers who tend to complicate the interface a little with a plethora of options and settings, Bitwarden focuses on simplicity, without sacrificing flexibility.

Entering passwords is quite similar to what is seen on other commercial products: it is possible to define reference URLs, add subfolders, notes and custom fields.

Among other important features , we would like to point out the possibility to set the two-factor authentication on the web app, as well as to automatically generate passwords through the extensions.


Photo Credits - Bitwarden

Given the open source nature of Bitwarden, the security of the tool is demonstrable without major problems. Cure53 subjected the password manager to a public audit, with positive results.

The Bitwarden vault is protected with AES-256 encryption, while the company never has access to the master passwords, under any circumstances. This, in fact, is used to generate a key that is then hashed with SHA-256. For an added level of security, passwords can also be hosted on a personal server. So, there is absolutely nothing to complain about security levels.


Bitwarden is a password manager much loved by the community, which keeps this project alive thanks to tutorials, forums and the contents of a very rich knowledge base. This is another advantage of the fact that it is an open source project. In addition, the support offered to Premium subscribers is of an equally high level, a particularly interesting aspect and rarely seen in other software of an open nature. Developers are always available to their subscribers exclusively through the online portal.

Considering all the advantages indicated, the excessive simplicity of the desktop app (which does not offer the compilation of passwords), as well as the support options limited, they become rather negligible defects.

Bitwarden manages to be appreciated even more than other password managers, paid or much more expensive, so much so that it has fully convinced us. Ultimately, we recommend it unreservedly.

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